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from ravynespeaks :
Just want to wish you a very Happy New Year. May 2005 be your best year ever!
from neutrons :
manda(scorpionkiss) resides in this dark place now. :)
from complex-ptsd :
Awww...your birthday too? That is a triple whammy. At least they say that bad things always happen in threes. So hopefully this means no more bad things will happen to you for awhile. Happy 18th!! : )
from complex-ptsd :
And the day before Valentine's Day... She sounds really heartless. : ( I hope you have better luck next time.
from complex-ptsd :
Sorry to hear you got dumped -- on Friday the 13th no less -- man, what bad luck!
from starfishchik :
If you have a few days to spare while you are traveling you might want to try Amtrak instead of airlines. It's slower, but much more relaxing, none of that waiting around in security lines, etc. Choi
from drusilla21 :
hey could you please email that web address of the test you sometimes have on your diary pages, After you taken them?Thank you
from almostover :
boo! it's dyzturbedkytten from dj. I was snooping around your journal and found the link here. yeah.. i'm a dork. but anywho, i'm adding you here too. :P i'm sure you've had enough comments from me for one day
from shinebear16 :
Awwww!! You love me!!!=)tee hee...Thanks for adding me!<3~Katie
from ravynespeaks :
this is Ravyne..just wanted to let you know that I have added you to my buddy list, but I had to do it under this screen name because the one under Ravynemyst is full (for that matter, now this one is full were the last buddy I could add! LOL)
from wigmo :
i can't believe you signed my guestbook in class because i'm sitting here doing the same thing. and you haven't won, i'm just practicing patience.
from wigmo :
i mean use the money, not medicine. i'm sick :(
from wigmo :
dammit! you won't win. i'm sad to say that i actually must use this medicine, but for cold medicine. but dammit you won't win!
from drusilla21 :
hey babe iam in 5th per. Um i want to know if your geting these so would you send me on or tell me. Babe i do still love you and iam trying to be here for you but you brush me off like a fly. Well sexy i miss you and i but i know it will never be like that again i messed it up. Well iam going to go ok i love you with all my heart. bye Kimberly(dru)
from drusilla21 :
Hey babe its me well you should be home some time soon. I miss you was wondering why you didn't call me after the part on sunday. Well you were eather to busy or dad found out oh many min's you used. Um on Hotmail Katie emiled you i opend it so i could tell you what it said but you never called so iam sorry but i love you. lol Well i hope to here from you soon love ya bye sexy

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