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from fireflea :
I miss you terribly. I hope things are happy, and you're doing well.
from italktowalls :
I understand where you're coming from, so I wish you the best and want you to know it was a pleasure to read your diary. Best wishes.
from messylissa :
Member me? I'm still around! Are you still posting other people's referrals for free iPods?? Just in case, here's mine: Thanks a million!
from blackkitty22 :
Hi, I am new to Diary Land. I haven't really started a diary of my own yet. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your diary (wow, I never thought those words would come out of my mouth!) and that I am also an August 1982 baby! Keep entertaining me with your funny entries to read while I sit and do nothing in my boring cubicle work life.
from lasvegasliz :
Awww! Puppy.
from dont-stop :
Congrats on your Ipod. It's fascinating.
from allie416 :
Don't feel bad about the whole clock impared thing, I am so there too! Digital is just so much easier, and makes everyone feel a lot less stupid, instead of having to count the hands! It really IS hard for some people!
from austinliz :
I SO feel you on the digital watch thing! I still can't tell time without staring at it for a minute or two. Me, you, and Monica. We can start our own club.
from diosadebaile :
Is this guy what they call up here a "mature student"? Cuz I've had more than a few of those in my classes who think they're THE SHIT cuz they're older than the prof. The only thing more annoying than those is when you're stuck taking some first year course in your 3rd or 4th year because you left a requirement till the last semester or something, and you get stuck with some straight-out-of-highschool-thinks-he's-a-genius who's pretty sure that he know's everything there is to know about the subject at hand, just cuz he aced a few extra-credit courses in high school. But take heart, by the first exam or paper, these students are normally humbled, and the professor, hopefully will just snap one day and do the dirty work for you.
from becahh :
Tell Anita not to page Mike Hunt either if anybody calls for him.
from smokeybone :
Thanks so much for adding me to your favorites and thank you for the kind note. I really appreciate the encouragement.
from becahh :
Happy Birthday. What a great Mama you have! Brothers can be real pains in the ass. I have two. 2.5 years either way of me. I love them because they are family.
from diosadebaile :
hey lady, good to have you back! But it sounds like you've been under a lot of stress lately, I'm really sorry to hear about all that's been going on. Especially with your dad. My Dad was A LOT like that growing up, we were the scraggy kids growing up in a delapidated old house with a single parent, while my dad was constantly going on Mexican vacations, and driving new cars with my step-mom. He never seemed to get it, and I don't think he still does. He didn't start pulling his weight until my Mom took him to court again and they made him pay more. But i have one piece of advice: I dunno, it worked for me, kind of. My dad was so unaware about how to be a parent, probably from not having really raised us, that he didn't really understand the signals he was sending, it wasn't until I sat him down and said "look, when you say things are tight and then go buy all this stuff and go on vacations rather than supporting your kids, it sends a loud, clear message that you love your car, your money and your job more than us" and even though it was super obvious to everyone else, it had never occured to him before that he was sending that message, in the end, it didn't change much, but it did make him more self-aware. So I don't know if you've said it point blank to your dad that this is the message he's sending, but sometimes it can help you feel better. But it sucks all around, I've totally been there and I know EXACTLY how you feel.
from golfwidow :
There's nothing boring about finding out everything's okay. Good to see you again.
from golfwidow :
I'm glad you've updated, but sorry I can't read it. Can you send me a password? [email protected]
from lass :
The eagle has landed. Check your yahoo email, and THANK YOU so much!
from allie416 :
that's so great about your dad. anyway, I've been reading your diary ever since I reviewed it in November, and could I have a password please, if it's not too much trouble? ([email protected])
from itsmylife :
Girl! I am so relieved for your dad (and your family). Hope your mom and step mom do well. You KNOW I want the password. I miss my bee.
from amazingagain :
can i have a password?! (
from retroreview :
Hi. You're review is up. Thanks for waiting!
from nypizzas2 :
I think we should switch places for a week and you should come here to the University of Florida and we can have a contest to see whose dorm is more irritating! I thought mine was preeeetty bad, but it looks like Murphree Hall has some competition. After you wrote a fucking INCIDENT REPORT about it, can't this shithead get a clue? And isn't she required to do something about it? Fucking college. Why are we even in college? Isn't there that poster that said we learned everything we needed to in kindergarden? Geez.
from diosadebaile :
as someone whose greatest fear in life involves cleaning the fridge, rest assured that I was choking on my own vomit through reading that. You are one brave girl. It takes a lot to skeeve me out, but when it comes to rotting food and/or mystery seeping liquids, I would rather die than touch that. You have my undying admiration.
