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from jenistar2 :
Are you still out there somewhere? Jenistar AT gmail dot com
from fadein :
from blistery :
hi... i used to read religiously and write myself. this place is barren. came across an old fave to find it locked. just curious if you're still writing? [email protected] - pretty please? thanks! :)
from acornotravez :
May I have a password? acornotravez at hot male dot com. Thanx. Live long and prosper.
from daringtobe :
you don't know who I am but can I read your diary? if so please email me at [email protected]
from awittykitty :
I'm not sure if I qualify for entry into the secret tv zero club, but if I do, can you please send me the password at [email protected]. Thanks.
from banefulvenus :
: )
from banefulvenus :
it's about time...
from jenistar2 :
hey--get off your California butt and let us all know how you're doign. And email me your current address, because I just found something I've had forever to send to you and it got lost in the move and just recently unearthed. Oh, and I'm moving--new url is Hope you'll follow along!
from awittykitty :
You were the first person I ever added to my favorites when I came to d'land a year and a half ago. I really miss your writing, Jon. Any chance of starting up again? Or if you're writing somewhere else, giving us a forwarding address. Thanks. sincerely, wit
from acornotravez :
You haven't updated in a while, I've noticed. Are you OK?
from blulinepaper :
Dude. You met Joss. And Chris Claremont. I am in freaking awe. Good luck with the funny books, sir!
from cornnugget :
OMG, didn't you know that all requests go through the janitor that cleans the shitter? Could have saved you a lot of time there! "Thusly"...what a great word.
from craptacular :
i enjoy reading your diary. i think my favorite entry is your very first one. do you ever think about tara still? and did you ever call the woman from days of our lives or did you just revel in the fact that you received her number?
from cornnugget :
That is some serious lactose intolerance you have going on there.
from banefulvenus :
from cornnugget :
Next time, wake ButtMonkey up at the crack of dawn with a nice little phone call, you didn't shut the phone off did you? :)
from survivorguru :
Degrassi: The Next Generation is an awesome show. I love it almost as much as my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. Ok bad example. I love it though! Its on the cable network The-N/Noggin, which is owned by Nickelodeon.
from taik :
In reference to the entry about a conversation involving 17 year olds...we greatfully don't all sound like that.
from ventingarena :
You're cracking me up and have become a staple read! I falling apart about the nanny business. Give the girls a run for the money ... they'll love you for it later.
from psychobilly :
i think i love you
from banefulvenus :
Ello... I read your site on a regular basis, you never fail to amaze me. Keep writing! ;)
from psychobilly :
from banefulvenus :
I'm sure that the reunion show for the Dawson's River Kids will be just as juicy... I still love reading what you write. It gives me something to relate to.
from cutie1083 :
Happy Holidays!
from banefulvenus :
I loved the story about sledding in the snow.... My parents told a similar one about me, but I don't recall many details myself. It took place nearly 22 years ago, I was in Indianna, and I was only 3.
from banefulvenus :
yes, I would call it a religous experience.... I've been seeing a lot of crap like that happen lately(Not exactly with magazines, but with experiences in general)...
from godmoney :
all right. ur r redeemed 4 liking a non-band (ozma) w/Hole + Fleetwood Mac. what was a like? SFIJ is up there on my albums list. she's such a girl, u kno? i too have a copy of CITR tucked away in my pocket but no people-hunting hat nor intention of assasinating public icons.
from banefulvenus :
Wow, it's been a while since I've read your stuff but I wanted to take the time out to remind you how damn amazing you are! I just got done reading the post you had about defacing property, and the value of a witty, valid, argument. I laughed my ass off... Your stories rock!
from tokyo4u :
Heyo tvzero guy, you sound a lot like myself-although I am a girl-odd. Anyways for some reason I found your diary..check out mine-http://tokyo4u.diaryland later p.s. Simpsons action figures rock
from onewetleg :
i get the feeling that mr. tvzero doesn't read his messages. or maybe just doesn't answer them, but thank you for the very touching entry about your last days at work. i could really relate to what you said. this entry brought back alot of strong feelings for me and a couple or tears to my eyes. sorry to bother. love, jj
from funda :
your specific page links are not working, but you are still deeply amusing to read...
from mroutt :
All day at work I thought about this note you are about to read. I sang songs in my head and put together my choices, so now it is your turn. ONly one answer per question and please give song title and and band name. Reply in my notes, or on your diary. 1 Favorite song ever: 2 Favorite Love Song: 3 Favorite Angry song: 4 Favorite song to make love to: 5 Favorite Happy Song: 6 Favorite Sad Song: 7 Favorite Song That Fits You Personally: 8 Favorite Kiss Song (Tony is the only one able to use Rock and roll all night, so you better thing of another song): 9 Favorite Aerosmith Song: 10 Favorite Band: 11 Favorite Music Style: 12 Favorite Boy Band Song: 13 Favorite Opening Song to a cd: 14 Favorite Closing Song to a cd: 15 Favorite Song to relax to:
from taik :
Greetings, I enjoyed taking the chance to read a new diary (by way of a banner of course...and seeing the amount of entries...not so new) hmm, anyway in both long and short I enjoyed the entries I read from your diary.
from kellybutton :
I'd say something really lame, like "DOOD I LIKE YER BANNER DOOD" but I'm an English major, and as such I'm supposed to type something incredibly long-winded about nothing in particular when in fact all I want to say is that I enjoy your diary, and I think perhaps you are one of the most intelligent people I have ever read. ...That still reads like I'm a hick from Iowa, which is in fact the truth, so nevertheless, I have failed in my endeavor of trying to sound more intelligent than I actually am. Yes.
