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from f-i-n :
hugs and chocolate kisses to you!
from f-i-n :
from chibi-lily :
What a lovely note you left again Tany. It made me smile, not just because of what you said. you really are a sweet girl. ^_^ For as long as I can remember, my dad said that art is no job for me. heh can't wait til I see the face on him when he hears about other people's comments. ^^;
from iluvromantic :
Hey your diary is cool!
from chibi-lily :
xD Just joined your fanlisting..I thought that was awesome. After this, I'll put up the codes. sw33t Thanks for cheering me up! =D Have a very, very happy new year Tany! wh00t I'm unofficially a Tany fan! X333
from likeasadstar :
Hi, This is a friend who happened to pass by your diaryland. I love your website, I was wondering if you could help me set up mine since I don't know anything about this site and have been working on my website for awhile now and have got no where. Well if you wouldn't mind my aim is Sweetkisez77 or my email address is [email protected]. Thank you.
from chibi-lily :
me ish misses you too. >3 Today was a yeah I got to miss school! wh00t XD Oh well, I really think it's pointless of them to make us go to school tomorrow for one more day this week. I hate our school system..really I do..they should just let us have the rest of the week off. *huggles* But yeah, soo nice to hear from you again. Take care Tany. Two great minds think alike! ~Lily
from chibi-lily :
HEEEYY TANY! ^_^ Thank you for the note. I has so much to do with my life. That's why I wrote it. if you sent me that note a while ago, I didn't go on the internet for a while. I just can't seem to do anything I want anymore, mostly cause of school. ;_;
from barelywaking :
love your diary - wally lamb , she;s come undone - is that not the greatest book ? i thought i was the only one in the world who read it - keep up the ranting , sista -
from chibi-lily :
Yup I don't know what's with me these days. I'm actually trying to be nice to everyone. Ah, I'm so weird. >.< So school's starting soon for me. I'm not that worried yet, but I'm sure some of my anxiety will kick in soon.
from chibi-lily :
yes, I'm offically adding you to my favs..*wonders why I hadn't done sooner* Oh wells, I'm feeling much better these days, ah, I hope it's not affectious. @_@ ~Lily
from gutterpoet :
Well madame, of course I care! Thanks for the note. I too worry over the over and under use of exclamation points. It's a fine line there I think. I think we all tend to overuse them in diaries in order to breathe some life into them. I dunno. cheers
from chibi-lily :
thanks for the lovely reply. you really know how to make someone feel better. ♥ nice to know. hehe ^-^ hmmm. i was does really help you. if it's a melody, ballad or helps you in a BIG way. that's why i look up to idols. ~Lily
from tigerlily21 :
Hi! Thanks for adding me to your favorites. I look foward to reading more about you in your diary. Hope you have a good weekend!
from chibi-lily :
wow I appreciate your concern. No one really does, sad ain't that the truth. But anyway, enough about that. I'm over it, well kinda. Much love.
from chibi-lily :
wh00t! A Maroon5 fan. ^^ Hi Tany! Your layout rocks. I really liked it. ♥ yup 'She Will Be Loved' is a great song. ~Lily
from maiarayne :
Your layout is beautiful.... I love it!
from poetic-kiss :
thanks for adding me dollface. love, rainy <333
from sweet-words :
You're welcome; I'm glad you enjoy the quotes! Spread the word about Sweet-Words :)
from lesbogirl :
Completely ignore the correction I made to the lyrics. I was listening to the song at the time and it didn't sound like 'in.' Sorry, I feel stupid now! C-ya. ~Jamie
from lesbogirl :
Hey! Thanks for the note! Made me feel special, like someone was actually listening to me. Oh! There's a tiny mistake in the lyrics to eight easy steps. The line about guys being solvable predicaments. It's AS instead of OF. Just thought I'd let you know! Stop by again sometime! C-ya. ~Jamie
from lesbogirl :
I think you're cool..... keep doing that.. oh! Have you bought the new Alanis cd? It rocks, even though she's gone all happy on us. Do you like her new hair? well, c-ya. ~Jamie
from globe :
the button back to globe is broken. I don't mind if you direct link, if you'd like.
from globe :
Globe Listings would like to invite you to join our listing site! Would you like more traffic? Check out Globe Listings then! Thank you. Have a nice day!
from imperfectlyy :
Due to some boredom tonight, I'm leaving a note for everyone that has me listed as a fave. Cool of me right? Oh yes. Maybe I'll stay on your lil list, some bastards have taken me off. Bastards. Wanna help me go and get 'em!? Anywho, this concludes my note. If you're lucky, you didn't get the "generic" one. =)
from imperfectlyy :
Yay! I'm still a fave!
from lezbian :
I have a new diary, well I just changed the name really. I wrote an entry about if you'd like to list me as a favorite, you should now list "imperfectlyy" instead. =)
from unicornangel :
Hiya! Great layout! Both Queen of the Damned and The Vampire Lestat are awesome. I love Anne Rice! The movie was actually a combination of the two books. Not sure why they made it that was, but it was pretty cool. Yes, I'm glad Angel got renewed. I do miss Buffy and wish it was continuing, but at least we still have Angel! I like Spike, but I'm interested to see what they're gonna do with him. I must say, I do miss the bad Spike. I'm sad Cordy is leaving...things just won't be the same. Well, we'll have to see what happens! I'm a big B/A fan, so I'm hoping something more happens on that route. I like Ricky Martin, too. He is a good artist. I like Kelly Clarkson..the girl can sing and she's better than the pop princesses out there. Jewel's new song is cool too. Well, just the usual here. Wanted to say hi!
from unicornangel :
I just joined and wanted to say hi. We have a lot of common interests and that's cool! Just dropping by. --angel
from slash-mel :
Welcome to tatu diaryring.
from chadin :
damn boy. every day, we sound alike. my cousin is 4 months older than me and we were like brothers growing up!
from ravenheart :
Also thanks for joining the Nightheart ring ;)
from ravenheart :
Thank you for joining my Nightmare Before Christmas ring, you are welcome!

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