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from sunstargirl :
I'm glad to hear it!
from sunstargirl :
hey you're back! I hope you stick around longer this time. It was good to read the end of the story with Angel chick.
from sammygrl43 :
heyyyyyyy its sammy i used to watch it too. Yeah they were in the scooby doo movies too. U r a fan of the cartoon right? I think it's intresting to learn about these fun facts.
from sammygrl43 :
heyyyyyyyyyyy i was just stopping by your profile an di love josie and the pussycats movie too. I love the song pretend to be nice and you don't see me and my favorite characters is mostly the pussycat trio. Anyways, Tara Reid is a relally good actress. Too bad she's not in any recent movies and i was wonderin does anybody knew that Josie and the pussycats was a comic, a archie comic made by Dan DeCarlo and then was a cartoon made by Hanna_Barbera in the 1970s and there were featured in a scooby doo movie once. Just thought u would like that fun fact. Write back soons.
from sunstargirl :
You're theme song finally came to me. Now you have one on my profile. Cheers.
from tiaris :
Hi! Clicked through from a banner and started reading. Please don't mind me while I poke around your cabinets and raise the hit count.
from sunstargirl :
I'm sorry to hear about your friend. :(
from sunstargirl :
You mean fairies and elves aren't real?!?! *SHOCK* You've shattered my whole world, Trapezoid, shattered. I have nothing to believe in now. I'm so disillusioned. How can I go on living knowing that fairies and elves are just mythical creatures created by man? What kind of harsh world would that be? Next you'll be posting that unicorns are really just early explorers first descriptions of the rhinoceros, and that leprechauns don't really steal babies in the middle of the night. Oh Brave New World, that has such people in it!
from sunstargirl :
Man! I feel for you. This is a tough spot to be in. I've been in your situation before and it was horrible. I want to tell you that you are doing the right thing by ending it with her now though. This kind of religious difference will not work in the long term, as you are already seeing because it's not even working for a month between you two. I find it interesting that she asked you if you've ever broken up with someone for religious differences before because, at least from the way you write it, it seems like SHE is the one who has religion issues with YOU, not the other way around. Who keeps bringing it up? It sounds like she keeps bringing it up - so SHE'S the one who can't handle the religious difference. I like that you called her on her "pot calling the kettle black" bit even though she hung up on you because of it - at least she got a taste of her own medicine. It's all good and well to try to be open-minded with religion, but when it comes right down to it, people need to date others with similar ideologies if they want a serious relationship to work out in the long-term. I think religious compatability is very important in a relationship because you need be on the same page about what beliefs and traditions you want to teach your kids, etc. Religion is in many ways a philosophy, especially an atheistic religion like Satanism. If you don't share a similar life philosophy with your partner, then it makes it very hard to see eye to eye on a huge range of issues expanding way beyond just religion itself because you interpret your reality/world in completely different ways. It makes communication very difficult if you see the world in a different way, and as we all know, communication is the key to a successful relationship. I dated a guy who was a devote Baptist once, my god how we would fight! I eventually ended things with him because while I could accept that he was a Christian, he could not accept that I wasn't, and he made me feel horrible about it all the time. He wanted to change my beliefs, telling me that I was going to go to Hell if I didn't accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior. He just couldn't let it go and our relationship became increasingly emotionally abusive for me. I learned from that experience that I cannot date Christians. We just have too many differences in the way we perceive reality. Right now I am dating an Agnostic. Our religious beliefs are similar enough that we are compatible on a daily basis. We can find an easier compromise on how we would raise our future children than I could have found with the Bapist guy because we think enough alike that our world views would blend smoothly. However, even my current boyfriend and I go at it sometimes and it reminds us that Agnosticism is still different from Atheism - he thinks I'm closeminded and I think he's indecisive, hahaha. I'm not saying that you should only date Satanists, but I do think that people who believe in a "higher power" are bad choices in compatability for you since your beliefs are that you are your own god and you control your own fate/destiny. Finding people who have a similar philosophy to those core ideas will be healthier and last longer - like Animism, Atheism, and Agnosticism. People who are already meeting you halfway in their worldviews will be more open to listening to and respecting yours. This Angel, love her as you do, is not open to listening to or respecting your reality. She immediately shuts down all open communication about it. Where there is no communication, no dialog, there is no relationship.
