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from mindfluff :
Did you have any problem with switching between boob and bottle? I'm worried that if we start using the bottle too much we will create more problems with the boob. I can't believe what a nightmare this is...I never even considered that it would be difficult before we started!!
from allthingspj :
Another reason for me to move to Australia! The reasons just keep piling up. I could babysit. Except for that ONE TIME when I dropped Sherry's baby on her head, I'm a really good babysitter!! *blush* But I know why you're mama doesn't mind babysitting. When you love a kid like that it really doesn't seem as much like work. It really doesn't. And I'm glad you are working things out with "boy". What an appropriate nickname for him, by the way. "Man" is just way out of his league. lol (I'm still a little resentful of the way he's been treating you and some of things he's said, but I'll get over it. lol) LOVE YOU! *cuddles and smooches*
from legolass :
hello, hope you're not weirded out by the idea of a stranger reading your diary, if you are just say the word and i'll stop (i was initially drawn in by your pretty layout!). anyway just wanted to say that i think you're a very brave person going through pregnancy and childbirth all by yourself (yes i know you didn't have much option but still) and that i think you are perfectly within your rights to feel.. shall we say pissed off with your boyfriends family, if as you say they showed no interest or support up until now. it's all very well showing up once one of the hardest parts is over! anyway well done for deciding to live your life for you (and babe), thats the way it should be anyway!! i'll keep reading if thats ok. xx
from allthingspj :
The new bed is absolutely fabulous! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! :)
from hissings :
username: wannabe password: sedated heart, the bastard demon-child of Joni mitchell and Kurt Cobain
from poolagirl :
OMG! Thanks for the link! You rock!
from mindfluff :
a c-section is tempting but i have a wedding to go to about 3 weeks after my due date (it's my sister-in-law and we are very close) and while it's probably going to be a nightmare either way i think it would be easier to go if i've had a "normal" birth :)
from allthingspj :
How about looking for a Mommy's night out group. They have one at the UU church in Lexington. I don't know if you have UU churches in Australia, but the are great for us non-traditional religion types. And the Mommy's night out thing is cool cause all the mommy's take turns watching a group of kids so the other mommy's can go out to a movie or have a couple drinks and hang out and talk. And then the next week the mommys who baby sat last week get to go and other mommys baby sit so that everybody gets to go out like 3 times a month. Its really cool. It may be worth it to find something like that. ;) Do you even read these notes? lol I hope to chat with you soon. I LOVE YOU.
from poolagirl :
I read some of your diary, and it sounds like you are going through some really rough times. You have a beautiful daughter, but doing everything on your own cannot be easy. I wish you the best as things sift out and sort out for you. Keep looking for friends and support. They are out there. I am very flattered that you visited my diary and made me a fave. More later. Blessings.
from euphorically :
Wonderful! Would you move to a new place all together? Are you still at the chemist?

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