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from fightn4life :
Hi again my e-mail is [email protected] Put username- password in the subject line and your request will not lost in cyber spam. I held many hopes we could work through this trying time but my husband while dealing with the loss of his daughter a few years ago found his way in the bottle, grief can do that. The man I married I love with all my heart, the man before me is a stranger. I am not insensitive towards his pain, we too lost my grandson 11 years ago when he was only nine; loss has a familiar face for both of us. Sometimes our burdens become too much to carry. Please delete this comment and thanks for checking out my world. Sandyz
from janedoe0 :
Hi there! I randomly came across your diary, I plad to read more, archive wise that is!
from kiosh :
[About "Instant boyfriend"] Precisely, how to know if someone is right despite what things you may not like for the moment? I've been asking myself that same question for a couple of days. Good luck in Seattle and Indiana! Always glad to hear from you. Big hugs, boy! =0)
from flying-kiwi :
Where oh where has sw-iowa gone, where oh where can he beeee? I'm going to put up some "Missing" posters soon if you don't do an entry :o)
from pikachu1lt :
Your tagged read my blog
from candoor :
just when I got here, explorer decided it was time to have an error so I must shut down... oddly, it let me leave this note, so hello :)
from cubjam11 :
You. Are. Amazing. HUGS! XOXOX - Jamie
from goldieknox03 :
YOur a cute fella. Nice diary too. Besides, Kiosh reads you. So you must be cool.
from flying-kiwi :
LOL, you win a big kiwi smooch (on the cheek...) and several hugs. How's that? :o)
from cubjam11 :
Is that you in your profile pic? YUMMMY! :)
from blacklist-05 :
Hello! I found your diary through kstyle (Michael), so hello! :-) I added you to my favorite diaries, so I'll be in from time to time. Take care, Jamie

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