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from dulligirl :
The quote you have on your profile is the only thing I've ever highlighted from a book that I was just reading for pleasure. Damn. Now what's this about joining?
from cottonblossm :
Sure, I'd love to join. Just tell me how. :)
from candoor :
I have no idea what thesprak is, actually, but elli is a genius :)
from betholindo :
Thank you for your offer, but I'm not really an assigned essay topic kind of girl. My online diary is just a travel log, not a place for my innermost thoughts. I'm flattered and honored and wish you the best of luck; it seems you've put a lot of work into your site.
from ouvrelesyeux :
Hi, read your note just now. Thanks. What is your diary community about? and where do I join?
from cottonblossm :
Why have you chosen me? :)
from kalifornier :
thanks. appreciate the comment.
from adoptme :
Thank you for the invitation! How do I join and what am I joining?
from suprgoddess :
i'd be soooo honored! wow! this is so great! :D
from jeszika330 :
sure i'll join what do i do?
from foolosophy :
elo elo, thank you for the offer, not sure what id have to do though! but yeah id love to join the ring :) cheers, Stu
from reflective1 :
Thanks for the invitation, I've looked a bit at your site. Just let me know where to sign up :)
from kawaii-pay :
I'd love to join, but I want you to know I'm limited currently to Internet access. I only get to go to Library to add entries and do what's needed.
from minstrelite :
I'd be happy to join the ring, but I'm going to have to wait until my computer gets here. I'm in a new town with a new job as you might know, and I only have limited Internet access at libraries and cyber cafes, which I must budget carefully, as most of my work is done online. I'll note you again once I'm all set up. Thanks!
from gerg69 :
What kind of diary community do you run that you would like me to join? I'll poke around your sigh and see if I can find anything on my own. Thanks for the invite.
from shygrl21 :
Got your note. And sure, I'd like to join the ring. I added a link on my site to thespark. I take it that's all I have to do? Let me know. And thanks.
from tothefloor :
hi, you posted a note for me and i sent an e-mailing thanking you and asking what you'd like to do to follow up, but i see some comments here in your note section that your e-mail might not be working, so i thought i'd leave a note here as well! thanks for your interest.
from uknowhatodo :
hey its me again... i was wondering if you could possibly make me another template? no rush, if you dont have time rite now, dont worry about it. but when you do it, i want it to have the words "well i guess this is growing up." and a pic of a guy in skater clothes (preferably w. a hat...) pretty simple, maybe with a black background and aqua wording... thanks again!
from steal--away :
hey there! well i guess if you could tell them about it, [& i, the same at steal--away] & then they moreless are "approved". I just dont want wannabes, you know? sure an exchange would be neat! anything, really. I will add your link. Thankyou!
from blackmartha :
hey molzo! i wanted to say thx for changin my link on here. i meant to email u back and ask you to put it on but i got lazy. anyway, ill add thespark on to my links page too!
from bttrflychic :
I'm having trouble logging in to thespark to post an entry. Could you resend the password? thanks, Michelle send to: [email protected]
from suggest :
I wanted you to know I suggested this as a great diary:)
from beagle47 :
hello. thank you so much for the offer. i'd better not at this point because every day i think "okay, that's the last entry on d-land." i'd feel really bad if i violated your rules. i am really flattered though, and thank you very much for thinking of me. peace. (and i really mean that).
from uknowhatodo :
hey yah i would love if u would make me a hilary duff template! if possible, can u put some lyrics from so yesterday on it?
from uknowhatodo :
hey yah i would love if u would make me a hilary duff template! if possible, can u put some lyrics from so yesterday on it?
from non-descript :
Emails, guestbook inoperative. I have no idea what to do. *grin*
from melomane :
Your email isn't working so I'm posting here. Sure, sign me up!
from jonathan :
I couldn't get in touch via your email for some reason; I'd be delighted to join your ring - give me the details.
from wisdom4who :
I would happily join your ring. Does it come with medical and dental? Seriously, I'm overwhelmed that someone actually read my diary. Please send the information package or whatever I need to join the ring. Thanks again.
from minstrelite :
uninterested in diary rings in general at this time - thanks, though, for the invitation
from radiokat :
i would love to join up with your community! i tried to email you, but it was sent i'm leaving you a note! just let me know how to join up and what to do. [email protected] Thanks again for liking my diary!
from ihmx100 :
Here's a few bits of info about me. (If you need me to post this to the diary rather than here on the notes page, just let me know). I'm a 22 year old divorcee', psychology major, Italian, love cats and butterflies, love dead bodies (no I'm NOT a freak! I want to be a forensic profiler silly! ;-)) I suffer from a chronic disease and many mental disorders...but overall I would like to think I'm just the "girl next door".
from yvette18 :
hey molzo, I got the money order today, thank you very much. will pay you back very soon!
from prettykay :
hey i also need my secret santa's address too!!!
from mojo1915 :
Hello, I hope you had a fun and eventful Halloween. If not, I hope today will be a good day for you. -Jesse
from raresilk :
Hi. is freaking out...just letting Molzo know that her diary review is up at Raresilk.
from ohbollocks :
Hoorah for responsible parenting!
from roguedesigns :
Hi, I noticed the new site style, and although I'm under "rings" I'm not under the navigation bar for "designs" could you fix that for me? Thanks a bunch.
from reganesque :
Hey, does anyone have any tips on how to get more people to visit my diary? Thanks...
from yvette18 :
oh cool I really like the new layout. It's really good.
from yvette18 :
hey molly, just asking I did my entry to the white pages, but my name is not in the listed section. Do you put the link to my name up, or do I ?
from plaidallstar :
I'm partial to how the layout looked before. That's a hell of a lot of new pages that don't have many links on them. But it still works, so no worries.
from yvette18 :
yay the layout is nice. Cool idea to have the ring members in aphabetical order. But hey, my name is not on the list.
from yvette18 :
hey there, got your email sent to [email protected] responding. I'm going to visit your diary soon M.
from brotherchaos :
Hey, anybody who has an Exploding Dog picture on their webpage is a friend of mine. Count me in. K
from sassytoez :
Hey there! I really like ur diary..totally cool! Check mine out
from squirrelx :
Just so you know --- I did receive your e-mail sent to [email protected] and I'll be respondin' to it forthwith. Warmest regards, Xtine
from the-spark :
Ummmmm....just wanted to let you know that I have a diary of weekly writing exercises on here also called "the-spark". Weird. Been running mine under another name (mixup) since July of 2002...just recently set it up under the new name, based on the title of one of my books. Any thoughts?
from bonitababy :
Alright. First off--like your diary. makes me laugh. Keep up the good work. Hey, by the way, that valentines idea is sounding more appealing by the second, but thats just me. Liz
from superniguer :
welcome to supernigger
from trendygirlie : the fire is sparking out of your is the very first time i ever visited your diary and i admit it was quite an experience...a sparking one...well, you gained a fun on the other side of the here, belonging nowhere...trendygirlie*

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