from dont-stop :
Those look like some damn sexy feet.
from slorobot :
i stumbled upon your diary (actually i clicked on one of those banners). you're a very good writer. i live in the "big O" & like to write short stories...and i hope to make short films here soon. anyways, best of luck in your present/future endeavours! take it easy, travis
from life-like :
i grew up in so cal and then made the move to the midwest a few years ago. [and you're right about so cal being the denny's of the world; i wasn't born there so it must be true.] i can tell you how the midwest feels about california... they call your beloved state "commie-fornia." another favorite quote is "only in california" which is usually accompanied with a smirk and a know-it-all raised eyebrow. los angeles will suck the life out of you faster than the la brea tar pits can sink a wooly mammoth.
from darkfairy13 :
damn I actually hate my freckles to death, yes the gap can be...............*bleah*
from darkfairy13 :
Cool diary, how many hours of tv do you watch? (It would make me feel better if it was more then the 7 hours I watch on weekdays, all night on weekends)
from ris-que :
Love your style. I have no style... but at the moment I have some hilarious material which I've just posted. Come see it before I take it down out of fear of being disinherited!!!
from cordeliameg :
Honey, if you have an in with Larry Lau, you BETTER let me know. I love that guy. The people at OLTL are asses for letting him go. His "ghost" scenes were pretty freakin scary though! Email me so we can dish more dirt.
from peteandray :
Put a can on it, mister: YOU GO TOO FAR. I see you eyeballing my vodka. THINK AGAIN.
from honestyonly :
stupid gbook won't let me sign twice in a row. so anyway, here's what i was going to say. oh yeah, and sorry about your finger. if i was there i'd kiss it and make it all better.
from twitchygeek :
i'm with you on the kangaroo jack thing. worse than that damn gecko selling car insurance... *narrows eyes*
from dcalien :
I couldn't leave a note in your gb for some reason. I like the idea of living back in the fifties again. I would want a computer, and a microwave, and cell phone, and hehe ok I am staying here. My time machine is in for maintenance anyway.
from miss-edith :
I DID add you as a favorite, but weird things are going on with my list. Like, it lists two of everyone and some people are missing and some people are only listed once. I really don't get it and keep waiting for it to correct itself. I guess I shoule send an email or something. . . Anyway, your name is easy to remember, so even if I can't get you to show up on my list I will be by.
from miss-edith :
I DID add you as a favorite, but weird things are going on with my list. Like, it lists two of everyone and some people are missing and some people are only listed once. I really don't get it and keep waiting for it to correct itself. I guess I shoule send an email or something. . . Anyway, your name is easy to remember, so even if I can't get you to show up on my list I will be by.
from kbaa :
from cinerama :
Love your movie taste. Come visit me, I command you. We like you, hope you will like us!
from goldenshovel :
I don't know about this fight you are having. That other guy sounds like a nympho. I have to sympathize with his addiction.
from goldenshovel :
You have a fun life. Can I borrow it for a while?
from dcalien :
High school sucks was great. I love your writing, and your fonts, and your diary, did I mention I love your writing? Drop by, say hi.
from sickofiodine :
i have freckles.
from toothbrush :
Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I just read your new description of my diary and that's hilarious. I don't know if maybe I should be insulted that you compared my life to Degrassi, but then again, it is Canadian and totally cheesey so I guess that's ok. WKRP, though! I am very touched. And is it a co-incidence that you happened to choose two shows that haven't been on the air in at least a decade since that's how long it's been since I've watched TV? You rule, Jonathan.
from janna182 :
What's funny is that I've not seen either of those movies.
from mandypandy83 :
You've been nominated!
from starsurfer :
I was going to leave another mark on your gbook but alas - 'tis not working. ETCETERA! Um, is southern California dulling you like it is me? I need to drive my car somewhere new to hang with someone new and do something new. NEW!
from jujitsulady :
hot damn I like your diary! and I completely agree about more movies needing Julianne Moore... I would "turn" for her (not that I usually need much encouragement to bat for both teams anyway). Yup. Anyway, I just wanted to say how much i enjoy your musings.
from unadopechica :
I saw your answers to the 'Date a Diarist" questionaire. I tend to agree - a quiet bar with a pool table is much more enjoyable than a club. Just a fellow Hell-A dweller, wanted to say hi.
from erato :
Thank you for filling out the survey. I hope you enjoyed answering the questions as much as I enjoyed writing them. Check my diary for the contest stats.
from nekono :
Hi, I'm an ex-con.
from pearljamie :
I just wrote you a totally brilliant note and diaryland decided to go down. Here it is in a nutshell, me likey.
from girl-unknown :
You've got a new fan. (just thought I would let you know) Reading your entries truely makes the time worthwhile. I mean, most people let their lives continue with being as boring as they REALLY are by writing about the boring lives that they have. So, have a good day knowing that a new found fan has thought your entries to be worth her time.
from namelessgirl :
"what are you talking about?" "Shoppin'. what are you talking about?" "football." sorry, i love that line from trainspotting. thought you would appreciate it. hmmm its not everyday you find a person that likes tori amos AND weezer.
from tv-dinners :
ah, dreams. who'd rather read about *laundry*?
from machewlotan :
Hey man, nice stuff going on, but you've got quite the back catalogue to check out.
from testdummy :
Hey, nice diary!
from groundhogday :
musk oxen only breed in the wintertime
from groundhogday :
the eagle has landed
from groundhogday :
the fat man walks alone
from groundhogday :
from toothbrush :
My boyfriend just loves that Buffy the Vampire Slayer show.

