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from drunklazy :
I wondered what happened to you.
from f-i-n :
from shutupmom :
...and all the boys in the band know how to get down. fill our christmas socks with whiskey drinks and chocolate bars. when the evening ends we wont be thinking of you then. although the best man wont hang out with the girl band!
from mad-alice :
cool site. i added you, feel free to stop by my site!
from drunklazy :
How are you?
from kittyleopard :
Neat-o potato diary. Karma!
from devilscarpet :
Yeah. Tampx Pearl ones are REALLY bad, which makes me mad, because I want some but will not spend $7 a package.
from falsefront :
really, what is your opinion?
from janefury : must be cool. Not only do you have a check design on your page, but you have Skankin' Pickle in your fav. bands AND you quoted the Femmes. I have no idea how i got to your page either. Neat.
from neostalin :
I saw this shirt today that said "Mother Trucker".
from ecirht :
Jonny cries all the time.
from pirate-life :
Hello, in my bouts of random surfing I uncovered you. I watched the History Of Sex until 3 a.m. I don't think I even watched the ball drop. I drank Sprite and pretended it was champagne. So to you I say, you are not alone in your New Years Eve loser-dom.
from catbreath :
I think we tie, because of the fact that i was one of those two losers you were talking to online.
from foxfyre :
Aww what a cute message and yeah, the morning after pill made me a bit sick and then i got my period early. I would recommend birth control and not having any condoms break to that.
from neostalin :
You guys are so cute.
from neuroticaa :
<3 Happy Xmas, loverbabe.
from thefireinme :
Speaking of money...I told you I would win!!!
from neostalin :
Man. I feel you, sister... Why can't those fuckers just fall in love with us already?
from devilscarpet :
I like the entry about directing the orchestra and the guy waving. Funny how you just randomly love semi-nice people.
from spdexl :
Hey, I dont know what to say but im in some serious shit and i need to talk to u about it so call me sometime ok? 541 6486
from neostalin :
Don't give up now, Dumpling!
from catbreath :
WOW!! that would rock. you could be all like 'hey goat, your eatin my covers' And move on...
from idiotreviews :
Like getting reviewed? Check out Idiot Reviews!
from catbreath :
heh. firehouse subs eh? does that mean you get to go around going 'weeeeeoooooo, weeeeeeeoooooo weeeeeeeoooooo" because thats my DREAM job
from sadangel14 :
your diary is really cool and lots of fun to read, i like it alot thanks for makin life seem good...
from catbreath :
Yeah. Thanks Giving in canada is in october... I have whoppers.
from catbreath :
I love you.
from crashreviews :
You've been reviewed! Come check it out at:
from stardame :
yeah, i dont know why a grasshopper, it was one of those things that just popped into my head && has managed to stay with me!
from neostalin :
I'm diggin' the "I hate Izan" entry. *High Five*
from stardame :
yeah, you remind me of my friend named crystal. i just thought i'd tell you that. okay, i feel like a grasshopper now. that's all.
from catbreath :
ok my date with andy was super. There is nothing more that could turn me on than hearing him speak polish. its damn hot. He got to meet alot of my friends too, and he got along with them realy well. so well in fact that they hugged him goodbye, and thats really important to me. I guess its almost safe to say that were going out now, but nothings really been made official. He likes to talk... but thats ok, because he lives 45 minutes away and thats how we usually communicate. Id better not fill up your notes though. Love ya.
from drunklazy :
No no, no prizes, but you do get to wallow in self-satisfaction :)
from neuroticaa :
sarah i love getting comments from you more than anything. you make so much sense to me :)
from neostalin :
She said, "You're not the only one, but you're the BEST, Bradley!"
from catbreath :
Liam has dimples. I like dimples. I wish I had dimples.
from foxfyre :
that is the best sublime song... well, maybe not the best, but one of my favorites.
from catbreath :
hi hi hi!!! I went to another school to visit yesterday and i got to see liam! Im so excited. I got a big hug from him it was super. and a loonie. (i charge for huggs). He was really happy to see me, (not esxstatically happy, but its super happy for liam because hes usually a shy and subdued person) it was great. Im going down on monday again. wish me luck! :P
from catbreath :
hi there. How are things? my computer blew up and i have no idea how to fix it. I just thought id come tell you that im still alive and say hi. HI!!
from sbspsd :
Hi there. This is an invitation on becoming a reviewer at Sepia Reviews. If you're interested, please include in an email your name/sex/location/age and a review of using our site's scoring scheme in an email and send it to us! Easy! Good Luck. Please help us out. We are VERY short handed. Our email is [email protected]
from drunklazy :
Ha ha, you said arse... that happened to me when I spilt half a can of cider on my laptop once, but it went away in time
from incupark :
Ok, I'll try.
from xoxoreviews :
Your review is up. :D
from xoxoreviews :
Just wondering if you would still like a review. If so please drop a comment and I'll review yours right away. As of now your review is on hold. Thank you!
from neostalin :
Boy X to the rescue!!!
