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from bettyalready :
from melwadel :
I just managed to DELETE ALL the HTML code for my template, while trying to add a "Countdown to the 2008 Election" counter to my site. Just thought you'd like to know, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!!
from melwadel :
Good to know it's nothing bad! (Other than the temporary loss of template!) :-)
from melwadel :
Passworded? What's up?
from helderheid : Helderheid's new addy :)
from porktornado :
Seems like all of my readers are linking from your diary these days...Thanks. -=PT=-
from cuntgirl :
I loved the banner and really like the way you write. You got a lucky kid on your hands
from felibhat :
Did you get my comment? I think the computer ate it! The gist of it was that your previous/next arrows in your diary throw me out, which is a shame because I like reading you. It sounds like you're having a rough time and you have my empathy and my thoughts. Feli - PS, your comments page threw me out too!
from bettyalready :
I have trouble leaving comments in your comment section.
from roadiepig :
Damn! Down again!.....Anyway, just a short 'note' for you, anyway, so....The next time you decide to whip up a batch of Seafood Portofino , don't write about it. My stomach is grumbling (as it is my favorite olive Garden entr´┐Że, bar none) as I write this!......
from melwadel :
Not *quite* specific to your situation, but...Heloise says: <<Dear Heloise: How do I remove crayon marks from walls? -- Nick, Via E-mail It sounds like you might have a young artist in your home! You can try removing the "artwork" by using a spray lubricating oil or dry-cleaning solvent. You must first test it on a small, out-of-the-way area to make sure it's safe to use on the wall. Is it paint, wood or wallpaper? This is why it is key to test it in an inconspicuous area first. Put some lubricating oil or dry-cleaning solvent on a cloth and work on one small area at a time. The crayon should come off. Next, clean with a mixture of 1 cup water and 1 to 2 drops of mild dishwashing liquid. Use a clean sponge dampened (don't overwet) with the mixture, then rinse well with clear water and go over the area again to remove any soap mixture. Dry the wall with a clean cloth, and that should be it. -- Heloise>> Hope this helps, WaW! (I couldn't get the 'Comments" link on your page to work)
from stargazer42 :
Just have that entry about Odd Googling...and I'm curious as to how you found out about these things? What does one do to see who's been googling them? I'd really like to know if MY diary's ever come up...
from bettyalready :
Hi there, you left a great note for me and I don't think I ever replied to it. Thanks! I like your diary a lot!!! I LOVE the picture too! What a beautiful baby!
from diarydawn :
Hi, I found your journal a little while ago from a link in Weetabix's wonderfully funny journal. Anyway, I really like your journal, and I've been trying to catch up on all of the archives whenever I get some spare time. (I've tried to sign the guestbook several times, but it doesn't seem to work. Your little girl is so adorable!!! Hopefully I will catch up soon and be current! I look forward to reading everything!---Dawn ([email protected])
from roadiepig :
I must be up on my Whatawoman facts, because I only missed 1 (hiar-I thought it was long and straight from the Halloween pictures, opps!)...I just might have to make my own quiz, with your inspiration.....
from roadiepig :
Still can't get your g-book to take an entry from me- I can't figure it out-too strange!...anyway- Enjoy your vacation, and don't let the workplace know where you can be reached. If they can find you, it's not a getaway...Lease and I are off that week, too. We won't be enjoying sand and sea breezes, like you. This is our annual 'work around the house after Codeman's baseball season is over' week off....Have fun!
from roadiepig :
(I can't seem to get your g-book to take an entry, so I am posting this here.....) I seem to remember a incident involving Codeman when he was 2 that was close to your 'B and the swimming pool' entry....I wish I would have had chocolate cake back then, but I seem to remember Miller Lite was there to help me forget ....
from toothbrush :
Hi! I clicked your banner and read about your chai latte falling off your car incident. I thought I'd say hello.

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