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from f-i-n :
lovely stuff!
from leslieirene :
Hey there! I want to invite you to join The Spark ring on D-Land. It would not entail anything except for a link back, and you may want to become a regular writer for it. You would be wonderful, and the owner, Molzo, is trying to build up the membership again. Please! You would really be a wonderful addition! Leslie :)
from victoriaruth :
Great layout, however you might want to move down the entry section about two or three blank rows. there is a link that is being covered. also, and this one is very important, you might want to give credit for the lyrics, the riaa have eyes everywhere. other than that, great picture,. did you draw that or did you find it somewhere?
from candoor :
happy new year :)
from gumphood :
hey there.
from monstre :
I had that link up for the better part of a year before deciding I didn't feel strongly enough to keep it there any longer. Please take me off your list, thank you.
from leslieirene :
Going through a rough patch right now? I understand completely. There truly is light at the end of that proverbial tunnel. I promise! Love, Leslie :)
from leslieirene :
Hi there! I hope you don't mind that I changed the Rare Silk administative email to your address. I know you will do a far better job than I at this point in time! You're wonderful! Love, Leslie :)
from cmkern3 :
Hey there...found your site thru one of your banners...very interesting. I love your template! I'll be back!!
from goldn-eggsit :
You guys are my fucking heros.
from goldn-eggsit :
"I'll trade my lungs for liquor if it's rational. There will be no let up. We will not get away with MURDER." -j. "now that, that's just obscene:" - TThe Ugly Organ
from leslieirene :
Hey know that Roxie is a reviewer, too, right? Also, Ange, at Thought you should know that. :)
from leslieirene :
Hi! Hey, thanks for reviewing! I'm glad you're back. You do such a great job. Thanks!
from leslieirene :
I've missed you! I still maintain that you have the most beautiful name ever. Blessings, Les
from parlance :
Thanks :)
from parlance :
Oh, I believe you. It's incredibly easy to fry your brain on too much work.
from danglemyfeet :
your review is up at ppatrol.
from writerchic88 :
You've got the most amazing survivial story to tell, and you know, you have grown into such a strong person, i think it's safe to say, you will and continue to teach us all the greatest lessons of life.
from everoboto :
You are sooooo pretty, girl!! Stop pining over your ex and get on out there. You're too good looking to NOT to have a great guy.
from sacredwhore :
Is that a picture of you? Your stunning.
from everoboto :
I know this is a hard day for you and all, but it's time to put Paul behind you and move on with someone else. Being in a new relationship is always frightening, but would you really rather be alone than let someone get close to you again? Don't let what someone else did to you in the past CONTROL how you act now! Don't let other people have power over you like that! So, go get that root canal, then have a kickass time with your bowling team! Hugs, Eve
from gumphood :
Hey thanks for stopping by. So is this secrete lover a total hottie? Is he like totally unavaliable. Is he fictional nd you can only see him after large amounts of sacrin. Tell tell tell.
from everoboto :
Bravo to you for putting all the ex's stuff away! That was a huge step in the right direction. One day, you will go through those boxes and most likely want to through them all in the garbage. I hope that day comes for you real soon and that the new year brings all great things for you. All the best, Eve! \m/
from everoboto :
I'm so sorry about your grandma :-(
from everoboto :
Is your depression is chemical, you should see someone about it. Actually, no matter what it is, if it's interferring with your life, you should get help. From what I see from you, there's NO reason for you to feel suicidal.
from diaryreviews :
Your review is up at Diary Reviews! Congrats, hope you like, and apply for the 90's ring!
from everoboto :
Cool Halloween photos. I can see why you guys won. Nicely done.
from bush-n-tush :
Hey Sweetie, love to read your diary, interesting to say the least! Thanks for visiting mine and I will be back to check on you and yours. Peace !
