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from dreamspeaker :
Hi there. I know you're tired, and when you're tired things that are bad compound to things that are unbearable. Remember that if you weren't so tired, it wouldn't all seem quite so impossible, and also that fatigue is fleeting... it's not fatal, it's not terrible, it just hurts a lot. When I'm overtired, advil always seems to help, along with a lot of OJ. Keep your chin up, things should be better within a week. Also, during those times where you have the IV going for an hour, is it possible for you to set an alarm and take a cat nap, or at least read a book or do something for you? I think that will help. Call me if you want to talk.
from dreamspeaker :
Oh, and not that you would EVER do this (lowers voice), but if you write a check on the 12th it most likely won't be cashed until the 15th anyway and you should be ok, if not have ONE bounce fee. Usually it won't come up NSF unless a) you're already under or b) you bounce over $300. Not that I would EVER advise doing that. (hides) --feeling deliciosly naughty
from dreamspeaker :
Heya. a) hospitals suck. If you are too tired or whatever to go to the harpist, no problems. I understand. If you show up around 10:30 good, if not, no biggie. b) Have you spoken with the state about the child support and the situation? this is not your fault, it's his, and the there has to be a way for the state to confirm or work something out with the landlord. And you're right, no visits if there's no money. If that's the only thing that'll enforce it, so be it.
from marn :
Happy May Day to you, too. I love May best of all ... the transition from spring to summer is always so wonderful here, eh?
from kitchenwitch :
Well thank you so much! That was very nice of you to say... Blessed Be!
from violetquake :
My diary is now open. :-)
from cordyvision :
OMG, we got almost exactly the same D&D character. I was a chaotic good elf ranger bard. That's hilarious. Great minds...
from dreamspeaker :
Your mom is and has always been a royal bitch. God, I hate that woman! But anyway... I would go with the "ignore her" side, but not be a afraid to stick it to her either. I think you've been working hard on your diet. So what if you had a reeses? You get a treat once in a while or else... well, life aint worth livin'. Well, maybe that's melodramatic, but your mom's a bitch and that's my final word. Your mom's a bitch and you look fine and we love you as you are. Lose weight for you and not for anything else.
from cordyvision :
What do you mean, only you and KateKat will have unmarried status? I'm about as single as you can get. Please don't forget about me just because I moved away.... :(
from harri3tspy :
I can't seem to get your guestbook to let me sign today. I just wanted to say thanks for adding me to your favorites list. I haven't yet had a chance to catch up with your diary, but I hope to soon!
from marn :
Happy Hallowe'en to you, too.
from cordyvision :
hey tech- you know what your kids did to the beds? My brothers and I did that too when we were about their age- we were pretending we were swimming. The beds were like slides. :) We were not, however naked. :)
from pischina :
I *love* your layout! And I'm wondering if you would be up for trying out for Email me if you have any questions, I think you would have a good shot at it. Pischina at
from kitchenwitch :
I locked my diary. Email me if you want the password. Love ya! Hopefully this will be temporary!
from everoboto :
Ok, I clicked on your banner, viewed your profile and saw that you're a Neil Gaiman fan. Awesome! I tried to read some of your stuff, but your entries aren't showing up correctly. I'll try again on my work computer tomorrow. I look forward to reading your entries. \m/
from dreamspeaker :
Hi. Um, sorry? I guess that's all I can think of to say right now. My diary entry was sort of an outburst. I don't think your kids are going to have problems with your divorce like I did. I endured 10 years of hearing them scream at each other, I've watched them hit each other, and I've endured them trying to sway me to actually literally HATE the other parent. Not cool. I think you're doing a GREAT job with your kids and they are happy and comfortable with who they are. Please don't take what I said as if it applies to you. It's my understanding that even in most divorces parents are civil and kids come out fine.
