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from jimbostaxi :
What kind of rocks? :)
from secret-motel :
I am a figment of this neighborhood's imagination. Ha, I loved the Christmas Sputnik story!
from dinahsoar :
Just read Rage Against the Dying Light. I've not been following Diaryland for awhile. My mother passed away in August. I am having trouble feeling my feelings. I just feel kinda numb. Reading your sensitive and poignant piece about your grandmother helped me access my own feelings about the days getting shorter. Thank you.
from bunnymama :
I loved your comment about grilled bratwurst. It made me cackle because I totally agree with you. It seems to me that all Wisconsinites care about is the whole Brett Favre thing, Miller is better than Bud and a party's not a party without a good brat and a heaping mound of sauerkraut.
from annanotbob :
Thanks xx ps so pleased to read about your kitten
from annanotbob :
Oh Weetabix, I didn't do the Christmas cards. I am so sorry. To all the kind friends of Weetabix who sent me cards, I am so sorry. I lost the plot fairly comprehensively in the run up to Christmas (which is clear from my cheery little diary entries), and didn't manage to send any to anyone. I hope you all had fabulous times and I wish you a happy new year.
from catsoul :
Hi, I live 126 miles from GB. My son now lives in GB so that is why I know it is exactly 126 miles from our garage. We also lost our 16 year old cat, July 7, 2006, and it still hurts. I am sorry about Tilly. I don't know if you have another cat, are you planning on adding another cat to your family? We took in a rescue kitty, Idamay, she has three legs. Anyhoo, I just wanted to let you know that I feel for you and your husband. Take care. =^..^=
from eloi :
hey weet how's it going? I was strolling through diaryland after forever away and thought I might leave a hello. hello! :-)
from nynative :
Things I'm grateful for on Thanksgiving: that you know how to write exceptionally well and that I can read. Ms. 'bix, reading your diary makes me laugh out loud (and not many things do that, unless it's the daily observation of dumbass people in NYC in general); you are hilarious and, while I don't get to read the diary often enough, I enjoy it immensely when I do. Skip the turkey and go straight for the Ketel One--it'll make the whole day feel sooo much better.
from curious-me :
Hi there, I just wanted to let you know how much I love reading your diary. It's like reading a good book that you never want to put down - thus the fact that I have your read your whole diary - I miss reading several entries at a time! I think you are an amazing writer especially when describing your trips I almost feel like I'm there. Plus? You're the reason I now drink malibu and diet coke - thanks!
from barefootruby :
Hi, just found your diary (mainly because I was intrigued that your name is a UK breakfast cereal). And then I find that you come from one of the few places in the US I've been to (My first visit to the US was to Appleton on a sort-of student exchange - more years ago than I care to remember)
from cherryjjones :
"...literary snobs and how they have a hard time understanding the concepts of non-normative fiction and it was like yes. YES! That's me. Right there. And now I don't feel so bad because apparently all the arty foo foo people are broken in the head." Like any other art form, isn't the novel one that will expand and shift to accommodate cultural change and to mirror it? To pose difficult questions, to upset the apple cart of complacency and force a new world-view? Grumble grumble. Always pleased to find another word-nerd. I will keep reading!
from dinahsoar :
I love your style! I've been away from Diaryland forever and just popped back in today. You are so smart, witty and downright sassy! You make some very good political points in today's entry, too. In L.A., we have a store called Fashion Q which has very trendy and stylish plus size fashions. Great to re-aquaint with my Diaryland faves!
from notturno :
its been 6 yrs or so since i've visit diaryland and there's 1 diary i used to's not there anymore. maybe she changed her user name or something. i dont know if u know her but i remember you were on her list of favorite diaries.. maybe u could help me out. i'd really appreciate it.
from chaosdaily :
we sell a lot of wines, ill have to check to see if we have that. if not, it might be something we would want to order. thanks for the info!
from f-i-n :
from x-plicity :
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!
from hibiscus101 :
*Happy Holidays*
from northrup :
Oh man - quoting both The Jerk AND John Irving. An instant addition to my favorites list! I'm enjoying you greatly...
from hibiscus101 :
from secret-motel :
Sshhhhh! Not so loud. Someone might hear us. I've missed you, too. And I've missed kwikrites and brainswitching and the way fingers curl into typing below the thunder of doors.
from nepenthean :
i'm going to ask a possibly weird question: did you ever own a pig named steven? i'm trying to remember the journaler who did.
from smedindy :
Mommylap said I should read you, and I always listen to her. Howdy!
from dinahsoar :
Ahhhhhh, Sephora! I got some lip goop called "Big Mouth" that burns your lips and tries its best to make you look like, if not Angelina, then Billy Bob.
