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from jaysthoughts :
I've never met a single person who said "I hate drama" who meant it. Even your profile contradicts that statement. Come on, now. What would you do without it. ;)
from dangerspouse :
You want a guy who uses correct punctuation? You DO aim high! (Or is it, "You DO aim high."? Shoot. I'm probably off your list now.)
from be-naked :
how is charlotte handling things? she is such a sweet woman. i hope she's doing alright.
from jephque :
how about I cut you? you dirty slut.
from nellenerak :
I lovvvvvvvvvvve ryan adams. .I just saw him in concert in DC. AMAZING 4 hr concert. WHoohooooo!
from supernova412 :
Hey, Since you're obviously a Our Lady Peace fan, I thought I'd drop you a note and let you know that I just started the Official Our Lady Peace Fanlisting. If you wanna check it out and become an Official Fan the URL is TTYL -Mel PS. That's really cool that you play the guitar (or that you are learing) I've always wanted to learn, but I'm scared cause I know I'll suck. I guess you're supposed to suck when you're first starting out, but, bleh.

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