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from paigemarie3 :
Hi, Chrissy. Leigha's gonna kill me, but i found your page in her "favorite diaries" thingy, and i really like your page. Btw, my name's Tiff. :)
from spunkyhottie :
hey my sis said thats its just diffrent from what she has read on others stuff.Check out this diary and you will underdstand.
from spunkyhottie :
Your stuff is.......well.......intresting.~CHEY~
from neangel :
i have not forgotten you, silly woman! i hope you and yours are doing great as well!!
from babiyo :
Chrissii, this is Stace and your EvErYThiNg about this shit is HOT!!
from purpleworm :
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I like it here ;)
from bluemeany :
I shouldn't have read your diary, since I'm stuck in the desert for a year with no sex, but I did. You are a fabulous writer, and thanks for the crazy perverted note you left me. From one crazy pervert to another.
from sexyluba :
Your writing is so sexual and so full of passion. I loved it. It is beautiful.. ~Luba~
from opticheart :
Hey whattya mean I'm breakable? Hmmmm? I haven't heard from you so my email is [email protected] Write me I dare ya!
from ionme :
that is like the HOTTEST template EVER!!!
from opticheart :
Why it's [email protected]! OR should be.
from opticheart :
Hey Chrissi, that's ok, I'm bad with names too. Tut Ambiguass added me to her diary as a fav and then you did but you've kept moving diaries. Anyway like your erotica very much. Email me sometime. Dawn
from opticheart :
Chrissi my name is Dawn. Remember now? I love your erotica. That last entry almost sent me over the edge dahling.
from chevydarling :
Please, oh please, may I have the password to your diary!!!
from gothiclibra :
I hope everything is alright. Take care.
from gothiclibra :
My girlfriend and I love your writing, from the romantic ones to the fantasy ones. And I'm glad I made you happy. ^_^
from lesbiansex :
hmm. you no longer have me listed as a favourite.
from ninjajesus :
AHHH What are you trying to do to me women. Im like one billion fucking miles away from Alana, and i can only masterbate so many fucking times a day. Your constant reminders of how incredible it would be to to fuck her are fostering a form of sexual frustration bordering on insanity.
from mestupchick :
meowr. *licks herself like a patient, good kitty* love the notes, chrissi doll. kenneth was both shocked and then said he would take notes, haha. we have something special you and i, lovely. i can feel you smiling and it helps me breathe. yours, alana
from screemingink :
im finally back!
from opaque88 :
a graveyard. duh.
from opaque88 :
i can handle a hormonal 19 yr old male with a ring in his nose. i highly doubt even you can contend with such raucous movement. but you know, i might give you a go. maybe.
from mestupchick :
*meow* crawls across the floor slowly and arches back. i miss you too chrissy boo. xxx
from ktdream :
It was hard to read the words but from what little I read, it's amazing.
from opaque88 :
um. I RULE YR NOTEPAGE. duh. i;m the hottest person here, so get rid of these skanks & spend yr life in my .. um .. use yr imagination, lover.
from cakalaki :
from rainbow888 :
Chrissy, I neeeeeeeeed your help! Badly! E-mail me when you get the chance, ok? Love you lots, *Rianna* xxxxxxxxx
from screemingink :
yay! sorry, i havent been on diaryland for the longest of times...but i shall return
from maskedsorrow :
aw darn ♥-♥-♥
from maskedsorrow :
i fucking love you lady. [[kiss kiss]] &hearts-&hearts-♥
from lovelindsey :
you didn't write "fire" did you? 'cause i read it on another website...? (i absolutely loved it and when i saw it i was like *drools*)
from i-am-undone :
i dont dislike you silly. at all. when have i ever said that?? || you still rock my world[!!] || & i love you. xoxox
from lesbiansex :
where have you gone? :(
from screemingink :
love the diary! keep it up, xoxo, Miss Takes
from imblank :
you've done it again Chrissy. You are the best. :D keep on writing. :D mmk? <3amber*
from i-am-undone :
[[[ you will always be my honey bear...]]]
from lost-flower :
*yay* i have [[2]]#1 fans! woohoo go me. but that really doesn;t werk out heh. o wells. hugs &kisses gorgeous! hehe ILOVEYOUTOO! muah. ride that donkey donkey. wow i remember that too. that;s old huh? ooo titi bar *good times* hah like i would know but anyhoo i love you lady. &i will talk to you later!
from maskedsorrow :
me? stolen your heart? hehe i lovelovelove you[!] ♥
from i-am-undone :
so when are you gonna write a story about me honey bear? hehe. [[ you know you want too.]]i love you & miss you dearly! xoxox
from strippedraw :
this one? talk away, i'm not in a good place right now but i love to talk, online that is, we have much in common...more than you know :-) i am glad you are pleased...i'm off to eat i'm starved! we will talk ... aim strip raw ... msn strip raw xoxo
from i-am-undone :
yummy. [[fucking]]steamy && romantic && sexy && OMG organsmic. :) [[[ you fucking rule]]]
from i-am-undone :
yummy. [[fucking]]steamy && romantic && sexy && OMG organsmic. :) [[[ you fucking rule]]]
from wanting-kind :
oh. my. god. I said I never wanted to know this diary lmao! Don't expect me to do the review, I am young and un-sexed so be gone, filthy woman... lmao just kidding, I'll have a scan of your diary later... maybe... if I'm like, totally bored... Love you woman... xoxo
from gaycannibal :
I LOVED Black Velvet! Thanks so much for making my dream turn into a story...and hopefully a story into reality. :)
from lost-flower :
*yay* i am the first person to leave a note! these words are absolutely beautiful! <3<3

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