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from ska-t :
y'know, i can't remember how i stumbled over your journal (like, back in the summer, methinks), but... glad i did. glad, too, to get the up-to-dat info on the Cosgrove thing, which i'd heard of over the weekend. i live in central VA (commute to NoVA), and was ready for some VA Assembly jugular vein. needless to say, some elected leaders got some "pointed" emails from me. gawd, to be from an Bible-Thumping state! anyway, thanks for the heads-up, and howdy!
from iamhubpluh :
If you are voting AGAINST Bush, check out he is for stoping the war in Iraq, and NOT sending more troops as Kerry is for (based on his debate answers). Vote your heart, not the less of two evils!
from pandionna :
Good point about Kerry. Why not write a letter to the campaign, too? I've added a sentence to mine, inspired by you, asking him to tell us what he'd do differently and why it will be better. Thanks!
from pandionna :
What time are you heading over to registration at JCon? I have about a 40-minute schlep, so I was thinking around 5:00ish. If we don't run into each other Friday, we'll probably see each other Saturday. I'll be around most of the day. Hope to see you there!
from musicchild :
I think that your diary is very fun to read. You write well, and add humor to it. lol, well, kepp it up!!~~
from ilonina :
Hey! You are so right about the extraordinarily peculiar theology of Adam Lay Ybounden. Million of souls frying in hell for millenia always struck me as a rather excessive price to pay for one Blessed Lady, and a rather warped view of Christian doctrine. I'm going to the Ceremony of Carols on Friday too. It's that time of year, and a small chorister diaryring world!
from pandionna :
Thaiphoon, at Pentagon Row, right by the Pentagon City metro station. Go down to the food court level in the mall, then cut through the parking lot. Pentagon Row is on the other side, and there's a whole bunch of restaurants in there. I had some chicken panang that was out of this world.
from pandionna :
Just wanted to tell you that you made a terrific point in my comments section the other day about Bush and oil and control and such. Thanks!
from gwenllian :
Holy crap! Not that you probably care, but I wrote a study guide for Beowulf, and seeing your username in Throcky's favorites was exciting for me. Yeah, I probably should get a life.

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