from celebrations :
Come to Celebrations and join, it's fun and it's free!
from dinahsoar :
Poor Tilly! Stuck in the library without her glasses!
from haloaskew :
A bit of useless Wisconsin trivia for you: Many moons ago, my grandmother used to date Walter Mondale's older brother. Walter's nickname back then was "Little Fritz." (HA!)Grandma used to give him candy. Too bad he didn't choke on it (when Grown-Up Fritz was invited back to their hometown during the election, the fucker didn't bother to show up).
from dinahsoar :
Guess what? I'm an English major (before I was a pscyh major) & yes, I'm laughing at your postmodern reference on both accounts!
from dinahsoar :
I think nuns just have that natural radiance. They're born with it (or maybe it's Maybelline).
from luvabeans :
weet. i just sent you an email. check it. read it. love it.
from dinahsoar :
from dinahsoar :
Weeta H. Bix! I don't mean to be judgmental, but you had a rotten week! Love the pigtails, though!
from dinahsoar :
Wow! Today's entry was awesome! I've never read anything like it. Happy Birthday, Weeta!
from dinahsoar :
I'm nice. How 'bout throwing MY laundry into that new Maytag I know you're eventually gonna break down & buy? That would be weetawonderful! P.S. The photos were beautiful & that sunset downright majestic!
from dinahsoar :
Today's entry was weetalicious! So very funny! I'm gonna go buy something turquoise in your honor.
from dinahsoar :
Me again. Yes, I'm still reading. Sitting here sipping one of your banana something whatevachinos & enjoying your incredible writing. You most assuredly rock!
from dinahsoar :
I just stumbled upon your diary and want to thank you for the range of emotions you evoked in me. Your descriptions were so vivid and filled with awe. But you are also just so funny. Thank you.
from yeahimadork :
Oh, holy hell. I just found your diary, and have been reading through a few of your recent entries, and have been laughing my ass off. You are fantastic! I am adding you to my :)
from rainydayjane :
Since I went and found myself another blog, I haven't been around these parts much... except to feed the wan garden that is the "Sex Just Outside of the City" my diary has become. I decided to stop by yours, and I had missed you so. Very happy you're still writing this. It brings me glee, indeed.
from vickithecute :
Hey, I just had to lock my diary (temporarily, I hope) bcs a coworker of mine got access to it. It's still open to all dlanders though...the user name is vicki and the password is cute
from heelandlass :
Kristoli recommended your diary to me - I'm really pleased she did!
from tiara-pax :
Long time listener, first time caller.You just made my New Years Eve at work bearable. Does that make me awful for laughing at your state of sickness? Hmm, I don't know. I just read your last entry after posting my own about the evils of lists, only to find that yours is one. Bollocks. Foot in mouth disease strikes again. Hope you feel better soon.
from cinnamon1j :
Sorry you have been sick me too
from cinamonjaide :
I just learned that you can get into my diary by typing my username cinamonjaide and then use the password jaide. I thought I could only add 9 people, but you can use my user name to view my journal. Feel free.
from cinamonjaide :
My second diary addy. I had to lock the other one, and I could only give the password to a few people so Here is my other diary addy. Please add me.
from cinamonjaide :
Hi my name is Jaide, and I am just letting you know that I added you. Take a look at my journal, and hopefully you will add me too. If we are already friends, GREAT! I am sending a note to everyone on my buddy list, so just overlook this, if we have already exchanged journals. Jaide
from deareddie :
For Frankenstein-paper inspiration: Contact Myagi here at D-land--her name is Jen and I'm sure she can give many helps and insights. Good luck!
from arc-angel666 :
Hello Weetabix: I came over hear after Her-story mentioned you were a good read. Indeed. Very funny. Do you write many letters to Mr Kerry? From this point on I shall be suspicious of everyone carrying a cucumber lol.
from antihoyhoys :
Hi, will you be my friend? I want to be yours :). I swear I'm not a rapist. I like your diary. Please write me a note back or else I will jump off a pointy cliff to my doom.
from candoor :
I tried farming, I got dirt on my keyboard.
from x-tigris :
The other night I had a dream you were writing a book about brides maids and came up to Vancouver to interview people. In this case, some friends of my who within the dream were getting married. I think you came clubbing with us...and everyone was wearing pink but you, who was all in black. So my theory is, once you start dreaming about meeting people who's diaries you read online, it's time to get off the internet, run away, and take up the quiet farming life somewhere.
from mrsbahling :
please update. it is the only pleasure at this god forsaken gray office cubicle. please.
from kitty1980 :
hi have a good birthday :)
from techdragon :
Happy May day - I love reading your diary.
from raisinet :
huzzah for food product brandnames!!