from hornstar :
It's almost shameful how much I enjoyed that entry. Almost. The diagram was the touch of a genius.
from diosadebaile :
Wow. That's a lot to handle, not to mention school on top of it all. Just keep in mind that you are a strong person and you come from a strong family who will get through this. My thoughts are with you - Diosa.
from becahh :
Hey! I am so sorry that things are so difficult in your life right now. Each of the things that you mentioned on there own would be tough to handle and you seemed to be overloaded. Hang in there. Know that this mom here is thinking about you and praying for you and all of you friends and family who are struggling. As for the bladder cancer, I know of one guy who ahd it and he is doing great. Check out the Americn Cancer Society's site. There are also phone numbers that you can call and just talk to somebody who will give you loads of information. My husband had thyroid cancer 6 years ago. He is doing great. You dad will be fine. Peace....Bec.
from messylissa :
Thanks so much for the concern over my broken car & also for the birthday wishes! I love getting nice little notes! You're a peach!
from spritopias :
I signed your guestbook. I know that signmyguestbook doesn't tell me people sign mine, so I thought I'd share here.
from queentrixie :
Poor policemen. As if drugged out scary people aren't enough... They have to deal with insane giant birds as well. The box idea was fabulous. I am going to have to try that.
from diosadebaile :
NICE LAYOUT!!! It's like our templates are sisters! Tee Hee.
from sstephanie :
what a coincidence... i hate everyone on my campus as well! cheers to being bitter >:o)
from pinklady877 :
oh my lord. that is the creepiest thing ever. =( what a terrible thing to wake up to. much love, kristine
from mindlesspop :
haha, thanks! it's like a give-and-take thing: great hair...heinous red neck scratch! cat scratch fever!
from starlight42 :
movie: threesome book: odd thomas, dean koontz cd: lifehouse diary: givmeabreak I love your diary design!!
from pinklady877 :
ah someone beat me to it. i was going to say the same thing about the private posts. can i please have the password to it? hope everything is getting better for you. that was really low of them to hire a belly dancer. =( much love, kristine
from caerydd :
Could I have the pass to your private section? It gets frustrating when you update and I can't read, you always write so clearly that I can really relate to what you are saying. I would give you my password too, but I don't have any private entries.
from iluvmusic9 :
Merry Christmas!
from pinklady877 :
hey girl. hope your holidays are awesome! i look forward to your next entry! :) much love, kristine
from freed0m :
Stumblebee, I just stumbled onto your page, and I've only read your latest entry, but I just wanted to let you know that college was a very disappointing experience for me, too. I think it's disappointing and traumatic for a lot of people -- maybe even most people -- but most people just fake it. Anyway, I won't say it will get better because I don't know that. But I will say that sometime in the future, you'll look back on these years and see the lessons that you learned. It won't hurt any less, but it might make a little more sense. Just my thoughts...
from pummela :
Yay finals week. Once the stress wears off, your life WILL stop sucking. I promise. Feel better, little one!
from itsmylife :
I've been doing the same thing lately. Maybe it's the stress.
from itsmylife :
I've always wanted silk PJ's. Send some my way! ;) I always get the flannel, which make me roast!
from barlights :
Well, in cases where you are getting seemingly contradictary advice, my suggestion is to always listen to me. ;) 'cause I'm always right, yo.
from mrs-roboto :
Call the credit card company and vent - chances are they'll remove the charge. Not that I've ever sent a bill in late or anything ;)
from diosadebaile :
I know! Like I said, there are times a cell phone would've been REALLY handy, and it's not the people who own them that bother me (though no one in my inner circle owns them I have lots of friends who do) But it's just that people in my neck of the woods at least, seem to be getting increasingly complacent about them, today again somebodies cell went off in class, and they just let it ring and no body says ANYTHING. If it was my class I would have given a lecture about respect and such. If you're not responsible to turn off your phone before class, then you shouldn't be able to have one. And especially when other poeple's phones are going off all the time, it should remind you to turn yours off, not make it seem like it's okay if yours starts to ring too. ARG.
from justcritique :
Just Critique is under new ownership, and I noticed that you are still on the pending list. If you would still like a review, could you please let me know? Thanks.
from totallymine :
K, just stopping by to make sure the link is up and it is, YAY. So we'll start the review process as soon as we can. It may take a while because I'm so totally short-handed right now, but you should have it in about 10 days. Thanks much.
from randomsnark :
Hey! May I have your private passwordy special thing? Woot. Email is [email protected]. And, no..I'm not a creepy stalker. Or am I? Hee.