I thought I should let you know.
from jonathan :
Video vernon reinstates. Blame it on Andrew. With enthusiasm I added fifty buddies but had no time to adminster their needs (or egos).
from toothbrush :
You're cheating.
from toothbrush :
I never thought I would actually go to the trouble of comparing, but another one did the magical thing today and I just thought you should know that we are neck-a-neck again SO THERE.
from toothbrush :
I miss you, Jack! I would call you right this moment, but it's 7:47am here which means it's 4:47am out there on the west coast, which would just be cruel. Good luck tomorrow. Or today. I'm thinking about you.
from fyrekrotch :
I am from Omaha. Went to Benson High School for four years. I don't live there anymore, but I do visit. Maybe I know you? As for the name, my step-father started calling me fire crotch a few years ago and it just kind of stuck. Not very many people in omaha called my fire least not often, but here it's really caught on.
from modernpsycho :
ah, yes. well thank you then.
from modernpsycho :
i'll be up all night wondering about what you mean...
from toothbrush :
69 people have tvzero listed as one of their favourites (favourites spelled with a U, you silly American).

Ha. Ha ha. Sixty-nine.
from smulie :
I needed to laugh today. Thanks!
from mel839 :
from toothbrush :
Holy fucking shit. I am so so sorry for the previous note. I don't even remember leaving it. It must have been Wednesday night, I guess. Oh, I'm so embarrassed. I came here to just leave you a note to say hi and whatever and then I see that and I'm like, "Who the fuck left such a retarded note?" and then I saw it was me and I'm like, "Oh. No." Could you delete it? Could you? I'm terribly fond of you though.