from sussitta :
hi hi hi. ;) just added you as a fave.
from cornnugget :
Bad Medicine = Bon Jovi. Pubic hair in the mouth = total disgust. My condolences.
from cornnugget :
Excellent recount of your London trip. Just got back myself. Plenty to see, nothing to eat. There is a conspiracy to deprive Americans of ice. No mexican food or Mountain Dew, dammit. I swear the "vegetable extract" in their cokes is mushy peas.
from joedenim :
Dont worry about the organ donor sticker. It slipped off because you dont need to have it on your driver's license. Its a good omen, not a bad one. :) Have a good time in Europe... :)
from g-e-gibb :
I just clicked on your random entry button.....SHOWER GNOMES! Thank you for brightening my daily thoughts! I really enjoy reading.
from ex-stripper :
I can't remember if Ive told you you how much I love your words. Your entries are so entertaining, I wish I had enough creative energy to write in such a consistantly creative manner like you! Anyhow, you rock! I just thought I would let you know.
from lifeofmytime :
I've been reading for a few months now. Just a note to let you know I'm enjoying. Heading back into the corner to lurk some more.
from candoor :
but a funny box of rocks, verily.
from bolingo :
Hi! I wanted to take a moment to tell you that I adore your writing. I must admit that I refer more people to your diary than my own. My poor mom has to read it, because i bug the hell out of her, and she always enjoys it. Anyway... I have started a new diaryring if you or anyone you know would be interested. It is for those of us who like Starbucks... Sbuxaddict Diaryring. Well, take care. -Dove and thanks for the xmas card!
from unfixed :
stumbled upon your diary through twelvebeer. loved what i read - loved it. do you mind if i continue to read?
from flaver :
Hey now. I just read your wifely woes, and I can sympathize. Or, I think, my sister can. Just watching her manage her ginormitron workload makes me tired. And it makes me remember my birth control. Also, I would like to say GO GO GO in the direction of your writing dreams. There oughta be more substantive/sassafrass female writers getting published these days. You'll be part of it. Just write. Also, thank you, thank you, for listing both 'Amadeus' and 'White Christmas.' It makes me feel less retarded for memorizing the dialogue from both. In conclusion, I thinks you to be terrif.
from saladwhore :
Yaay, I got my holiday entry up and I linked you and gushed about the card exchange. I'm not very popular, but you might get a couple people stopping by and adding themselves to the festivities (let's hope!) Anyway, I just wanted to let ya know it's there. :) Oh and your last entry was apparently # 700!!! Go Weet! *moshes around the room a little for ya* (It's not easy to mosh alone you know.)
from pandionna :
Hello! I clicked through on an entry of yours that MangoFarmer has listed as a favorite--the one about being a hater that you wrote back in June. That is an incredible entry! And, um...yeah, I think I'm a hater, too.
from ex-stripper :
I just read your diary for the first time, and I am so happy to see that we feel the exact same way about children! Oh well, have a nice day, and I look forward to your future posts!
from fargahar :
If people only realized that there is also the $25 dollar Lancome face wash, the $50 moisturizer with wrinkle reducer, the $40 foundation and then comes the $20 lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, etc. It takes a lot of money to look this good. (And Lancome puts something in their products which transforms your skin into some being that cannot live without Lancome.)
from candoor :
I've seen you mentioned in so many places in my weekend browsing... after reading you I see why. Fortified, huh?.
from inaptbeauty :
hi i added you in my DTC (diaryland trading cards) collection. wanna trade?
from poolagirl :
My God! You are listed as a favorite diary 742 times! You don't even have that many entries! How wonderful is that? WOW! You go, girl!
from poolagirl :
I stumbled upon you this morning, and you went into my favorite diaries without question. You are delightful! What a breath of fresh air!
from katehackett :
Ugh. DUDE. I feel the SAME way...I lose weight, my boobs shrink. Sigh.
from aaronorear :
Lovely, just lovely.
from uclafan87 :
hi! i just created a public diary, where anyone can post anything!! Its kept completely anonymous, come by and will make me jump for joy!!!
from tara1665 :
Weet, been reading you for quite awhile, and love it. Your thoughts on Nascar match mine as well. When I see something with Nascar, I always think of the Suess book "Go Dog Go! Yup kids will do that to you.
from als-pals :
Ok, I stumbled upon your diary when I took the link to the nominees. I must say, I quite enjoy your writing, AND your fat tinker Bell's brilliant. But I digress, the real reason I'm writing; I looked at your profile and two of your favorite movies are two of my husbands favorite movies. I figured, if that's the case, this girl has got to be pretty darn cool. We own Bring it On and watch it regularly, 'cause it's just hysterical movie times. Anyway, just sayin Hi, I'm excited for a fun new diary to read. Ally
from kmao :
harhar my friend calls me wheatbix. no clue why...but yeah. nice diary! and i love your template
from seanandjacob :
Astute and very compelling, my admiration is the admiration of millions, I also beleve the Water bed to be some sort of terrorist invention. Visit us at, send us a note and we'll send you to the alternate dimensions.
