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from caged-freed :
Hey, this is just a note to let you know that I'm trying to resurrect C.A.G.E.D. - and I really hope you'll contribute. Check out the updated info, and take care!
from tenebrosity :
Hi, don't know if you can help but i was involved with TF until about 6 months ago when I suddenly couldn't access it anymore, I've jsut found it again via someone elses diary but it no longer accepts my user name! I really miss everyone at TF, do you know how I can get back on there? cheers xxx
from clitty :
from onelasttry :
Hi, It's Fate. I told you awhile ago I started a diary here to keep up on someone; now two of you)
from iamhubpluh :
If you are voting AGAINST Bush, check out he is for 100% EQUALITY right for the Gay/Lesbian community as well as for stoping the war in Iraq, and NOT sending more troops as Kerry is for (based on his debate answers). Vote your heart, not the less of two evils!
from miame :
Hi there! The questions are posted for this weeks anamiamonday....please visit us at! Have a great week!!!! Sandy
from miame :
Hi there! After a long absence I am going to start the anamiamonday diary/questions again and Rem is re-starting the message board. Just thought that I would let you know in case you are interested. :) Big Hugs! Sandy
from quiet-soma :
hi =) i'm kailani from tf, i hope you don't mind, i added you to my faves. xxx
from prosperpine :
Hi, I'm Joni from tf. Could I be added to the tf diaryring; I know the instructions said to leave a note their, but I couldn't find the thread it was refering to. Thanks.
from aorist :
from immolation :
from comfortm :
i had to lock my diary. heres the username:thiscantbe password:life please keep reading!
from musicus-deus :
73 is hell during rush hour on tues/thurs. I should know, i go to math on those days. i typically leave a full hour and a half ahead of time to get there on time.
from cyberstar :
Oops. I accidentally clicked the application button to the ring...I don't want to join the ring under this name (I'm celticshadow as well), please reject that application!
from celticshadow :
I just joined the TF ring....I'm smallsingularity on TF
from luxelady :
you have me listed as a favorite - i have locked my diary. email me at [email protected] if you want the password.
from amber-darko :
Hi! My name's Amber and I'm 23. I am writing a book about my personal account of self hate and self harm. I'd like to include some personal stories from different stages in healing, different sexes and different ages to show that no one is the same, but we all are hurting in ways that we are unable to convey. I do not intend on printing names, there is no length restriction and I will not censor. I have decided to also include poetry or just general opinions. Please email me if you are interested. [email protected]
from asper-gen :
I like what i'm seeing, if you don't mind i'll add you as a favourite. Nothing like more things to read while in the pursuit of procrastination...
from tokcocktok :
Hi there, I'm just randomly stopping by. Anyways, happy holidays :)
from indigo-love :
thanks for joining my (under my old user name) indigo girls diary ring!
from thiswonthurt :
I cant count the nights that I've spent lying in bed wishing that there was an off button for my mind, I'm afraid of what would happen if I was left to think for too long. I'm going to add you as a favourite I think.
from cdghost :
pretty words
from p3-corr :
hi, thanks for joining my ring ! xxx
from allovrmyface :
i was reading surveys and read one of yours, then read your diary...i found stuff i can relate to...thanks.
from dfourever :
Welcome to smores, thanks for joining :)
from p-brain :
Welcome to the Ineedahug & the Thinking ring!!
from unquiet-mind :
neurotic-one, oh wow, i only *wish* i had such a way with words, heh. the quotes on my profile page are lyrics from these songs: ~civil disobedience - throwing muses; ~loom - ani difranco; ~bright yellow gun - throwing muses; ~you had time - ani difranco; ~grey - ani difranco; ~freeloader - throwing muses; hope you come back anyway ;)
from sylviashadow :
Thanx for joining virgosouls!--sylviashadow,ringleader
from neurotic-one :
You are a lovely writer. I only read your profile page, but it was beautiful and I will have to come in and read your diary. Thank you for joining my ring ~*~Barbara~*~
from myhorizons :
Thank you for joing my over25 diaryring!
from avalonia :
Welcome to the INXS diaryring! Thankyou for joining :))
from lavidaloca-2 :
Thank you so much for joining %%diaryring_ihateperiods%%
from heidiann :
Hi there. Welcome to the Soda Junkie ring. Thanks for joining. =)
from sarahsundae :
thanks for joining my eatingdisor ring! 100803
from sylviashadow :
Thanx for joining ana-miafems. Welcome to the society of the starving.--sylviashadow,ringleader
from immolation :
Sweet Melissa, I just want you to know I'm still around and still reading. I'm so sorry you're hurting. If you want to talk...
