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from princessreva :
I miss your blog:( can I get the password?
from f-tard :
:( I didn't get cast in Little Shop...apparently they hardly ever bother with people that don't actually go to the college, which is understandable. A friend of mine got the understudy part for Mushnik though, which is about the nearest any of us high-school folk came. Thanks for the interest, lol.
from cdghost :
stumbled across your words and enjoyed reading them..peace--the ghost
from lost-chicken :
i ::l . o . v . e:: the layout. i'm a broadway fan too and actress. to the stage :)
from candoor :
it could be that I spent many years wandering around the streets of NYC and miss Broadway a whole lot (where'd you get the Playbill picks?) or it could be that you are fun to read (yeah, that's it), but I hope to find time to visit again (good luck to you and All and also with the job and show and life :)
from carriem :
You and ur bride look beautiful together, i hope you have a wonderful life with her :)
from als-pals :
OMGOSH BECKY! Your audblog was so freaking cool. Now, I KNOW you're the coolest man to ever walk the earth. And to think, I get to sleep with you....shutup, I'm turned on.
from dramaqun96az :
A little hurt I wasn't on your cast list. Whatever!!! LOL
from joeparadox :
OMG. I forgot to tell you...I watched CAMP yesterday. I had to order the soundtrack IMMEDIATELY from amazon. If there was a camp like that when I was in high school, I would have been ALL OVER IT LIKE A CHEAP SUIT.
from joeparadox :
OMG. Last night was a DI.SA.STER. We need to talk. Hope you are feeling better!
from joeparadox :
Yeah! Keep up the barfing and shitting!
from joeparadox :
Dude. He totally deserved to be sent home after Tuesday's performance. He's lucky enough to have been spared...he better step up his game.
from jprincess517 :
Jere! Im sorry your sick. I know how it is though. During spring break I started out with a fever and it ended up being an ear infection/strep for two weeks fun for me. But me being the crazy girl I am, I went out clubbin while I was sick and ended up in lots of pain because my throat was swelling up and I couldnt breathe. Plus my ear was infected so the loud music probably didnt help I assume? So my spring break sucked due to being sick....and its now two weeks later and my ear infection is ALMOST gone. I didnt even respond to the first medication they gave me, but the second stuff worked for me I guess. I hope you feel better soon though. Just keep resting and watch lots of Nsync, that would make me feel a little better. Just dont get up and start dancing hehe. ;-P <3Lindsey ((Timberlake)) <- lol
from joeparadox :
OMG. "Because he sucked my ASS!" I nearly fell off the chair from reading that! And I couldn't agree more!
from joeparadox :
Weee! Where are you seeing Clay? I'm going to Vegas on Friday for more shenanigans. In the meantime, I'm trying to pack an entire house, remain patient with my students and keep focused on AI! Good thing I don't drink caffeine! Good thing I don't DRINK!
from joeparadox :
Wee! You're here! I've been missing you! OMG, did you leave the "concerned" note on my guestbook about John Stevens? If that was you, come clean, mister, because we can have mad discussions about this! I can't imagine who else cares enough about this season's AI to comment on my JSIV entry besides YOU! Even if you hate JSIV, which I think you do, because you mentioned it on your diary once, I STILL LOVE YOU! If it wasn't you, please disregard this note! Hahahahahhaa!
from joeparadox :
OMG! OMAROSA IS A BEEYOTCH! I'm so glad you hate her, too!
from bethany9 :
the template is gorgeous! isn;t it strange how much time you send on it once it is looking purty??? i am coming to AZ for Cubs spring training. yay!
from joeparadox :
from joeparadox :
I like the new template. A lot. Musical of the month, though...that would rule.
from dramaqun96az :
Hey Hank, Just a little FYI. We now call African-Amercan's "Black" once again. I was corrected yesterday. But what I dont get is there not black. They are more of a brown color. So should we call them Brown???? Just some food for thought! LOL!

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