from sunstargirl :
heh, yeah the comment about Atheism being more cost-effective was just a little joke. (Don't worry, I am the only one who finds myself funny). I understand your Pink Floyd analogy perfectly - interesting that you chose Pink Floyd of all bands because they are my number 1 most favoritest band ever. I'm sorry that things are not working out between you and your girl. It sounds like you guys have an amazingly intense connection on the one hand, but irreconcilable differences about fundamental beliefs on the other. I can only imagine how confusing and frustrating these bipolar weekends must be. One way or another, I hope you find a more permanent happiness soon.
from trapezoid :
<i>I posted this to sunstargirl's notes, when I should have just posted it here. Oh well, here's a copy of I said:</i> ..... Sure, feel free to add me. As for MENSA, it's hit or miss depending on what region you live in. Some city's local groups will have people who are fun to be with, others will have a group dominated by snobs. The national benefits are there though. Regarding the membership fee for the COS, that shouldn't discourage you into looking into the religion itself. To me that would be like saying "Well the official Pink Floyd fan club wants $20 a year for membership, so I won't bother listening to their music." Obviously to be a fan of a rock band you don't have to join their official fan club; you just have to like their music. The club would be there for those who might additionally want to get or contribute more, network with other Pink Floyd fans, to be a central source to clear up band-related rumors, etc. Hopefully you see the analogy. Speaking as a COS member myself, the one-time lifetime membership fee I paid years and years ago has brought me a hell of a lot more than "just a card"! We're not for everybody and we don't proselytize, but for those who like what they see (and aren't trouble-makers) the door is open.
from sunstargirl :
oh my, I left you that note a little while ago now. I have to catch up on what has happened since the police escapade with the girly. You are kind of interesting. I've never come into contact with a Satanist before. Mind if I add you? A fairly recent online test reported back that I was 90% Satanist, which I found interesting having been raised Atheist. Sadly for my father, I came out only 85% Atheist on the test. Well, he tried his best. I looked up the Church of Satan after that because it said that, "Satanism generally focuses upon the spiritual advancement of the self, rather than upon submission to a deity or a set of moral codes. Your beliefs may also resemble those of earth-based religions such as paganism," all of which sounds right up my alley, but they wanted $100 membership fee for a little red card so I decided that sticking with Atheism was more cost-effective. I also thought about joining Mensa for the tax breaks, but the annual fees sort of counteract the novelty of the tax breaks. Do you go to the Mensa meetings in your area? What are they like? Do you guys have chess tournaments?
from sunstargirl :
After all that, she never even apologized to you? She just thanked you for driving 6 hours in the middle of the night? Man, if I made my boyfriend feel bad, picking fights with him about not getting hard (which is not something a guy can help) and religious differences, and then it blowing up to the point where he made a long trek just to make sure I was okay, I would be apologizing left and right to him. That's terrible what she did to you. Look, I'm sure you're very much in love with her, but beware the woman who is careless with a man's feelings and never apologizes for it.
from trapezoid :
THAT was the name, "Chubby Hubby". I couldn't remember it. Thanks. For the message and for checking out my diary in the first place.
from pharie :
oddly enough as i was reading your candy bar story... i hit the pretzles part and thought of "chubby hubby" then you mentioned it... i worked at ben and jerrys for 4 years (sadly) and i looooved that... chubby hubby= vanilla malt ice cream with peaunut butter and fudge swirls and peatnut butter filled chocolate covered pretzles. it shouldnt work but it just does. and its addictive too...
from trapezoid :
Omri! Thanks for checking out my diary. I own a number of devil duckies, and even own the devil duckie shower curtain. Can't wait til the new Residents album comes out in March.