from barenaked500 :
from madamepierce :
well, thank you very much! I think it should be interesting. One guy has already told me over email all about his fetish for hairy women and can't wait to talk about it in person. Hmmm.
from renkinjutsu :
I may not be empathetic but I am sympathetic, you just have to make yourself happy and take chances.
from fireflea :
Guestbooks just aren't working for me today. But I just wanted to say, Stumblebee! You're the coolest girl EVER! If you had a party, I'd be THERE, man. Don't let a bunch of stupid girls make you think you are any less wonderful than you are.
from brdwaybebe :
from barenaked500 :
Ya know what's funny? I read all of your older stuff and was in the middle of emailing you about everything when my computer froze a few days ago. You just need to follow your heart and hopefully everything will turn out okay! (for us both!!) :)
from madamepierce :
well, that is weird. here, try lilsockmonkey AT yahoo DOT com.
from ontheoutside :
Hey I finally figured out the goddamn fonts (I swear, you'd think I'd have done that by now), and FINALLY got the ones I want for the new design site layout. :) Just wanted to let you know that I'll be working on a new site design, so you have a heads up if you are in there and like, "Whaaaaaa is this new design?" :P PS. Good luck with the whole relationship thing. Sounds like you are trying to figure things out the logical, and best, way possible... :)
from writespeak :
I am so glad that I was able to help a bit. You have a good plan about J and you. I would not worry too much about it. Just because he is not the person that you can see yourself marrying and settling down with right now, does not mean he can't become that person down the road. I hope it works out :-). Have a great day...
from writespeak :
Hi sweets, What you have been writing about J. so spoke to my heart. I have been with my guy Alex for 4 years as well and met him about 7 years ago. Now I am 26 and he wants to get married. He is 100% sure I am the one and I love him so much. But I have the same worries, the same hesitations and it has been SUCH a hard few months on me. He is such an incredible guy, attractive, funny, stable, interesting and I have no clue why I can't say yes to him, but I think that each of us has an inner peace we need to follow when it comes to things like this. It is just SO hard to follow that. Like I know I can't marry him, but I can't live without him. After dating A. for so long I can't see myself alone. I just wanted you to know that I related to your entry in such an uncanny way. You spoke all the things I have been thinking for months now. Knowing you need to let go is not the hard part, its the actual letting go that is. Good luck dear...
from pummela :
Im surprised no ones told you this yet. NO youre not a bad person! HELL NO! This is called maturing out of what you were in high school - its sad when you mature in different directions, but there it is. Its good to know now, rather than after the rings on.
from ontheoutside :
I. Still. Enjoy. Making. A. Point. Or something. Anyway, the story is: "In Praise of the Humble Comma" by Pico Iyer. Not sure where you could find it, I have it in: In Short: A collection of Brief Creative Nonfiction. Anywho. Right. I. Love. The. Period. (I almost wrote I. Love. Periods. but realized how much I don't when I put it that way). Hehe, and, you crack me up. Lata!
from lobsterchick :
Holy fuck, Batman, that's one big bug!
from barenaked500 :
Hmm, thats weird that it got sent back to you because I read the email! :-)
from pokytoes :
hey, i like the new black/yellow/white layout. sorry you're sick! :/
from pinklady877 :
aww well i'm glad everything is better now. :) much love, kristine
from mozatlan :
I don't know how I managed not to find your diary until just now, but I must say: it's refreshing to find a diary that's actually interesting and not riddled with glaring grammatical mistakes. I'm entertained and adding you to my favorites list!
from katehackett :
Say! Cute diary template. Thanks for linking to me.
from diosadebaile :
Happy Birthday to you! Also, I think you and little miss Sunday School should get together and hatch a conspiracy to tell your parents about the wonderful, wholesome times you're having at church, that way you can "support" eachother through many sunday mornings of blissful sleep, which is one of the most spiritual experiences I can think of.
from dombilly :
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! and Stephen King`s TOMMYKNOCKERS rules.
from thecrankyone :
Happy 21rst B*day!! Hope you have a great time, but not too much fun..LOL!!!
from glass-fairy :
happy birthday! hope it was good!!! <3, martha
from watty :
Happy birthday! What an adorable party-bee image you have on your layout... exceptionally adorable! I hope you have a fun time celebrating today. All the best to you! =)
from mkboog :
Happy Birthday! Don't get to drunk! hehe. ;0
from bluebonnet :
OH MY GOSH HOW CUTE IS YOUR LAYOUT??????It would be perfect for my son's birthday party next week. :) I HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT BIRTHDAY! DOn't get too toasty....
