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from metastatic :
thanks for the support on the shoe thang, i just need some group therapy on the World's Most Expensive Skirt now...
from strippedraw :
yes, wonderful world of the pill, been there done that back again. i've had pcos for two years, or i've known i've had it for that long. i remember being told the only way to get rid of it was pregnancy as well. it's like ummmm yeah ok i'll deal with it then! life is wonderful is it not? take care!
from vodkaboi :
Trust me, it's more frightening to not go through with it once you realize what needs to be done.
from wllybere :
Hey! Every time we chat I forget to add you as a buddy. What is your screen name again? tarabelle?
from wllybere :
Sooo??? Are you two doing the deed again? Did it bother you at all? Why aren't you updating??
from wllybere :
Hey! My username is wllybere, password is guest. You are most welcome to read away!
from wllybere :
Hey Tara! Glad you're feeling better. Oh my God, if a Vartan look alike was fiddling around with my cookie, I'd go absolutely wet right there on the table! Classy, eh? And don't worry about your boyfriend getting jealous. I think it's a good thing. But I don't think you should screw Kris though... your boyfriend sounds like a cool guy. Hey, maybe you'll surprise yourself and not even want to. :-p BTW I LOVE LL Cool J!
from wllybere :
Hey there! How're you feeling? Did you get to keep your insides?? Get better soon, so you get you some nookie!!
from wllybere :
I cried at the end, too. Poor kid. I was kinda mad that he didn't get to say goodbye to him or anything. Ah well, maybe somehow he'll get to come back as a spirit or something. Have you read The Lovely Bones? It's probably one of the best books I've ever read. I couldn't put it down... I'm going back now and reading the first HP books again. Finished #1 last night.
from dazeyduke2 :
Get you some Dave Sedaris to read after your surgery...he is super funny :) Hope you have a speedy recovery!
from wllybere :
Hey Tara, glad you're back! Good luck with your surgery, I'll be keeping you in my thoughts. --Paige
from until-we-die :
Thank you a lot:) I guess I have frozen-vodka to thank for introducing me to you. I will keep an eye on you, I really appreciate you just dropping by.
from wllybere :
NO silly, I meant "why haven't you updated??" LOL!!
from wllybere :
Hmmm, where are you??
from wllybere :
Sex. Hmmm... I *seem* to recall what that is...! Heh. I won't congratulate you yet on the "b" word. I wouldn't want to jinx it. (And cats are WAY better than most humans.)
from wllybere :
Hi Tara! Thanks for leaving me a message... I think I'm a little bit calmer now, but I'm sure it will all start up again in about oh, seven hours or so! Great start to your diary, I hope that you do keep it up. I enjoyed what I've read so far. Your bosses wife sounds like a trip.... be careful with the guy you're sleeping with, you might give him a panic attack! ;-)

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