from juzaslog :
Hee. I found it. Thanks
from juzaslog :
Sorry I've got to use this but I dun know how else to reach u. I used to be jlady on the Thin Page (hosted by futurebird) and posted regularly in the Purgatorium (along with wlibbe, shadows). Then the Thin Page went down.....If it's up again I sure would appreciate if u cld email the link. My email addy [email protected] Thanks
from dovelonesome :
TF's down
from everthinner :
(Non-ED diary: findyourself) You sound intelligent and self-aware in your entries/emails. I wish I could show you all that ou could do for yourself, but I'm no guru. Perhaps later. In the meanwhile - just as precautionary advice - I'd suggest you never do anything that will actively terminate you, because really, you've only got one life, so why not see this one through? Worst case scenario is that it sucks, and then you die, forever.
from mariaisa :
i've been gone for a while and it sounds like you've had some changes in your world lately. i hope the drive and move turn out okay
from mariaisa :
you sound so sad :( i hopy you get your hearing checked out if it doesnt get better soon
from mariaisa :
not being able to purge when you need to is horrible, happened to me today. royally sucks doesn't it?
from mariaisa :
Shit, all that crying is probably making you even more depressed than you are to begin with. Try doing something fun like going shopping or whatever. Retail therapy is awesome for getting me out of funks. Hope you feel better
from mariaisa :
Hi it's maria_isabella from tf. I found your diary from a thread in TOT and i added you as a buddy. Hope you don't mind :)
from dumbdavid :
Don't let go you would be missed. We share an insight to darkness. It can be consuming. I found your diary today because I felt too bleak to write in my own. Have you seen Ordinary People? Jared (Timothy Hutton) describes hopleness perfectly to Pratt(Elizabeth Mcgovern). Peace.
from aorist :
Just stopping in to say hi honey. **hug** -Wish
from caged-freed :
saw you were a member of the edsufferer diaryring and thought this new forum at caged-freed might interest you. check it out, if you can, and take care.
from pinkballoon :
I'm glad you wrote, I was beginning to get worried :)
from futurebird :
Hi... I have a request about the web ring... any chance you could make it so it shows up as just a line of text? That way it could blend in with whatever background it happens to be on... it's just the black box looks sort of odd on my page... oh boo hoo... I mean I know this is not the most important thing in the world... but it'd make things soooooo much better.... I've always liked your diary by the way, glad that you are running the ring.
from alysia :
way to go on being so organized. your archives look great. i am frantically reading them right now. you are a great writer...
from blue-candy-b :
I enjoyed reading your diary today, I will be back soon and read more. I just thought I'd drop you a note to say that I enjoyed it. Have a good day.
from aorist :
*big hugs*
from immolation :
My dear Miss M, you need to update. I need to know what's going on in your life. Oh dear, I should just email/PM you, shouldn't I? Perhaps I'm becoming far too diary-dependent. Damn.
from killkessa :
Thanks for listing my diary on your buddy list :) I just read about carving FAT in your thigh.. I'm so sorry you are in pain, I hope you can find peace/happiness. happy holidays unuiet mind!
from inourhands :
Thankyou for listing my diary as a favourite^_^
from inourhands :
I like your diary. I read a book called "an unquiet mind" once, it was really good.
from withwings :
You mentioned the other day about being an outsider at TF even though you are a mod. I was there in the first month (new name check my sig file) and never felt like I belonged even though I knew all the elite people etc. I think it is part of the disorder. Maybe the elite people don't feel like they belong either? It still sucks. As for there being a disproportionate amount of crap there - it is neuroses concentrated. That's how I look at it. I stick to a small group of people and try to support where I can. Hope you feel better. Hope the mood clinic helps if you go and all.
from just-fine :
I shut everything out too, love your words, i can relate so much. I also hang around in tf, love it, a place where i don't have to hide. Love Claire <3 xxx
from sharpsecret :
feeling nothingness makes u in the TF is like a secret life from everything else where few random ppl from the world come togther and talk of there hidden eating fears.i live there 2:D takecre x loved ur diary x
from futurebird :
Hey there, sorry to hear that you are having a hard time in the forums! I was just doing some work on the thin diary ring (thanks for asking to join) I added you, but you really need to get the ring code on your page! It can't be in the rings section... that's a rule see for more info. I wish I had something better to say than just nagging you... feel better!

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