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from poolagirl :
Check your email!
from chaosdaily :
happy birthday!!
from reese219 :
my email is [email protected] shoot me an email and I'll send you my
from reese219 :
Hey! Well, it is costing me $130 a visit. So with up to 6-8 visits that rounds out to be bout $650 total. She is also giving me one free visit. It's pricey, but if you think about the time , money , energy you spend on plucking, waxing or razors it evens out. And then you won't have to deal with it again...EVER!
from bindyree :
Just a quick note to say Happy New Year! I'm glad you're on my Buddy List. ♥
from doommuffin :
Thanks for your thoughts and prayers =)
from chakra-chick :
Hi sweetie! Could you kindly supply me with the necessary passwords and such so I may read it too?
from normaltoilet :
glad to have you! (I borrowed the template idea from some site i found online and then tweaked it a little) :) NT
from goingloopy :
Thanks for adding me! :)
from chakra-chick :
That was a cool idea! Here are my guesses: 1) ____ 2) Star wars 3) office Space 4) Mallrats 5) Finding Neverland 6) Fight Club 7) Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind 8) Big Daddy 9) Chicago 10) Titanic
from bindyree :
I just had to drop you a note and say thank you SO VERY MUCH for your timely and sweet comment. People like you are my shining lights!
from chakra-chick :
That is such a sweet entry! Kailee is gorgeous! I hope to be such a fantastic mom like you one day. Have a lovely weekend dear. ~smooches~ Faz
from chakra-chick :
I'm so sorry that happened to you sweetie! I can definately relate- I'm always being let down by people who are supposed to be 'friends'. You are better off without them (in my opinion). With all the stress and frustration of normal, basic life, you certainly don't need people like that to make it even worse. Feel better dear! ~smooches~
from poolagirl :
Thank you so much for making me a fave! I am honored! I've working my way through your entries, and you've got some spunk! Sorry about your headache. Hope you feel better soon.
from chakra-chick :
Hi sweetie! Sorry for being a stranger, but my internet is a bit funny of late. OMG! I'm so frikkin excited for you about Italy!!! Great, so now at least I'll have someone to stay with when I go to Italy for holiday ;-) Hope you have a fantastic weekend dear. ~smooches~
from krazieespy :
OMG I just now realized you live in Mountain Home Idaho.. HOLY SHIT. I lived there with my ex boyfriend.. He is in the air force there... WOW SMALL WORLD. I loved Mountain Home. I just had to write about that.. Crazyness.
from chakra-chick :
Yeah..we do have plenty in common! I just checked out your '100 facts' page again and came across a few more similarities. Did you read my 'bits and pieces about me' page - maybe you will find some more things we have in common! Ah - I see you are a John Grisham fan as well... Have a fantastic weekend dear! Faz ~smooches~
from kilowatt :
I am so pleased that you took the time to pause upon my doorstep and delicately place upon it, a lovely little gift from you. A gracious compliment concerning my painting. The act of reading your expressed sentiment was a most decadent treat that shall be the dessert to my day. I thank you immensely for your lovely words.
from thirdeye7601 :
ATTENTION TO ALL MY GREAT READERS! I appreciate everyone that leaves me feedback and notes here at diaryland. However, I have a comment box that is located at the bottom of every entry. Please use that for comments as I can tell very easily when someone leaves me a note and I check it daily. I will respond to your comments more quicly this way rather than on the Diaryland website. So, check at the bottom of each entry for my comments link! Thanks to everyone that reads and leaves me feedback, your feedback is so greatly appreciated! :)
from theyknew :
enjoy your words......... hang in there. nEo
from supermom3604 :
My ex-landlord refused to give me back my security deposit because she claimed she had to repair 25 holes in the walls. There was one. From hanging a picture. Not from a fist or anything. Then she told us she had to have the carpet cleaned, which was fine except that we'd done that, twice, before we moved out. Complete and total crap. I hate renting.
from sixthsiren :
Hey, thanks for the message, and the well-wishing. (; I know it's not too bad, but hey, like you said, you've been there too, so I guess you'd sort of understand where I'm coming from and the way (occasionally irrational...) teenage girl's mind works, huh?
from sixthsiren :
PS: Tool and APC rule. (:
from sixthsiren :
Thanks for the note, and thanks for adding me! (; I ask you, is there anyone who DOESN'T like Reese Puffs? They must put crack in 'em or something, either way, they're fucking delicious. I still haven't gotten my hands on any, by the way.... muy disappointing. Sigh. Anyway, see you in Norway... hehe.
from hamiltonian :
�The tragedy isn�t that Bush, the Guardsman, may have avoided Vietnam. The tragedy is that Bush, the president, has sent more than 1,000 Americans to their deaths in Iraq.�--Libertarian Party Chairman Michael Dixon
from hamiltonian :
Thanks I will keep reading your journal.I like it quite a bit! I don't hate bush but the guy is *evil*. I wont give into hate. I jut try and set the record straight. if Kerry or any politician does something wrong they should be held accountable. So many times in american society things are swept under the rug and we are all corrupted by it. George Bush is a symbol of american corruption now world wide. The king/dictator must be dethroned, as he does not act like any US President. America is a country that is a Democratic republic with checks and balnaces. He is destroying that system, all the while milking it from lobbysists, who now write the laws. We are america and it doesnt start at the White House. Here we are all equal. Check out Nat hentoffs book:
from toolbox-42 :
Hey, thanks for the notes. Glad to hear someone appreciates all the useless stuff I post in my spare time! Tool is the ultimate band, I'm amazed at the number of fans on this site. They must be a lot bigger in the states than here in Canada, I know very few people who are as fanatical as I am. I enjoyed reading your latest entry, keep it up!
from sweetone03 :
Thanks for joining my Tool diary ring

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