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from sarafem :
hello, are you still around? i just wanted to let you know that i've closed up sarafem but i've reopened at come on over!
from iwillsurvive :
Hi, I noticed you listed me on your favs list. Firstly, Thanks for that! Secondly, I'm trying to rally the Diaryland Community to raise $10,000 for the victims of the Tsunami. Please visit my diary for all the details. WE CAN DO THIS!!!!
from sarafem :
I'm temporarily locked. Username sara password ranger.
from rheasilvia :
I love ur diary
from castigada :
Oh, muchÝsimas gracias, Waterlily, por answering my questions with such alacrity and equanimity! I hope you enjoyed your chicken parmigiana!
from escape53 :
hey..I've noticed your layouts from time to are as pretty as always...& glad to see you are moving on, too.
from backagain :
No, not scared off at all. Just didn't seem like you wanted to be easy to find, so I thought I wouldn't leave you in my favorites. ~ Shan
from backagain :
Hi- I just wanted to let you know that I very much like your diary. Um, yeah, that's about the most intelligent thing I have to say at the moment (long day at work). But you really do write beautifully. ~ Shan
from angelblade86 :
hey i like ur diary. i like the name and the style. its really kewl. i like ur entry to.
from kittykat202 :
i like ur username :)
from slavebelly :
you know.. this has been said before.. but it bears saying again.. there IS a reason they are called crushes.. you will live.. you will laugh.. you will love.. again.. ::insert smile here:: and this too shall pass.. try to bury yourself in romantic poetica.. it seems to help.. ~V~ Shut up the door ~ Who loves me must not look upon the withered world ~ but haste to bring his lighted candle and his story book ~ and live with me the poetry of spring.. Alice Carey Autumn
from freek24 :
Won't someone come read my diary? :-( I want to be as loved as you. Perhaps your cool can rub off on me.
from alindala :
I've picked up and left everything behind, taking only what I could carry, three times in my life; twice by choice and once due to a natural disaster. I ended up better off in all three cases. I'm not certain I would want to do it again. Practical gifts are always better, especially for those of us who don't have a place in our lives for junk. I'll remember to send you a laundry basket sometime. ;o)
from hardrain :
I hate this new analyzer thing. Grr. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I really like the new layout, very pretty :) Anyway, I hope you don't have a baaaad hangover tomorrow, but enjoy your drunkness tonight :)
from hardrain :
I hate this new analyzer thing. Grr. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I really like the new layout, very pretty :) Anyway, I hope you don't have a baaaad hangover tomorrow, but enjoy your drunkness tonight :)
from amante :
Hey, thanks so much for stopping by and havin a peeky peek; I look forward to reading more waterlily adventures!
from pischina :
from ninjabitch :
Dewd...i hate cleaning my room too. It's such a mess right now. Every day I'm like, okay, today I'll clean it. But does it ever get done? NO! Before I know it, i'm either jumping around and listening to music, or browsing through diaryland, or chatting on IRC, [email protected]$#% I hate mess, damnit :/
from flamedancer :
i adoooooooore you. have i told you that lately?
from jaywhy :
I guess spring is around the corner or something...everyone in diaryland is all about the diary make overs :) I love it I love it ;) I wonder whats in a name too....tell me about "jaywhy" sometime, that would be neat. Au Reviour Mon Amie.
from mariel :
Aww!!! I love your new layout too! I love the purplish blue!!!
from methybeth :
Yes, I adore your Bailey-Boo. What a gorgeous creature. I like your diary, too. Want to read about another miracle kitty? Ever read this entry by spikerz? It made me cry.
from merilily :
hun, what happened to your diary? it's all white!!! i hope that you're ok . . . if you can, e-mail me, voicemail me, or sign something on my diary to let me know you're all right. don't tell me you've left us, or i shall travel down to texas and huntcha!
from jaywhy :
Happy New Year!
from flamedancer :
Muah! Sexy!
from nifty :
aCK this diaryland stuff is addictive. NIFTY diary u have there, I liked ur latest entry, the dream sequence. Neat layout as well. Phone always seem to ring at the worst times NEway. mmk I'ma stop rambling now ;-) BYE!