from neostalin :
I feel pretty... oh so pretty!
from glancerevu :
hey hey! just dropping by to say hi! oh and i love you to just like you love me.
from minstrelite :
That's an interesting question. Like many Christians, I don't consider myself to be religious or Christianity to be a religion. But I can understand how it would seem that way to others. My relationship with Christ offers me a dynamic relationship with a God who has entirely my best interests at heart. This relationship, which many refer to as a religion, therefore offers me hope, peace, and joy. I am not exempt from the trials of life - far from it - but I would never trade the life I now have in Christ for the way I was before I became a Christian, or for all the money, riches, or power in the world. Money, riches, and power - all the things that people value in this world - will go to the grave with you, but your relationship with Christ will last forever.
from ramanda :
Finally! Someone who appreciates my sense of humour! *smile* This is a spiffy design you have here. I like. But then again, I'm an idiot, so what do I know? cheers :)
from neostalin :
Me neither. It'll be so much fun with you. We gotta make Taco Bell runs, and skank-eye sprees, like old times.
from stale-mem :
thats cool.
from new-review :
ah, sorry i didnt see it! thats my fault, so i fixed it. :)
from new-review :
your review is up!
from swordsmaiden :
Hey! I love the new layout!
from neostalin :
Whoa! New layout. I like it, but some of the links don't work, and there's no guestbook or extras page. Maybe you're still working on it.
from orange-cloud :
oo really? ok. thanks for responding so fast, and you like GOOD music. just like me, hehe. the fabio idea, greaat.
from lizbathory :
I will never support "gay" pride. Gay men are the biggest assholes on the planet. Straight girls think they are amazing, most dykes laugh at them. And most gay men won't even look at a female as a friend. Women apparently are disgusting to them. Although some dykes are just as bad. It's like these pride fuckers think they are god, and the straight ppl supporting them agree that they are god. Try they are all assholes. So, no. I don't think you are homophobic, I think you are just seeing things for how they really are. And you can print this off, and show your frriends that I, a "dyke" said that.
from lizbathory :
I was agreeing with you on one hand. Those who are gay, describe eachother as gay. straight ppl wearing rainbows is a fucking joke. And gay ppl wearing rainbows is nothing but bullshit. No, I won't scream I am proud to be gay. There is no point. So I fuck a girl, why broadcast it to the world? What I do on my own time, is my business. I just wish all these assholes gay and straight alike, would shut the fuck up about pride. Because all it comes down letting the world know who you are fucking. My relationship is more emotional than sexual, but if you take a trip to a gay bar, all you see is politics of who fucked who, and who wants to fuck who. I wish they would all leave the shit at home. I guess I am probably the straightest dyke around. Which brings me to another point. I had some so called lesbian little teen girl shit on my head for referring to lesbians as dykes. They are! Just like Gay men are GAY! A person being described as being "the gay one" will not take offence to it. If they do, then shey shouldn't have come out about it. Idiots. And ppl being offended for them, are just overcompensating. For what? Think about it.
from krazekrise :
from rotten-views : Fuckin' hell. Sorry I fucked up. There's the exact URL.
from rotten-views : - Your review is up.
from squishreview :
your squishreview is up
from compendious :
Hi, Sarah! Your Compendious Review is up. Go check it out at: -Gem
from girlreview :
Happy Random Guestbook Signing Week! Pass it on...
from onewetleg :
i got your note like 30 secs after i posted that. scary.
from neuroticaa :
very rarely do i lock my journal but once in a while i will -- username= neuroticaa, password=upthewall / <3
from betterthnu :
Just wanted to let you know your review is up! ( Enjoy!
from ahreviews :
Hey, your welcome for the review. Just thought I'd let you know that the notes have been turned on a long time ago...hmmm...mysterious. lol :)
from hotpinkviews :
Your review is ready!
from insertsmilex :
hello <3
from jelibeary :
Yeah I totally agree on what you said I do think that is wrong. I totally think that the world is still screwed up. I mean did you hear about that black lady burning her child in a bath tub. Now she wants custody of her other kids. People are scared around there to say anything because they will automatically be labeled as racist.
from jelibeary :
A Gay Bash is when more then on person beat up somone just because they are gay. When you are older you will understand. Hopefully!
from damn-reviewz :
Your review is done. I don't remeber if I told you or not. lol.
from lizbathory :
You have a kick ass template, you musical taste is top notch, and your views on life are pretty accurate to mine, and my byrds. I just had to add you to my fave's. Laterz
from jelibeary :
good job on your grade point average. :)
from jelibeary :
yeah the underwear thing lol :)
from jelibeary :
I just thought your entry was kinda funny that is all. :)
from jelibeary :
from ecirht :
it's not that i don't want to go out with him.. i do.. otherwise i wouldn't have told him i would. it's just ..something else.. blahdy blah.. i dont know what i'm talking about anymore.. it's like i want to but i don't want to hurt him anymore than i already have or something.. hard to explain..
