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from dinosaurorgy :
Aw, *sigh*.. no updates!
from vintagepearl :
Certainly! Username: vintage Pass: pearl . Sorry for the late reply, life has been kicking my ass lately. In a good way of course, I've been enjoying myself for the most part. I've just been busy. Anyways....
from photo-love :
i find it fascinating that you live in the UK. I dream about picking up and leaving to go to Europe. hopefully in a year. not sure i can handle it though.
from gothique :
I'm sorry about your little Ernest! Losing apet is so awful - in many ways it's a lot like losing a child. Also, I'm SO sorry about the Harry comment. It honestly looked like a photoshop job to me because the muscles in the legs don't seem to match the muscles in the arms. I figured someone had added the lower half on. Turns out it's real and he's appearing in a nude play. I must say...Harry's impressive.
from dinosaurorgy :
I tend to be the person who loses money that other people find.. it's nice to be on the other end of that stick for once.
from gothique :
I think your innocence (and Harry's) are safe - that image is an obvious photoshop job - look at the difference between the musculature of the lower and upper halves of his body. Looks like someone is really good with PS because you can't see the seam, just the muscle/size ratio mismatch. I hope your fish recovers - it's awful to lose a pet. :o(
from cardiogirl :
Well, well, aren't you interesting. Can't wait to hear more about the fish, did he make it?
from dinosaurorgy :
I'm another banner-glued victim; I think I can sympathize a fair bit with your first entry.
from pink-circle :
Your photos are interesting.
from grt8f84me :
Hey, your banner worked, and you drew me in. Welcome back to the spot. Hope you don't mind if I peek in every once in a while. Take care. ;)

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