Hi, by the way.
from toothbrush :
ah yub joo an shtuff. i'm home an i'm drunk an i wanna talk to yooooou.

from agiel :
add to the kick-ass melodrama you've been working on. add to it or I'll lock you in my nonexistant basement until you submit and update.
from toothbrush :
The vast majority of your notes are from me (and a close second by my angelic twin, ammonite). Don't people realize that your notes are as yet an almost entirely untapped forum for them to praise you and shit like that?

By the way, from anyone else, I would have likely taken their head off for calling me cuteness. It still makes me wince a little bit, but then I think of who it's coming from and I'm like, aaaaah, ok.
from toothbrush :
Hmmm... yeah, that is pretty weird to have to discover your grandmother's porn. It's funny to think of your parents and other older relatives as being complex human beings that have sexual desires and shit like that.

Oh, and I meant to tell you: your Like A Virgin reference just killllllleeed me.

(I hope I didn't hurt you too much.)
from toothbrush :
The thing that gets me about the stars ** * * ** * * * * ** ** * * * ** * * ** ** ** * * is that they are so randomly placed.* * * * ** ** * * * ** * * ** I love that. ** ** * * * ** ** ** * * ** Ok, I'm going back to bed now.
from toothbrush :
Aaaaaaaaaw, po' zero! Well, I hope today is better for you. It must be! It's Friday.

Um, I didn't send you a drunken email by chance last night, did I? (Yeah, I think I did. Sorry.)
from ammonite :
ok, that was probably the best thing i've ever seen on television. i laughed, i cried, i pretty much peed my pants, and i give up - i'm hooked.
from toothbrush :
Aaaaaaw! I only meant the ho-bag thing in fun, dear Ammonite! You know I think you are the cat's meow! The bee's knees! I was merely making fun of Lipsy again which is what I do best. Maybe I should have just posted this in your notes instead of bothering my top-secret diaryland pretend fianc´┐Ż yet again. Sorry, dear!
from ammonite :
toothbrush, i'm not a ho bag. =[

i just. y'know. zero has enough problems without contageous fungal infections!

i actually have my computer hooked up to my stereo now so i'm going to go download travis tracks and find out if you are for reaaal yo. or um. some other pseudo-ghetto slang.

(what IS she talking about...)

from toothbrush :
Why, that skanky little ho-bag ammonite is spreading rumours about my Lipsy! Oh, wait. It's true. Nevermind.

By the way, zero, you're sooooo mean! But funny.
from ammonite :
dude, all i can say is this: the biological weapon of choice for this decade is neither smallpox NOR anthrax. yaeuuup.
from ammonite :
don't tell, but i heard that toothbrush's coworker has ringworm. (!!!!!)
from toothbrush :
I've never left you a note before. So here's one: I looooove Richard Linklater and Before Sunrise has got to be one of my most favourite movies ever. So now I have to see that movie you were just writing about. Crud, I forget the title of it already...
from pischina :
TVZero, I love you. That's all I have to say.
from agiel :
well, at least *I* like you. Doesn't that make you feel just sooo much better?
from wordwhore :
tell "jeremy" i said "thanks". he'll know what it means.
from ammonite :
dear mr zero, if drinking alone is a sign of genius, i am a SUPERGENIUS. your anti-hero, ammonite

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