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from rosedavidson :
Hello My dear Pls read this message and get back to me urgent,pls am serious about this. May this mail will find you in Good condition. It Permit me to inform you of my desire of going into relationship with you. I have the believe you are a reputable and responsible and trustworthy person I can do relay with for a partner and by matter of trust I must not hesitate to confide in you for this simple and sincere transaction. My name is Ms rose mary Davidson single , from Ivory coast , am a banker here in ABIDJAN COTE D´┐ŻIVOIRE I need a very Good relationship with you and open minded so that we can work together as one family. Really ,we do not know each other before,It was also after I went through your profile this morning,I decide to contact you because of what i want to do with you. My plans was that as soon as this transaction get through I will resign from my work and come over to stay in your country. Your statue is good enough, due to the country you come from and I have the belive that if we can understand our self as we will achive something good from this projet. My communicateing with you this morning was very please to me and I don't want to wait due to the urgence this transaction needed . In my department i discovered an abandoned sum of $9.5m US dollars nine million, five hundred thousand U.S dollars) . In an account that belongs to one of our foreign customer He died along with his entire family in a plane crash in the year 2000 in that almost took the whole life of the pasengeres on board Since we got this information about his death, we have been expecting his next of kin to come over and claim his money because we cannot applie for it as next of kin,assocaite or relation to the deceased as indicated in our banking guidelines but unfortunately we learnt that all his supposed next of kin or relation died along side with him at the plane crash leaving nobody behind for the claim. It is therefore upon this discovery that I decided to make this transaction proposal to you ,so that the fund will be release to you as the next of kin. Since nobody is coming for the claiming of this fund and I don't want this money to go into the Bank treasury as unclaimed fund. Pls,this is an cfor you and me. The Banking law and guideline here stipulates that if such money remained unclamed after four years, the money will be transfere into the Bank treasury account as unclaimed fund. The request of foreigner as next of kin or assocaite in this transcation is needed occasioned by the fact that the customer is from your same Area and I am a citizen of this town I cannot stand as next of kin or assocaite . Please my dear,If you are capable to handle this project with me, contact me urgently as soon as you recieve this message so that I will go into details and tell you what you have to do. I Am waiting to hear from you. Remain the same to who cares with love. Miss ROSE MARY. contact me with this email [email protected]
from trishtastic :
I've declared today my personal Un-Lurker Day to let my favorite diarists/bloggers know I enjoy their stuff. Consider yourself enjoyed. ~Trish
from knock-first :
gees you always make me laugh- why dont I stop by more?
from filakia :
I'll miss reading your diary. So please consider making the hiatus a short one. When I am mired in my own suckage, and the lump of regretable chocolate is sticking in MY craw, your witty writing helps me forget it all.
from candoor :
your writing is addictive...
from stealmypurse :
i added you as well. i found you through katie doyle. don't worry there will be no creepy ass emails from this girl. all i ask is you keep in touch if you ever have the want to talk at a silly seventeen year old dork. ciao bella!
from purr67 :
Hi there! I found you through on of my favorites. Your puppy looks just like mine and you made me laugh with the dog poop on the knee entry. I added you as a favorite I hope you don't mind.
from helderheid : Helderheid's new addy :)
from widyaz :
I chanced upon your blog via serenaville, read 2 entries, and I love your honesty and sense of humor! I have added you on my buddy list. *hugs*
from meeshapeesha :
Tried signing to guestbook but it didnt like me. :) Anyways i loved the entry about the tongue rings, gave me a good laugh. And good luck with JB's house project. If it doesn't turn out well this could be a good lesson for men to NOT take on home improvement projects unless their name is Bob Vila.
from drowning13 :
Yes, insomnia and bad thoughts in the dead hours of morning! I didn't even need to post an entry today. You did it for me.
from irishblueyes :
Just wanted to say hi, and that I just started reading, but am finding it all very enjoyable. (I never know what to say in first notes by the way so, if I sound ridiculous I apologize.)
from drowning13 :
Mmmmm....Sundry. Pretty-pretty Sundry. Come, come to Hrld.
from sundry :
Hi, I'm just fucking around with the layout, don't mind the temporary closed door. If there was a way to do this without looking like I'm constantly updating...also, HTML? Blows.
from groovn-girl :
I could've gone my whole life without EVER knowing about the dirty sanchez. Oh GOD where did you hear that???!!! Otherwise, I love reading your diary. FUNNY! and I love the pix.
from vanoonoo :
hi :)
from a-victoria :
Merry Christmas!
