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from polstreak2 :
hi-- thank you for the heads up-- I do not know how to fix the pop up (I am completely useless w/ technology)-- I just copied and pasted the html babble from my old page so I could have the old background on my new page. I tried to see your diary but you are locked. Thanks for the welcome back!
from wifemotherme :
Does this mean your back? I sure hope so. Congrats on the wedding. Sorry on the grandma and welcome back to DL
from spencersmom :
Don't worry about the wedding shit. It'll all fall into place.
from spencersmom :
Pop Tarts will kill anyone...
from spencersmom :
I like the's easier to read. I'm changing my layout too. Well, Ozwald is...
from parlance :
Cousin It! Except....not...
from almostaflake :
Your NOTE was Soooo appreciated. I love and sincerely enjoyed reading your So-called babbling. It was incredibly insightful. You reflect the healthy part of ALMA which goes into hiding when insecure lil girl Alma takes over. THANKS SOOOO Much for reading and commenting!! I hope you have a great weekend.
from trinity63 :
Hi there you need to email me at trinity[email protected] to get my password, and tell me who you are.
from dangerspouse :
Hey, I saw you added me to your Buddy List. Thanks mucho! I'm really flattered. I'm having a good time going back through your archives, btw. I love your writing style. Sorry to hear about fungus setting up shop in your eyes, though. Have you tried Tilex? Wait - that was for my jock itch fungus. I guess you'd better stick to the doc stuff. Good luck with it, and thanks again!
from wifemotherme :
Oh hun hate to hear about the car accident. Thank God the parental unit was ok - keeping figers crossed you get some cash back out of this - I have the last accident I was in ;) Hang in there with the school thing!
from wifemotherme :
Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day! I tried to leave a gb but becaue I signed a GBook about 2 weeks ago I got the message that I couldnt sign again that fast LOL
from phoenixtease :
Hey, Thanks for signing my guestbook :o) You weren't having a slow day, I didn't have any next/prev/older entry links.. I wanted to obliterate the past but I've changed my mind. I've got an older link now from December onwards, so if you fancy a read, feel free :o) I hope your daddy gets better real soon x
from perceptionss :
Jessica, I'm sure there are more than two people reading your thoughts. My windshield wipers tend to throw dirt from one place to another. See, you made me think and that's a good thing. Hope you get a chance to smile soon:) Booby
from perceptionss :
Jessica, Thanks for reminding me of "Raising Arizona." I remember when they go shopping for diapers and how funny that was...thanks for making me smile:) Booby
from squirrelx :
Thanks so much for signin' my guestbook. I truly appreciated your compliments and the fact that you left a URL so that I could behold the wonders of your diary. Best, Xtine / Squirrel X
from perceptionss :
Thanks for taking my survey. Sorry to hear about your Grandmother because basically mine has the same condition. Liam should be so lucky:) Booby
from jenne1017 :
purple giraffes frollick in the ever blue grass while pink elephants dance with orange rats
from roadiepig :
Hey if they wanted the store's name to be pronounced 'Tar-jay', why would they use the red bulls-eye for a logo?
from neko-carre :
Hi!! Hey, no problem with the reading my diary thing, I love it! That's what it's there for, and I'm very flattered - thank you! I just saw those hits (nasty tattle-tale stat tracker) and I figured either A) someone new likes my diary, or B) my ex-fling has found me again and this time decided to read more than one page. Thankfully it was A. And I've done the same thing. When I first found Bolashley, Red-Wine and Bathtubmary I went back and read all of their archives. Anyway, I had to laugh when I read in yours the part about the solicitors calling over and over b/c he'll *never* be available for their call. ARGH! I deal with that every damn day. Some have been calling for like, three months now. Give. It. Up!

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