from kathiec :
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a great day... heck, have a great year! Love and birthday hugs, Kathie
from starlight42 :
Happy 21st birthday! Hope you have a great celebration.
from pastagirl :
Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful day! Love the cake and hat :)
from chadmuska :
happy birthday! way to turn 21!
from heidiann2 :
from cinderellen :
Have an amazing birthday!
from swirleddream :
Happy Birthday! I hope the all the meetings go well, and I just wanted to say that you have a really cute layout. That bee is adorable!! xx
from kitty1980 :
hi cute diary :) have a great birthday!!
from girl-aflame :
Happy birthday! I remember you from your review at design views (i'm a reviewer there, although you weren't assigned to me).. you had a cute layout then and this one is just as cute!
from lass :
p.s. I forgot to tell you how much I liked the Kahlo art - tis nice!
from luminous-ice :
The Goonies Rock like your Diary!!!
from orgasmicrevu :
Your review is complete my love, you can view it here:
from diosadebaile :
welcome to my existence. Sad, lonely, creepy old men LOVE me. Actually, they are pretty much the ONLY men who love me. All I have to do is be alive and they flock. Eye contact is bad, smiles are even worse.
from madamepierce :
i'm so sorry to hear what happened, and so glad that the people you know and love are safe.
from kristintracy :
I LOVE BEES! i also stumble a lot. we must be related. re: your note in my profile: um, my middle name is tracy. i'm glad that i'm not the only one thinking about footwear when they drone* on and on til the break of dawn about the damn president of liberia. kisses (ow! that stung!)~kristin *drone! like a bee!
from diosadebaile :
Jesus! That looks incredibly frightening, I'm glad all your loved ones are safe...The only thing we have to worry about here is the odd tornado warning, but they rarely ever hit.
from poppyfish :
Mmm, yeah, a girl named Stacie Wacie would probably be more at home on a third-grade playground than a diary with any mention of sex. Wait, so would I. Oh. Oops.
from lahoo :
i tried signing your guestbook, but it wouldn't let me for some reason. oh well. that layout is super cute and celebrity crushes are so fun. my mom also likes johnny depp. that seems like an odd thing to tell you, though. so..../note
from madamepierce :
my advice is: talk yourself into trying the class once. Tell yourself you don't have to go back if you really hate it. Once you get over that first-class hurdle, then you can make decisions from there.
from fan4 :
you have 185 entries.
from darkfairy13 :
I'm a new reader here, sorry for the bad day. I work as a library aide (well now I graduated) and all these anoying kids who come checking out books, are taking out just comics or on the computers.
from madamepierce :
I must know what is in this DDT.
from diosadebaile :
Do you live in frickin' Oz or something??? That's one AMAZING sunset you've got going on there, we don't have those here. But we got plenty of skeeters, hyuck!
from diosadebaile :
hmmm...lets see, could I be...13? I hope not 8, possibly 2. Dunno.
from diosadebaile :
Oh no, don't feel bad! That wasn't directed at you at all, I just wanted to clarify, since the picture I painted was largely hippie-stereotyped. No, my parents are Yippies, Yuppy-Hippies. By the way, if we guess right, do we get a prize or anything? And will you tell us if we're right?
from poppyfish :
People think I'm 14. Sometimes I'll take about two years off my age and be like, "I'm 17!" And they'll STILL be like, "What? No way! You look way too young." Grr.
from svenhard :
Hi, i've just started a diary, yours is really interesting, I know how you feel on some of your profile ( I left home when the parents started hasseling ) Hope you're happy. Be cool. Sven.
from diosadebaile :
ahhh yes, Cheerleading camp. I was a cheerleader in Juniour High and spent two summers in Tacoma, Washington screaming "We've Got THE SPIRIT YES WE DO!!!" And spasmodically nodding my head and clapping in rhythm...ahh, memories. I feel for you. PS, thanks for the E-bay tip, I think it might work out, AND, things I'm learning at my snobby fashion store job: when it comes to spaghetti straps and halter tops, the smaller, the better. TRUST me.
from unknownkitty :
i saw the new lay out and just wanted to tell how you cute i thought it was. i've really enjoyed reading your diary, it's very entertaining. i am absolutly in love with ewan mcgregor too ... hehe. so i guess i'll see you in the looby sometime!
from miss-edith :
Ooh. Tried to sign the guestbook but screwed up.Anyway, your friend is right! It's us, the small breasted women of the world, who look best in spaghetti straps and halter tops. The larger breasted need more support for one thing, and also, they tend to look top-heavy in halter tops. Skinny tank tops were designed for women who range from flat-chested to subtly curvy. Embrace the spaghetti straps! That's all I wear, and I am on the small side for sure.