from fuzzytomato :
So that's what happened after I had a little alcohol. Thanks for enlightening me! oh, I love your diary by the way. ;-)
from plumcrazey :
I rate your diary very highly. I happened upon your journal through tales of the Diaryland Christmas party (which amuses me even though I have no idea who anyone is) and I am enjoying reading your journal. I found myself relating to what you were writing.
from hardrain :
So, I'm a little slow, but I'm finally getting around to commenting on your beautiful new layout. It's just awesome! I can't wait to hear the -true- story of the Diaryland party. :)
from pischina :
Uh oh, WaterLily's gonna spill the beans about the Diaryland Christmas Party! EEK! It wasn't me, I swear! I never lost my bra there, that was FuzzyTomato's bra! I deny it all!!! DenyDenyDeny! (Oh, and I hear HardRain and Merilily got Tattoos of LaraCroft while we were all drinking and dancing, so don't think they're as innocent as all that!) HAH!
from liad :
Um, exsqueeze me, where the hell are my lilies?! ;) *sniffles* Y'know...lilies...lilibunnies...I was feeling the love from that layout. But I like this one too - it makes me feel just as warm and fuzzy as ever. Of course, maybe that's your flameytoes making me feel all hot...Bah. This is why I shouldn't sign analyzers at 5am. ;) Kissies!
from pischina :
Beautiful Lovely Layout! I'm so glad you stayed away from the Black, and you did a Fantastic Job!
from mariel :
Hi! I just started reading, so I never saw the old layout but I love this layout! ::hangs her head:: I have a similar Doc Martin thing. My friend has like 7 pairs (I'm toatlly serious) and so I started buying them, and now I have 4 pairs, that I never wear anymore. But I have them!
from abbyroadme :
I love the new layout!!! this might sound weird, but it seems brighter. Maybe it is the white in the background or whatever. Your diary rocks!
from jaywhy :
Sorry I haven't visited in a while. Life is nuts isnt it? Hope finals went well...have a nice holiday :)
from starryiied :
i heard from liad that it's your birthday. happy birthday to you!!
from hardrain :
Well, even though I don't have to say it, I'm going to anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I would sing to you, but I don't really want to kill you, so I'll just leave it at happy birthday. Eat lots and lots of cake, and get lots and lots of presents :)
from merilily :
Ohmigosh---I knew that! I feel so stupid! *smacks head* I really did know that! ARGH! sorry...I must be having a bad,, week! There, that's better! :-) Thank you for telling me though...I really did know that!!
from merilily :
Oh, I didn't know you read me! I've been reading you, too! *slaps herself* Seriously, I found your diary a week or two ago and bookmarked it because I love the waterlilies, and I've read you habitually! And I will always be thankful to you for having the complete list of ratherisms--did you see the tape of them on David Lettermen last night?!?! I was dying, it was so funny....Oh, well, now that I'm done leaving one of my trademark way-too-long-and-babbling posts on your analyzer, I'm off to bug Ornerypest in his! *evil grin* Talk to you later!
from liad : spelled "omniscient" wrong. But I still wuv you. Let's get married. Smoochie smoochie, liad
from the-one :
Ahh. Waterlillies. Those pics on your page are from Monet's house in Paris...Brought back great memories for me. Neat-o site! I'll be back
from alwayslolita :
Wow I can't believe I haven't analyzed you yet, even tho I linked you in my diary. Your layout is gorgeous, and "You will wake up fulfilled and happy everyday . . . in bed!!"
from jaywhy :
First things first, I dig the layout...Mr. Monet and I go way back...I love him. You kick ass. I look forward to reading more.
from hardrain :
Hey, thanks so much for checking out my diary and signing my analyzer page! Your layout is awesome. I also loved your entry today with the quotes. lol. Anyway, I shall be reading your diary from now on :)
from Aeryn42 :
Hey! Thanks for reading my diary, I like reading yours too! A big hello from a fellow A-towner :) Have fun, you deserve it.
from liad :
Oooooooooh baby - can I blow your skirt up? (See, it's even funny the second time.) I love you, you sexilicious board-breaking marketing mama. Kissy kissy, liad

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