from everoboto :
Well, sounds like you and the new guy have things under control, so just get all the good lovin you can before he moves. \m/
from everoboto :
Oh man, your entry about the new guy you're dating was too much! I feel the need to go have a talk with this guy now. Damn! Well, at least you're getting great sex and awesome massages. At least you don't have to train him in that area. The other stuff, well, maybe you can work it out. Good luck, girl! And thanks for the guestbook love. \m/
from jessnichole :
Thank you a lot for the review. :) I appreciate everything you said about it. :) And 98/100 is an amazing score for my first diary review on diaryland.. :) So thank you!
from elerah :
Hi :) Honestly, it's ok that you took so long. I thought I might have put you off by being such an angry person. Glad to see that wasn't the case. Thank you for the review- I appreciate you takeing the time to do it for me.
from blaiyze :
I applaud your choices of authors'. Good luck with your book. *Blaiyze bows at the waist*
from karensuep :
thanks for the great review! <>�<
from ray0flight :
Thank you for the kind review!
from utter-views :
This is just to let you know that your review is up at
from nocry4help :
I'm a dark writer too!! Whoa, we are totally soul twins or something lol. I hope you have a great day!! bye ! xox-roxie
from strippedraw :
if you had've read the entire page, there are 4 awards ... you fall into the 2nd category and the award is below the 1st category. everyone gets an award, and is sent to the awards page ... but only diaries over 16 can apply for the ring, i read your review & it says now go get an award, it does not say to join the ring
from strippedraw :
i received your request to join the better than you diary ring and upon looking at your review i see you only received a 15/20. you need 16 or higher to join the ring...maybe in a little while re-request and you may get a higher score. thanks for applying though!
from raresilk :
Hi! That would be great :) Email me a bio., and we'll take it from there! Blessings, Leslie Irene :)
from usareviews :
That would be what you left out. :) I know it's a pain, but that's just how it goes. And yes, you'll be put on the pending list now. :) Thanks.
from usareviews :
Hey. This is Lindsey from USA Reviews, where you requested a review at. I'm sure you probably read the rules (I'll give you the benefit of a doubt :) ), but you left something out of your request. Read the rules (if you haven't) and request again. Humor us. Thanks. :)
from nocry4help :
Thanks for the notes :) they mean alot to me! Yeah I like your layout!! WOOT WOOT! Well, Ima go, i wish we really could talk more often lol. bye babe Have a great day! -Roxie
from nocry4help :
That is so awesome that you and Kyle clicked!! Go You! LoL! I'm hoping that you are now finally realizing how cool you are! Have fun and have a great day! Bye ! -Roxie
from nocry4help :
I really like your poems, on the previous entry, and I like the lyrics in this one. Ttyl, bye ! Have a great day! -Roxie
from nocry4help :
LoL Thanks I love your 2! Yeah I did design my template myself :) I get bored alot so I just work on that. LoL Thanks :) I hope you have a great day! -Roxie
from nocry4help :
I know how you feel about Paul. I'm sorry that you are hurting right now, but you being the awesome person you are, I know that you will find someone just perfect for you who will stay by your side and love you as much as you love Paul. I know that there is someone out there for everyone and I kno that I don't know you that well, but by reading your diary I can see that you are amazing, and you are the kind of person every guy is looking for. You just haven't found that certain someone yet who will aLwAys love you. I hope you start feeling less "emtpy" soon. Have a great day! Bye . -Roxie
from nocry4help :
I will e-mail you sometime, and same goes for you. If you ever wanna talk e-mail me at [email protected] or you can instant messege me at twsted illusion9. Talk to ya soon. Have a great day! Bye . -Roxie
from nocry4help :
Wow, you are very right. I do not think anyone would understand even the edges of me and well you are infact alot like me. I have also added you to my favorites. Have a great day! -Roxie
from leslieirene :
Hi there! Thanks for taking my "Random" survey! I really appreciate it. Blessings Always, Leslie Irene :)
from fallingxrain :
thank you for your note. i was low down and thingking about deleting my site and never making another. i guess everyone gets it now and then. wondering why they are writting about their life, wondering why people care and if they even do. you saved me! p.s. ur sight is cool too, ill add u to my buddy list:)
from amberfalls :
Hello. Thanks for adding me to your favorites. I'm doing well and getting ready for my dr's appointment tomorrow.

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