from chauffi :
Why did I ever teach you to use your power towards evil?
from ruhee :
happy new year!
from ghostie :
I like pictures of cleavage but I need to see nipples to cum!
from mataquaz :
When ladies make out with each other it is really hot!
from charlieman :
I would like to nominate you for the Diaryland "Best Diary" award. Your observations and writing are very compelling. I've had trouble finding diaries of "normal" grown-up people and I use the word "normal" very loosely. Keep it up.
from fcprincesse :
you were so damned right about malibu and coke (sorry, but I can't drink diet--my body doesn't like aspartame). oh man, people might call it girly, but it sure does the job right. and you were also right about typing s-l-o-w-e-r after drinking them...
from jenne1017 :
(o: smooches
from love-in-vein :
::gasp:: I've been reading you for months now and didn't realize you liked the Cure. I would say I worship at your altar, but as I just got back from church...I'd feel very bad. lol. You get the point.
from zerom3ph :
look on the bright side: you might end up raising a small litter of baby t-shirts.
from apehead :
hahahahaha. and ha. slinkster cool funny diary.
from zania :
Happy Birthday=)
from jasmine-s :
Hey there :) Added you on my favorites list : hope that is ok, because i always enjoy reading about your life. Kind regards, jasmine.
from mixup :
I love the pictures...Wisconsin is so lovely this time of year, isn't it?
from mixup :
Thank you! I found your diary through a friend, and found it a great read...looking forward to really digging in as I have time. Come see us in Worcester, MA sometime!!!!
from sad-disease :
You sure are popular aren't you?
from darcyargue :
from christy13 :
I hope you enjoy Atlanta. I live in the suburbs and work downtown. The traffic and roads can take some getting used to. Just don't get all the roads with the word "Peachtree" in them mixed up. Need restaurant suggestions? If one of your readers (or me) can't help, try or
from christy13 :
I have a Monte, too. A '99 Z34. I love mine, too. I think the car is actually grateful when my husband drives it somewhere and gets it back in one piece. It's used to the way I drive it. We understand each other. Or, maybe I need a psychiatrist, who knows? C-
from gimmeshelter :
The person I was refering to is Talleyho. I'm so sorry that I ask you to read my entries, but I just wanted to let people know that I'm not as she describes me. I've made a vow not to say another thing about this mess, and to write about everyday life.Please give me another chance to prove this. I so enjoyed reading your entries...and Thanks ever so much for the kind thoughts about my husband...I could really use him at this point and time.
from amandabean :
i finally sunk to a new low. i'm sorry i had to lock my diary after over two years of ... of well, being myself. but things are getting really bad on this end. do me a favor and email me right-quickly at [email protected] (i'm so high maintenence, i really am sorry about this), and i'll send you the visitor password. i'm sorry i had to do this. hopefully it is very, very temporary.
from waterfall2 :
I had an easy bake oven. And on Christmas morning after all the christmas presents were open I made my first easy bake cake. I proudly gave my grandpa and grandma my gift. They ate it with lots of praise. I soon found out that when I turned my back my grandma and grandpa spit it out of thier mouth and threw it in the garbage. Christina :)
from msophelia :
*snort* *giggle* oh, lordy... the whole shower/cat thing is making me laugh. right there with you on wanting to be swallowed whole by something on the scale of the San Andreas fault sometimes.
from no1sgirl :
I happened upon your diary via a link (banner) that was on one of's pages. Had to check it out! Nice diary! I added you to my list of favorite diaries. Hope that's ok! Come check me out when you get the chance!
from busted-stuff :
Hey Weet, I know youre a DMB fan so I thought I'd leave you a little note. They are up for a ton of awards at the Vh1 My Music awards.. if you have any spare time hop over to and vote for them! thanks, you rock (this will make up for them not showing up for my birthday party *guilt*) hehe.. see ya
from cdghost :
wanna peel? cause ur a screeam,
from jameskass :
You KINKY little devil you... ;) A very cute story. Lovvies-- James
from danaelayne :
Maybe your shoes ran off with your keys...they're plotting to steal your car later. After of course, they've cleaned out your house. Hope you find those keys soon...there's really nothing more annoying. Okay, there's stuff more annoying but this ranks right up there with getting toothpaste on your shirt after you're already late and it's the last thing clean. Of course, maybe that's just me. :)

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