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from dangerspouse :
Try the eclair.
from bloodintears :
I haven't used my diaryland account in a very long time. However, I keep it around and keep the password in mind so I can keep coming back to see if you've updated. :) Your stories are wonderful, and I hope you get your muses back soon.
from bonnylisbon :
So Ms Wickedwife, I recently discovered your diary and I love it. I have so many questions though. Does your husband know just how horny you are? Do you guys have a lot of sex, yet you're still not satisfied. If he knew about your exploits on the internet would he be turned on, or angry? Is he open for new things? Do you get kinky with him? SO MANY QUESTIONS!
from hiddenhalo :
I miss ya! Hope to read an update soon. :)
from pipersplace :
I almost came when I read you latest entry. I love being DP'd (doesn't happen often enough). My fantasy is a gangbang with six or seven guys and their wives telling me what to do etc. You got me all worked up.
from smbgurl :
Oh my god your diary is great!!!! You have exactly the same tastes I do. Except I like alot of father daughter stuff. The father figure thing turns me on. But everything you write is great.
from injoyhope :
I read your stories as soon as you have them up. I am a big fan of your work. Please keep writing more. Thanks for the joy and take care. XoXoXo. Aloha, Hope.
from rialtogirl :
I loved your doctors exam entries.I too have fantasized during a pelvic exam
from adults-only :
We stand across the fine line, you and i. I've had two wives, wives who crossed that line, who could'nt stand it any longer, who came to me, so what holds you back? And what of myself, i've often wonder about the state of my morals. I was a good boy, when i was a kid.
from librtine :
Very, very wicked. I love the chat's, they are so personal. Especially when you talked to kitty boy (not that I was interested in him). He drew you out a little different direction. Too bad you have stopped. Oh well..
from kalel592002 :
Lauren darlin' - most "Smut" writers use Pen Names. You'd be surprised to know how many of your favourite authors have written hard-core porn - Anne Rice, Harlan Ellison to name a few - it's very lucrative. If I were not in Canada, I would consider it. Anyway, I still think you are hot and your hubby's a lucky guy (I will assume you are hot in bed, LOL)!
from kalel592002 :
I miss your writing - hope you write again soon. To see some of my sensual stuff, the latest is on airtheorchid under "Seduction" I think.
from kalel592002 :
Wild, insane kinky porn - great writing darlin'. As a once-published porn author, you really should get in touch with some of the porn book publishers in New York and consider submitting stuff to them - or perhaps some of the Digest-style magazines? Keep it up!!
from tessman420 :
outstanding! completely hot.
from invisibledon :
thanks for visiting
from kittydribble :
Indeed a woman after my own cum! I too love g/b flicks. my diary is available for veiwing by many people so i dont divulge too much there. Keep up the good wk xxx

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