from omri :
I also just realized after I left you that first note that you have me on your favorites list. What is WRONG with you? (I love you.)
from omri :
Hey, your banner ad has The Residents and a Devil duck on it. That caught my attention. You Masshole.
from sigh-co :
I got drunk/started drinking for the first time this year (after 2 substance-free years of college) and I think I initially felt the same way you do- 'this stuff tastes like shit, why should I drink it?' And then I found Hard Mike's Lemonade. It doesn't TASTE like alcohol, but after 5 of them you are falling over, and then beer doesn't taste so bad. And stubbing your toe doesn't hurt so much. And everything is funny, and everyone is much better looking than they were earlier in the evening. Now, drinking in excess is not a good idea, but I would hate to have died never knowing what it was like to be wasted off my ass. You might want to try it once, with some friends, just for the experience. By the by, I love your diary!
from bipolarbia :
Hilarious. Terrible, but Hilarious.
from painguin14 :
Well, i have nothing more to say than that I absolutly loved this entry. you rock.
from hibervamp :
well one thing i like about you is we both have a love for the undead it seemz who could resites nightbreed!well wb
from bionicgurl :
from bionicgurl :
p.s. about mr.big. ahem. i (secret ok?) had the biggest crush on the lead singer in that video?? to be with you? don't tell anyone. ok.
from bionicgurl :
i was awake and llistening to cbc radio when the bews about the fire broke out and the reporters were live. i'm sorry you lost your hang out,that's totally crazy news, going out to see live shows is what i'm doing if i'm out of the house, the same for all of my friends. fuck. i hope your friends are all accounted for.
from trapezoid :
Stay tuned, bionicgurl. I'm going to eventually write an entire entry to answer your question. Just don't expect anything pretty.
from bionicgurl :
i almost don't want to leave this note seeing as i'm also the next note down. i'm glad you still have your jacket. i wish i still had mine. i once passed out near the camp fire and not only melted the soles of my docs but burnt the shoulder of my jacket. it was toasted. i saved it my hope chest and 6 year later when i return back east to move my stuff i was told that my jacket was thrown away. i wanted to use it again, make a bag or something. gr. are you serious about Mr.Big? you can't be. are you?
from bionicgurl :
ha! that's an awesome story, i went through somehing like that with my killers t shirt in grade 8. my dad wouldn't let me wear it infront of my little brother and the school even called my parents in to discuss the path i was taking, so away went all of my heavy metal EVERYTHING. such sadness.
from heidiann :
Hi I stumbled across you diary a few days back and just wanted to be a good guest and say hi. So hi! I've read all your entries and enjoyed them quite a bit. I'll definitely be back for more. =)
from hemopoetic :
found your diary by pure fucking around. "trapezoid" was the name i wanted when i first decided to sign up for diaryland so i just typed that in for fun and ended up here. i see we both share a certain favorite diary...
from peterbazooka :
Nice to see somebody different and blissfully beyond teenage years on D-Land. Not that I scorn younger brethren, but it is nice to have adults or psuedo-adults like myself doing the narcissistic online diary thing. Also, I commend you on a completely original and thorough list of personal interests
from peth :
sexy satan!
from scanzilla :
I too am 27, live in Ma., a guy, play rock & roll, and love older heavy metal. I wonder if we might know each other. The band I'm in now (I'm a guitarist) spend most of our time making fun of each other. It's always a good time. Take care. :)
from orchdreamer :
LOVE the banner. ::smiles and laughs loudly::
from shawster :
cat cat
from shlippy :
I agree that trapezoid is a great name, and I also greatly enjoyed what I've read of your diary...especially the 'signs you're in your 20's' list.
from fetishfire :
I just HAD to leave you a message. I just found the guy's diary ring and I wanted to find a few fellas. =) so hi! stop by sometime!!
from thisisjohn :
interesting you are.
from asteroidbelt :
trapezoid is such a good name.
from bebelua :
hey. just stopped by and read you. hope you keep writing. :)

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