from rishi :
Oh Sundry... I've been a devoted fan of your diary for over a year now, and this last entry makes me a little sad. I know that as soon as Jay Leno sees this he'll send out his secret team of tonight show hit men to hunt you down! I'm afeard they'll put you in the dungeon with Larry King!
from fargahar :
Hello...many of my faves had to listed (Disco, etc.) so I read some...and I live in Seattle too. Hello fellow Washingtonian!
from lingovincent :
I e-mailed you the password, per your request. If you don't get it, let me know and I'll resend. Hope you had a good weekend!
from knock-first :
weird, I live in austin and didnt even know about the journalcon thing
from knock-first :
I come back to you time and time again, you always make me laugh. Thanks!
from journ-proj :
Thank you for the response. (Thank you times ten!) The new list will be out on Saturday morning and you'll be notified then when the new book will be going out and to where. ~JP~
from journ-proj :
Hi. There are some issues with the journal you signed up for. Please read about them here: Please respond per the entry instructions. If there's no response by Friday, September 19, then your name will be dropped from the list. Thank you, the journal project
from nothingone :
Sundry, your entry just now made me laugh a lot. The one where uhm, Scott falls. Holy crap! FUNNY!
from lingovincent :
Sundry, Thanks again for the note. Apparently I hadn't turned my e-mail "on" -- that's why you couldn't send a message. It's been fixed. As I wrote before, advice/opinions are quite welcome. I can't talk about this with people I know, but I could use some third party input. So thanks again. Really. Oh -- and I'm not offended by your skepticism.
from lingovincent :
Hi Sundry, Thanks for your note. I'm sorry to say that everything I've written is true. Advice/comments/opinions are certainly welcome -- it's hard to see what you should do when you are buried under your own emotions. How should I get out, as you suggested? It seems so hard. And coming from YOU, the great sundry, compliments on my writing are most appreciated. Thanks!
from ergoatlas :
Just returned to reading journals and found yours. Love everything you have to say. Sounds like we are neighbors on the eastside as well. Good job!
from katehackett :
I floated in through 12% and just wanted to say that both you and your husband are absolutely stunning. Very good looking people you are, and? You're hilarious to boot. :O)
from humanidiot :
I am sure you've heard this before, but it is the kind of message that never seems to cling to the brainpan. -You are never ready for offspring- Just like you are never really ready for a house or any majoe decsion, there is always a reason to wait. But, when you do it, your lifestyle, job, money, everything becomes instantly, and unquestioningly secondary. Your child will become the absolute center of your life, and everything else will swirl around into their own new orbits. It will seem crazy at times, but everything just moves out from the center very politely. I am 35 now, my daughter is just 1 1/2. So, don't have the discussion as you whether you are ready or not, if you both want a baby, you are already ready.
from mightymaeve :
Hi! I really like all the pics on your site. And the rotating pics on your profile is just too nif-tay!
from cmkern3 :
Love your diary - hilarious! (Found you through Weetabix...)
from metanoia :
Your work blog sounds like a wonderful playground --- full of land mines. Walk on eggshells, skirt the issues, watch what you say and hey, be truthful and have fun! Sure. You could always do like Lewis Carroll did with Alice in Wonderland.... Be snarky about someone without really saying who they are but everybody knows.... Good Luck!
from trinity63 :
Loved "The Lovely Bones" Thought her heaven was very neat -- had a big time emotional appeal to me. I also loved the movie "What Dreams May Come" -- and I have vacationed many a time in Oregon, after all I live here:)
from humanidiot :
Password? I need a password to read you now? or was that set accidentally... do I get one if not? - Eric.
from mayapple :
Aw, man. The locking of the sundry makes me sad. Saaad.
from gur :
noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! please unlock it! pretty pretty please! you make me laugh
from reddirtgirl :
Oh no, you're private now? Diaryland will weep.
from amblus :
Hi! I never know what to say in these things, so in an attempt to not dork out on you, I'll just say this: I've added you to my buddy list, so now we're BBF! Totally! Wait, I totally dorked out there. Anyway, I like your journal. The end.
from metanoia :
Is the shovel from Old Navy, too?
from italktowalls :
Constant Hilarity + Poignant Self-Reflection = Sundry. Ok... I lied about that last part. Always find myself laughing while reading one of your entries.
from metanoia :
I so very much agree about the tanned fat v. white fat. So very much.
from patadrina :
you're latest entry has inspired me to write a monologue.
from ryan8-5cut :
member - kidssuck pw -kidssuck
from nothingone :
Very Happy Valentine's day. Nice tattoos too. And V Day entry. Blah blah blahbity blah blah, I love your journal. The end.