from cordyvision :
Hi, hon. Here's some advice for dealing with skeeter (from someone with very little personal experience, as you well know)- Ignore those ridiculous web postings. Let him cry himself out. And if the kid hits you, hit him back. I'm not talking about anything damaging of course, but this is what spankings were created for. you need to get his attention. Of course, you know me, and woe betide my children someday if they ever so much as think of biting me... But these people who say you should "reflect your child's negative feelings" are full of bs. Fact is, your instincts are not bad when it comes to your kids. Trust yourself, chica.
from dreamspeaker :
Hey, you! For god's sakes, girl, don't stress bout being angry. It's, like, NORMAL and stuff. But don't quit if you can help it. You were all excited. It's just that it's getting tough now and stuff does that. I believe in you. I'll believe in you if you quit too... but you know... I know how you are when you're sick and you feel guilty and like you'll never get anything done, but things will look up. Promise!
from dreamspeaker :
TBND speaks from the place where it's hard to watch someone you love suffer. I don't think any of us are saying it's easy for you to change this situation, so don't add that to your list of things to fret about. However, do also let go of those things that your mother and ONLY your mother thinks are issues... those things have no bearing in logic. I truly think the woman is lonely, sorry perhaps that she didn't raise you in the more loving way she might have, and controlling in her own old age. Your life is yours to live and not hers. If you practice letting these criticisms go for what they are (which is foolishness) and you find that works, fine. If you need to talk to someone to figure out how better to let those things bounce off, fine. And if none of this helps and she keeps hurting you and you have to "take a vacation" for a while, perhaps warn her, and that's the most courtesy I would give her... and then don't feel bad about doing it. And if she contacts me or skink, we know what to say, and you wouldn't have to. Just a thought. We all love you and think you are a great mom, a great worker, and a great friend. And there's also nothing wrong with how you look.
from nutmegoli :
Hi, it's Megin. Megin Says is officially defunct but my new diary is up and running (but there's not a lot there at the moment). Feel free to have a read, leave a note, sign the guestbook...
from marn :
Awwww, thank you for the wonderfully kind note! Heee, a type A that doesn't like to make decisions ... I know how that feels from time to time, eh :)
from bindyree :
Nice setup you have here! Thanks for asking me to have a look.:)
from cyanophyta :
not locked! have no fear!
from megin-says :
You seem like you could use a hug and maybe a soft place to hide for a bit. I'll build you a blanket fort and you can curl up inside with your gummy things and some chocolate thrown in for good measure. :)
from cyanophyta :
Techdragon, I keep finding you in my "Referrer Log" but when I click-click-click I can't see your page because you're LOCKED. No fair, say I!
from dreamspeaker :
There's a few hard things I've learned in life: 1) No one will ever be as perfect in your mind as yourself, even if you aren't perfect, because at least then you know your reasoning. Others you look up to, idols even, will let you down, because humans are failures. You cannot find faith in another person. You can only find it in you. 2) When you truly deeply fall in love, you WILL be scared, and uncertain, and go through an identity crisis. Especially you because you are you and you've lived the life you have lived (I hope that makes sense). You will be scared crazy because you don't want to love because of lesson number one, but alas, love in uncontrollable. Love is the one thing where giving in to it is worth the pain you may feel if you are dissappointed, so just stop worrying and enjoy it. Or at least try. Love you as always!
from dreamspeaker :
Ok, first, you should cut out the first part, copy it, and give it to J to read. He needs to know he's upsetting you so much. If he truly does know he's upsetting you, and he continues, then you can't feel guilty for being angry. But there is a chance he might realize something. If he doesn't and you get mad, he can't say he wasn't warned. B) Actually, I wasn't spooning. I was busy guarding my covers. WE spend the night snoring, kicking and stealing the covers from one another. IT aint always paradise :)
from natchez :
hey, came across your diary on the top 100 diaries website. i love your layout. i relate to what you say about your friends. i read some of your poetry--it's really good. keep it up. come see my site sometime!
from bookchick :
I like Jimmy Buffett too...but I've never been able to make it to a show. :-(

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