from stumblebee :
Wow, horrified, eh? I'm not sure if I should be offended or not. Thanks, I guess.
from dea-lamia :
Hey Stumblebee, it's Dea from Compendious. I'm not the one who reviewed your diary, but I saw it and was just as horrified with the old layout as Gemma was. I just saw your new one though, and... WOW! I absolutely love it. Verrrrry nice job!
from boxx9000 :
I absolutely LOVE your bumblebee icon. I love Ewan McGregor, too. But, he's all yours so I'll back off.
from lass :
Hey stumbles, I can't figure out where the enter button is on your guestbook page...????
from pig-snicket :
Who DOESN'T like Ewan McGregor?
from sunnflower :
I found your diary while stopping by dime reviews site and just wanted to tell you that it (your diary) is excellent. I really like the way you get your life down into words - it's the perfect blend of funny and serious. Hope you'll stop by my diary - Suburban Island some time.
from darkfairy13 :
Awsome diary. Well hopefully you will soon be done and return to him.-Lauren
from fan4 :
I'm avoiding one of my school assignments too.
from jelibeary :
that sounds like so much fun to bad you didn't atleast try it once then put the mean face on lol :)
from poppyfish :
I remember ;).
from jelibeary :
Good Idea!
from dried-tear :
I can't stand mushrooms, they're like slugs and I can't swallow them. But you make me laugh and i like your diary alot. Gems x
from skylarkusa :
Hey, just reading some more of your diary today and I also sneeze whenever the sunlight hits me in the face. And I've never met anyone else who does this, either. Woohoo! I am not alone! (It's late, okay) :o)
from diosadebaile :
birds freak me out too. A good Masque is Freemans cucumber & Ginseng peel off masque, it does not hurt and is EXACLTY like peeling off Elmers glue. And I'm not completely hairless, so take it from me.
from diosadebaile :
Hello! I just want to thank you for adding me to your favourites, because if you had not, I probably wouldn't have found your diary, and found it so delightfully entertaining and relational.
from angryquail :
Hey, I "stumbled" upon your diary today...couldn't resist. Anyway, good writing, I'll be back. And the whole J's really best to go with your feelings. They tell you what your brain can't get out.
from barenaked500 :
My favorite books: She's Come Undone (Wally Lamb), Summer Sisters (Judy Blume), Jemima J (Jane Green), and Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas (James Patterson). Good stuff. Have a safe trip!!
from a-splinter :
The head honcho chancellor or whomever of my university could be shot dead in the middle of the building and they wouldn't close down. We could have a threat of bioterrorism and we wouldn't shut down. Let alone a bit of icy-wonderland. Lucky. Damnit.
from barenaked500 :
I read all the way to the bottom! :) I can't really think of anything...hmm? Weekend at Bernie's? Cool Runnings? Six Days and Seven Nights? Castaway (hahaha)? :) I think National Lampoon movies are good though! Everyone likes 'em!
from ryan8-5cut :
kidssuck kidssuck
from barenaked500 :
I always picture the people I read in my head. I think you look like the girl in the pictures for some reason. Am I right?
from finding-home :
Yes, I concur about your design - excellent�! I admit that the pubic hair thing made me stop and grimace. But that's what writing's all about - making people feel emotions. Disgust is included. ;)
from barenaked500 :
AWWWWWWWW. I love your V-Day layout. So, so, so cute! I wish I had enough talent to make my own layouts! :) No barfing here...
from six30 :
Oh my goodness, I haven't visited your site in so long. It looks great! Drop me a line at [email protected]. I have yet another new PW. Some weirdness with our host - not the stalking thing.
from barenaked500 :
Ha, that's weird that we both got Care Bears! Cool though! :)
from lass :
Hey Miss Stumbles - what's going on? Email me if you feel you need any advice from a slightly insane middle-aged woman. My email addy is in my profile. Hope you're okay.
from openthegate :
just wanted to say i love the template
from miss-edith :
Aren't you sweet! I'm going to check out your diary now. . . Much Love, Miss-Edith
from ryan8-5cut :
Hey I love your site, your one of my new favorites and where did you get that pic in your diary. I'm jealous. Stop by my diary if you get a chance. ryan8-5cut
from itsmylife :
Yeah! It works!
from itsmylife :
Ok, there is no scroll bar now but I can't see the image or any of your links. It's a big white blank. :S
from buddhawhoa :
from piehole :
OH. MY. GOD... I nearly wet myself when I translated you English-French-English... Big SPOILS?!? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!

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