from beagle47 :
banner, profanity, petty, reservoir dogs and cards for valentine's day. i think i've found a second home...funny pre v-day entry as well. i'll sneak about from time to time if it's no bother. peace.
from nothingone :
Merry Christmas Sundry.
from ciara2 :
hey you've got one of the most entertaining diaries! lol :)
from sugarcrisp :
lol! You are too funny. And the thing is, that's naturally coming through. You definitely aren't playing the sarcastic card just to get more views! I like that.
from silent-heart :
I love your funny, down to earth postings. I always get a laugh when I read about your Devil cat, and the rest tends to perk up my day. ^_^ And count yourself lucky, you don't have a dog that tries to pee on your feet when she's "happy". Oh yeah, so happy to wag that tail so you'll think she's happy, so you'll pet her, so she can wizz on your foot, shoe sock or no.
from neshenti :
:: adjusts butt writhing painfully on pins and needles :: I hope you two get the house. Perhaps Tim Tooltime is up to that challenge of building the garage himself? What a better way to break in the manly-man workspace than to *create* it? -Tom
from neshenti :
This is the lamest, most groan-inducing crap I have ever read. And people actually think you're "funny"? Funny like leper porn is funny *perhaps*. BWA! Actually, you're frikken hysterical. :) I just came home from an eyeball-clawing day at work, and felt the need to pour through some of your older entries to find my chuckles again [intuition serves]. Hopefully this high falootin' new job of yours won't leave you too drained for weekly entries. All of my nearest and dearest await your forthcoming entries with bated breath. No pressure though. -Tom
from azaezelya :
Hooray for getting a job! Now if only there were a place in my town that would murmmur approvingly because I love Bladerunner. *laughs* Anyhow, congrats on the job. :D
from avasays :
Hey there. It's funny, I wondered when you described what your husband (boyfriend) did if he worked at the same place. JP is short for John Paul, he is married to one of my best friends. I too am unemployed, working for my father for free while I look for jobs, so I know how you feel. You just never know when you will run into another Diarylander! What did you think of Gosford Park? Keep writing, L
from timdogg :
I just had to put my 2 cents in again. I love your entries and have become a "daily reader" Take Care Out There All, peace - vTp
from weathered- :
You have got to be the most hilarious person ever. I don't know if it was the Taffy Ass comment, or UniBoob... Kudos to you, my friend.
from trealm :
i like your diary. it's very funny and interesting, and i will be back.
from heavenawaits :
nice diary, good luck getting this house!!
from slauditory :
I really, really like your journal. It kinda represents what I'd like to do, but I'm too scatterbrained to salvage a plot out of my day, much less amusing/thoughtful plots such as yours. :) Don't become disheartened! Things always get better. And I like the Pixies, too. :)
from ingressofme :
your advertising banner COMPLETELY got my attention... it's amazing!! your diary is amazing!!!! thanks.
from rebe :
i love your sense of humour. your diary is a delight!
from katress :
You are one funny lady. I have that same conversation with my cats on a daily basis! :)
from ara-aspasia :
When the kitty is bein a painintheass, just give her the juice from the tuna, my kittes love it. :) Great diary, great writing, great layout. GREAT... ok that was severely annoying...
from musicchick44 :
That tuna-loving-cat entry was so. funny. Now I must be off so that I can check out your archives.
from jjwalker :
Great post!
from lately :
You're so funny. I laughed and laughed at the phrase "water beard". I really like your diary. You remind me of a way more funny version of myself.
from jenorf :
Hey, missy, I had to get a account just to leave you a note. Hopefully, doesn't find out about it and boot me out. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I dig the new look. And that I particularly like entries that feature your cat.
from boynurse :
I know I've already left a note, but I gotta say I am thoroughly enjoying your diary. "Hate Rays"--bwah!
from teleri025 :
Dropped in from unclebob, gave it a read, and enjoyed myself. Glad about your hubby coming home early and my cats do the exact same thing with the microwave. One of them even meows at me when it beeps. Like I won't get up and get the magic food that's in there if she doesn't let me know. Dig your stuff.
from alyssian :
sorry i'm a big fat dork but i just finished reading all your entries and i wanted you to know- in case you got nervous- that they are ALL great. no pressure.
from alyssian :
Oh jeez. you are too cool...and i almost never like female diaries unless they are friends of mine. Bravo! I can't wait to read more.
from boynurse :
Just stumbled upon your diary today (through Uncle Bob). I'm reading it at work and giggling like a fool....great stuff!
from hulamoons :
just wanted to clue you in that u have a faithful reader... happy to find u in dland... damn good stuff, missy. keep it coming... cheers, lauren

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