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from mestupchick :
i cant talk normal now too. i got my tongue pierced (centre, pretty far back) about a week ago. i talked like i was pretty "special" for awhile, but 1000 advils and a lot of diluted listerine, and im good. i love the piercing though...dont you?(alana)
from oldhippie :
guestbook not taking entries!? anyway, i wrote this... *ya get ta k'zoo, lemme know. i'll buy you a "welcome ta town" drink. good luck with the move.*
from lilspo :
spatula...fave word rock on.
from deviatedgirl :
Tried the guestbook thing, but it kept eating my entries. Now we shall try this. Really I was just wondering what this new tattoo consisted. I'm ready for another. Something on the back of my neck... question is, what to get?
from dyke19 :
I just love NIN - hurt. Tis a beautiful song!
from whitekachina :
XOXO Happy birthday, dearest.
from blackkachina :
email me sometime: [email protected] oh holy muffin girl.
from blackkachina :
Do you prefer blueberry or chocolate chip? Would you like some muffins for your birthday?
from blackkachina :
Muffins? You are so cute. I'll make you stacks of muffins.
from mynameiscat :
you should move to Tracy, CA.
from mynameiscat :
knives are such fun toys, everyone around me took them all away.
from mynameiscat :
i wish it was 3am and raining here. i miss the rain. it hasn't rained here since like, last march or april or something. maybe may. i miss it a lot.
from whitekachina :
I'm a vegan/pagan/bi 17 year old artsy combat girl, I'm not really "out" yet so I never get to talk to anyone. You caught my attention.
from g1rly-g1rl :
Happy one year at Diaryland!x I think you should go out and celebrate :) any excuse is good!
from no-answers :
EEEEK! How did a bat get in your room?! *shudders*
from chibip :
Hey there! Just wanted to say 'Hi' and that I had stumbled across your diary and found it to be quite a hoot. Loved what you had to say about your mom, I'm all about mine too. Take it easy. ~P~
from truest-blue :
hey there. I like the way you sound...if you got time, write me or something
from grrlriot :
we have a load in common... ;)
from srch-n-dstry :
Do as the prompt tells you to do and remember: Search And Destroy.
from youth-decay :
Cool Profile and journal :)
from djchrissy :
Hey! U don't know me..! I just thought I'd leave u a note telling u I like ur diary....
from venturewild :
you sound so much like a person I know. Keep on with it. It will come Venturewild

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