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from saudades :
Happy Holidays 2008! Hope you're doing well!
from diary--user :
Welcome to the Criminal Minds Diaryring! If you like you could check out other rings I've made at Feel free to join any and all of them!
from hissings :
username: wannabe password: sedated
from diary--user :
I know I haven't been around in a while, but I've decided to pick up where I left off at diaryland, and I would like to continue reading your diary if you feel comfortable giving me the password. I won't share, I promise! You can email me at [email protected]
from saggymoon :
whenever I log into my page, the password verification for yours comes up. It's probably some tempoary myspace gliche; do you know anything about it? Anyway, you are welcome to look at my page! xoxosaggymoon
from torchstar :
Marching to the beat of your own drummer is divine order in action. The challenge is hearing your drummer's beat clearly! Everybody else's drummers are pounding away too, some think their timing is the ONE most true, they crank the volume up Loud=Right? NO! #1 priority is hearing your beat- remember, Rhythm rules, Flesh Follows. Why? It feels GOOD. Pleasure is a splendid teacher who's class rarely gets ditched.
from saudades :
hi, I am a relatively new reader, but I would like to continue reading, if it's okay with you. my e-mail is gajendra879 at yahoo dot com. thanks
from torchstar :
I couldn't read at whatever you wrote- the bouncer asked for a password and name. Bummer- what should I do? la_di_da(at)mac(dot)com I look forward to hearing from you!
from saudades :
Hi! So nice to find another Diarylander doing NaNoWriMo. Thanks for your note, I've added you to my favorites. I'm behind on my word count now too, but we still have some time to catch up. Best of luck !!
from torchstar :
WoW! What a treat to open up my buddy list and find your name highlighted. This is my special day. I just brought home 3 new goldfish. A banner day for sure!
from torchstar :
Want to say Hey! What's up these days?
from torchstar :
I saw your note at Whystinger's place, and was so glad to see you around! Hope things smooth out so you can write. I'm just dying to hear what's up. All in Divine Order, for sure;>
from whystinger :
Hey are you gonna update? We miss reading you.
from fightn4life :
What wonderful information and I am so glad to hear you are felling better. Sandyz
from diary--user :
I would like to officially welcome you to the dreams ring! May your dreams be sweet and come true.
from diary--user :
I was wondering if you could give me the link to the TAPS myspace account. I looked on myspace and I can't find it. Thanks.
from diary--user :
Thanks for noting me. I like that picture. I am working on the stat counter, I think I have it down for the most part. I know how to do the basic stuff. I wish my week was going well, too.
from diary--user :
That sounds cool. I went to your diary and I like your layout, and I noticed that you too have a stat counter. I'm trying to figure out how to use mine, and I was wondering if you can give me some advice or direction. There seem to be so many features to it, and I don't know where to start. Any help would be appreciated.
from diary--user :
Hi, I just recently joined your ghosthunters ring, but I noticed that the picture's link is invalid. I know you haven't updated your diary in a while, but I thought I would tell you anyway. If you have hosted your image on diaryland and your gold membership expired, might I suggest using to host your images. Your membership will not expire there.
from for-a-cause :
i see that you run the petparents ring and i wanted to tell you congrats cus your the only pet related i could find. i just started a diary for animals and i wanted to know if you could add me or maybe spread the word around about my diary. thank you for your time and take care!
from forty-plus :
Happy New Year!
from spring-da1sy :
I hope you don't mind-I added you. I don't remember doing it, but I found you in my favorites in my browser! I read a lot of your older stuff and can so identify. I love how you write and could read ever word, but that's going to take a while.
from annanotbob :
Hey thanks for adding me xx
from whystinger :
Thanks for the note back! It will be easier to find your diary again and again... A while ago, I lost a hard drive and ALL MY BOOKMARKS... This is a good backup:)
from whystinger :
I love women in their forties... they are my age! Found you thru KFK...
from cardboardsky :
thanks for the note :) so october 11th? well i have that to look forward too! thanks again and take care! *noey.
from augustdreams :
Thank you! I slept through my alarm and I'm sitting here with my tea trying to get up the energy for the walk to work and your note really made my morning brighter. :) Here's my email addy: [email protected]
from just2cusmile :
thanks for adding me-i look forward to reading your diary too
from poolagirl :
I clicked your banner and cruised your site. Nice stuff!
from augustdreams :
I loved your 50-thints list, and your writing. Thank you so much for adding me as a favorite and after getting lost in your writing for about the past hour, I'm adding you too! :)
from summer-gale :
And now I added you too!
from killsbury :
Nice to meet you! Thanks for the add.
from summer-gale :
Thank you for adding me as a favorite!!

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