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from jenamae :
I don't know if you still remember me. I know, I've been out far too long and I haven't kept in touch with my diaryland friends for a long time too. visit my new home. I don't think I'll be updating my diaryland though, but I still hope you'd still keep me in your list.:) take care! and lets keep in touch..
from stephielove :
I really love your new layout! It's awesome! :) Glad to see updates :)
from lusofiling :
Hi, I found your diary via Stacey's.(babydol14) She hasn't updated for a while, so I don't know whether she still reads her notes and e-mails. Anyway, it's obvious you've both had a fairly tough time, so what can I say except to wish you all the best!
from me-stripped :
Hi! Were you the one who signed up with the account name "shino"? Thanks so much for sponsoring! I appreciate it! =D
from hope-soul :
Hey thanks for the note, I am really glad that you are back, I was starting to wonder where you had gone.
from tropicalmist :
Always remember that you ARE beautiful and God created you in the beauty that you seek right here right now in this very moment. You may not like the person you see on the outside- that image of the little girl hurting- but on the inside itís everything that counts baby girl. You have a soul just as spellbinding in your own essence and anyone else you admire. Remember that. And when you do you will always wear a smile on your radiant face. I love you. Mommy Chrissy
from lettersofus :
lots o' love and good wishes to ya, dear. love ya-brandi
from lettersofus :
Happy birthday! May all your wishes come true :) Gabby
from wanting-kind :
it's still-i-rise here, just to let you know that this is my new diary. Love Lora xoxo
from lettersofus :
brandi left you a letter, babes.
from lettersofus :
Honest letter posted
from silverbiker :
I just wanted to say Hello ...
from lettersofus :
brandi left you a letter :)
from luckyrachel :
Welcome to the no more cuts ring!
from leslieirene :
Thanks for joining the flutist ring! Blessings Always, Leslie Irene :D
from grlygrl :
You have been reviewed
from diaryreviews :
You've been reviewed at diaryreviews and have a total score of 97/100! We hereby invite you to the 90+ ring (go to To see your review, go to Well done!
from dogged :
Aaah, I love your layout. It's very pretty and original, so go you. It rocks ;)
from star-ocean :
Balls. o.o;

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