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from hamiltonian :
sweet journal though I did have trouble trying to view it
from lasweetthing :
I will be locking this diary up soon! You can find me at jalepenogirl
from pink-circle :
I've noticed your interest in poetry. (and art?) and I'm sending you this *circle invite* because I think you would be a great member for this group. To join, visit here: ---- for more information, visit here: ----- thanks for your time. ~Pink
from candora :
Happy Valentine's Day to you :)
from long-ignored :
thank you very much for the add. I hope you enjoy...
from horrorwriter :
You have a pretty layout. Good colors for reading.
from pink-circle :
{Circle Invite} On behalf of the circle, I would like to invite you the our writer's group. We are in the middle of a reform, to rebuild our group. I have noticed your displayed interest in poetry &/or writing, please visit our site. If you're interested, leave a note to this account. -Circle Council
from ratpoop :
check out my poetry i think you would like it. its in my diary. do you like creed...thats the band not one of the sins. neways. check me out and write me a note about how you like it.
from marmar678 :
I love "Darkness". You hit it on the nose!!!
from marmar678 :
Hey sweetie!! Just wanted to say HI and I miss ya!
from confused666 :
its a pleasure. your really good. i hope you like!! keep writing, your amazing. phil xx
from confused666 :
wow, you have a great poetry diary. im a poet myself and i think your poetry is amazing. if you want check out my poetry at stay writing. phil xx
from zero87 :
your words are beautiful.
from our-views :
Your review is up at Our Views. Thank you for being patient and I apologise for the long wait.
from bbreviews :
You are very welcome and we will always have an opening for you if you decide to later in the year. Merry christmas
from delicaterevu :
Hi, your review is up at ( nice job. And hope you're enjoying the holidays :)
from groban83 :
Hey saw on another diary waving a hi!
from bbreviews :
Hi, it's Bondagebear here... we were just wondering if you would like to become a reviewer for Bondagebear Reviews?
from mightymaeve :
Poetic Lady! Why thank you for your note! I am off to the library tonight to check out a book by laurell k. hamilton. Any suggestions for one to start with? By the way, i love your poem 'Precious Child.' It made me want to memorize it and say it to my daughter. (That is, if she EVER sleeps! She's currently clinging to my leg!)
from purtyreviews :
Hey, your review it up.
from enchanted-be :
Your review is up at: sorry about the wait
from bflywishrevu :
Sorry, I got caught up in trying to figure out how you could fix the problem with the title font and forgot to give you your award button. Also, I never did figure out how to fix the problem. It made no sense to me, but you might ask the designer and see what they say. Anyways. Here's the code for your button. It will link directly back to your review. If you have any problems with it, let me know. -Alex <a href=""><img src="" alt="I got 92.5 out of 100!" border=0></a>
from catpriestess :
Glad you like the new layout! lol I just read "those things in your head"--that's really *haunting*. I love it.
from bflywishrevu :
Just wanted to let you know that your review is done!
from dr-evil45 :
Hey it's Nicole, the reviewer from problem reviewing your diary!! It was my pleasure! I'm going to add you to my favorites so there ya go! :) Talk to ya later!
from onedarkrevue :
Your review is up!
from bbreviews :
Thank you for your note... you are most welcome!
from bbreviews :
Your review is currently posted. Thank you for requesting at Bondagebear Reviews!
from bbreviews :
Congratulations! You have been successful in your application for a review! Your review will be done by: Bondagebear!
from bbreviews :
I've noticed you like reviews... why not try Bondagebear Reviews?
from guderian :
Aloha veryraven, I used the wrong term in my last when I said: "You have some wonderful verse in your diary", I should not have used the word some, because it was misleading. What I mean to say and what I meant was I love you verses, all of it not just some! Sorry=D Bless You, Guderian
from sbspsd :
Your review is up at Sepia Reviews!
from guderian :
Aloha veryraven, Thank you so much for listing me as one of fav diaries. You have some wonderful verse in your diary and I am adding you to mine. Ciao, Guderian
from hunurevu :
Well, this is Nikki from Who Knew Review. I just wanted to give you a heads up. I don't have any problem putting you on the pending list, but you should know, also, that you might not get a very... thorough review. You see, none of my reviewers are English-y people, therefore, you might get lots of "Boy, that poem had some pretty words in it" and that's it. I can't promise you'll get anything deeper than that from us. I've got a Scientist, a Marine, and a Mommy. Now, if you still want one, sure, I'll put you on, but we wont be offended if you don't want a superficial review. I really think that's about all we can offer you given the fields of expertise we all have.
from shortstuffs :
Wow. I loved that poem. Very intense. Sometimes I wonder if all the men in the world are all gone and replaced by losers who run at the first sign of an awkward feeling.
from sylviashadow :
Thanks for adding me to your list..I'm flattered!--sylviashadow
from purtyreviews :
Yes, we will still review you
from shortstuffs :
Wow, intense poetry, do you write it yourself? I mean, the tags on the titles say "Author Unknown" but if you write these yourselves, then maybe you should think of selling them to a band or something. I mean, wow. Too wow for words, wow. Really. I'm all nice and wow'd. Shortstuffs
from sparklefae :
Hi, thanks for adding me as a favorite diary. I know I haven't updated in a long time, life has been kind of a whirlwind of insanity and I do intend to write in it in the future, I just wanted to appologize and say hey and I like your layout =0) Ok...bye..
from poeticstance :
Hi, I've created a topsites for creative sites, feel free to join!
from sylviashadow :
Thanks for joining poetica! May the muses always whisper in your ear!--sylviashadow,ringleader
from raen :
OK, I'll admit this right off the bat: I'm going to random diaries asking for help in a poll at to make "Legacy of Kain: Defiance" (a vampire game) the most wanted game so it'll be featured in the next magazine issue. Silly? Maybe. I won't debate that. Will you help me? I know it's cheating. Just go to and find the Most Wanted Game poll on the right side of the screen a little ways down and vote for Legacy of Kain: Defiance. Please? As a fellow Diaryland-er?
from veryraven :
Lets see if this bad boy works >=) heehee

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