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from marconiplein :
it's good to hear your voice
from starzero :
we are rickety old cages we are tired old men we are stairwells we've fallen down a hundred times and then some we are spanish horror movies we are comedies from france we are plastic mannequins we are ballerinas who only dance when the jewelry box lid lifts when the light turns us on when the night forgets to tremble when things stop going wrong we are waiting for the fall out waiting for the drop we are praying for a change of heart we are afraid it will all stop
from starzero :
i'm learning about chinese art and american girls finally. and all the way back to the hansa.
from starzero :
chicago's a nice place. i'm sure chicago will like having you. and you're not all those bad things you claim to be. but: to have anything to want to do with it. i have no idea what that means. and the monkey really likes d&d, though we don't play enough. too much else to do.
from starzero :
but you're a lucky nerd.
from evildilara :
Teclo...Where art thou? Drop me an email and let me know what is shaking with you. I was thinking about you today at work and didn't know what email you have so I am contacting you the only way I know how: [email protected] email me!
from starzero :
er, not to be presumptuous. you don't owe me an invitation at all, so don't worry about that. i'm just looking for an excuse to return to gambier.
from starzero :
i miss kenyon. i miss the flowers. i miss the spring. when is your wedding? maybe i can make it.
from pragmatics :
i never got the new password, and my oldie-oldie ones don't work (neither of them!). knock-knock?
from idiot-milk :
I shall miss the Nasty Rack dearly, oh yes I will. We shall not soon know its like. A moment of silence, please, for low budget strippers.
from idiot-milk :
You know, I had a pimple on my forearm the other day. My FOREARM. What is that? Nothing like a pimple in a random and unusual place to make you feel thoroughly disgusting.
from teclo :
hello! in case you haven't noticed, my diary is lock-ed. if you don't have a password, and you used to read my diary, this is for two reasons. (a) i don't know you. (b) when i asked everyone to ask me for the re-passwording, you didn't ask. sorry, dearies. it's secret secret.

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