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from portlypete :
How lovely to read such a happy and positive post. McDonald's is a definite treat; otherwise eat healthily :-)
from catsoul :
9.9.2022. Stomp, stomp, that is me upset that you and your husband are getting used due to family related issues. I agree, helping out for a few months, then his brother should have been working towards a solution to fixing his car. Family is a tricky walk, it is not a walk along the park by far. Just wanted to say that you are going about this in a nice way. I like my routine, I get it, that now your routine, and your children's morning routine are different. One of my mantras I came up with is: To Be In Control, is to let go of Control. This one mantra took me years and years to finally have it become part of who I am today. Take Care. Be Safe. Peace Within Yourself. =^..^=
from catsoul :
9.5.2022. hi. Just began reading your words here awhile back. I learned something oh, about 4 years back about potatoes, thought I would pass it on. They say that you aren't supposed to store potatoes in the fridge, I used to. My mashed potatoes were always kind of sticky or maybe that is starchy. IDK, anyway, once I started just storing my potatoes in a bin in the basement, I noticed an improved taste and texture to my mashed potatoes. Oh, and I learned this from my dad, growing up, when he would whip the potatoes he always used half n half or whipping cream plus some butter. You can't go wrong with good tasting mashed potatoes with any meat, so they say. My granddaughter is also a hard sell to eat a full meal. Glad to read your daughter enjoyed those honey biscuit. Peace within yourself. Take Care. =^..^=
from whystinger :
I saw your handle and snooped. Very cool diary and I love your template!
from fragile-liar :
Hey! So sorry to randomly message you, I just saw that you were online now! I used to write here a long time ago and have just returned to my journal recently. I guess ‘help’ isn’t really maintained anymore so I was wondering if you could help me? I can’t seem to get my newer entries to show up on my older/ archive page as links… I think I may just totally have forgotten how to do it though, so I wrote a new entry and then..?!! Any chance you could remind me?! I’m not sure if my archive page isn’t doing something or whether I’m just missing a step! If possible could you leave me a comment back?! ( I also can’t update the email address associated with my diary!) thanks so much. K
from annanotbob2 :
Hi, I'm going to follow you as I like daily, everyday stuff. I liked how you got your husband to choose a simple meal and I like your comments about dreams. I think you're in the US because you said 'a couple things' and we (UK) would say 'a couple of things' Anna x
from glorycloud :
thanks for the information
from jimbostaxi :
Ty, I appreciate that very much. This originally was more about taxi life but now it's more about me and my emotional issues Lol :)
from jimbostaxi :
Yummy! You're doing a great job on the code. I saw each of your changes. I'm.sure you will get something that makes you happy and is beautiful.
from jimbostaxi :
Welcome back! Just dropped in to say hi! Oh, what kind of cookie is that :)
from dead-sarah :
hi. i just came across your diary today and uh.. i love the 80's! i'm 14/f/oklahoma. do you like the song bohemian rhapsidy by queen? do you like the clash? ttyl
from pyskochild :
HEY!! YOU ARE MY HOME DOG! i am so happy and i dont know why! so you like my diary that is kool. ummmmm. g2g l8er
from ianisradical :
Hey thanks for readin my journal! Looks like we have alot in commong hehe. You need to get AIM or something then we can chat online. I like yer Diary as well. I have a huge sense of humor as well =p every other line out of my mouth is a corny pun of some sorts heh...always been a class clown....anyway leave me another note with a way to contact you haha
from icannotwait :
hey here's a note just for you.

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