from sweetiepie34 :
I forgot to tell you that your in our hall of fame. We have buttons but since we changed our layout we have to change our buttons. :)
from jelibeary :
Hey thanks for telling us the meaning to skanking and emo. Here in louisiana Skank is a bad kinda word. I'm 20 almost 21 and not much is different but the time does get faster as you get older that is for sure. I love sleep now I don't feel I get enough of it. It goes by so fast.
from sweetiepie34 :
Your Review is up now and you did great. come check it out at HOnest But Sweet Reviews. From all of us at H.B.S.R.
from sweetiepie34 :
Hi my name is Larenda and I'm in the middle of reviewing your diary, but I just wanted to apologize for taking so long on it. I've had alot of things going on in my personal life. Anyway I will have it up by tomorrow night. I promise. Sorry for the delay. Larenda from H.B.S.R.
from angeloffear :
Cheer up!
from angeloffear :
I've actually decided to stay with my Angel of fear diary. Thanks for caring : )
from neuroticaa :
i see your point.. though, i have a thing for dreamy elves outside of my own species..
from wzrdofozfan :
hola. im the big 1-5. yeah, 80s kicked ass. woot.... so, yeah, im 15, and you?
from bbwing :
The guestbook is eveil and sent before I capuld write what I wanted... I'm sorry you'rte having friend problems, I know the feeling.Hope you feel better.~Erin~
from girlreview :
from bbwing :
You're welcome ~Erin~
from laudien :
Ugh, I know. I want to be short :'( lol
from laudien :
LOL, tell me about it. It's not even like the French came up with French Fries to begin with...wasn't it some guy from Belgium? I dunno, it's just all wacky lol. Freedom Fries...*shakes head* By the way, I don't think you care, but just to get in the conversation...I'm 5'9" ;) hehehe, take care.
from neuroticaa :
how tall are YOU
from neuroticaa :
5'3 ish?
from laudien :
LOL, yep, it means fish, but that's what the French call April Fools Day. Instead of pulling the pranks that we do, they put fake fishes on people's backs. It's odd, but then again, so's our custom for April 1st. lol ;)
from wheezme :
your review at oriel review is ready...
from badcop :
Hi! Your review is done and posted. Good job.
from pastagirl2 :
Thanks for the layout comment :) I like it a lot myself too, well duh.. Anyways, I'll add you on the pending list asap.
from deadmessiah :
Hey, it's BasS. No need to say thanks for the review, your diary rocks lol. It's in my favourites, so I will be back! ~BasS
from porktornado :
I fear I have gotten here too late...Dreamcatcher is a terrible movie. Save yourself! -=D=-
from erinyes16 :
I'm only 13. That's why my writing sucks! Oh well....I'm trying to improve on that. Later
from erinyes16 :
from bad-poetry :
April here. I have just posted your review. I hope you like it. It can be found here:
from reviews4u :
Your review from Reviews4U is finished! The URL is
from strummer- :
At least once a day. :) I don't know if you've heard of Dominia, but she's promoting masturbation for peace. I think a good slogan would be "Go Fuck Yourself." Whaddathink?
from strummer- :
Hey, I've already jumped on that bandwaggon wiggie. :) I've been working hard this week.
from strummer- :
from neostalin :
Man, you blow cunt! I got all happy when I got the email that said, "You've got a new note at Diaryland", and then I discovered that the note was just one from you bitching about how I signed off early. Arggg!
from erinyes16 :
I'm not all into church. I mean I am, but I'm not. I didn't really talk about them that much, but I do believe in God. Anyways I don't listen to Avril or Blink182. The sad thing is my hair isn't even blonde and they said that it is. ok enough about that. The point of this message is to say thanks for the message! =)
from ecirht :
do u think u could possibly maybe make a guestbook layout to go with the layout i have now for me?
from oipunkgrunge :
5'0 and 110 aint bad at all though..ya gotta have some meat in you :o) just work in yer abs so ya can have a flat tight tummy and dont starve yourself..good lucks :o)
from toot-reviews :
hey girl :)! Your review's up! :) XOXO, MAndy
from review-elf :
Heylo! Your review is up at review-elf.
from ecirht :
hmm.. i dunno.. i guess something anarchish. i cant really think of anything that would look decent other than that.
from hsreviews :
i reviewed your site :)
from plaidpapunk :
Thanks for the offer on the Casualties layout, but I just got the Lord Of The Rings one I have or I'd take a look at it. I'm glad to be back at school so I can finally read your diary again. My browser at home would show the picture and wouldn't show what you had typed. I guess I have some catching up to do.
from elateddream :
I agree. The Osbournes rock.
from shes-a-bitch :
Can do! I'm a Supreme Being! Participation Level of 966, buddy. Yep. So, thanks for the review. I've been contemplating changing my layout for the longgest time, but I've just gotten so used to it... that, and I don't think I could re-make it in any way that I would like it more. Meh. Thanks again! ~Vicky
from diaryreviews :
Your review is up at ~Vicky
from incupark :
No prob. You seem cool =D
from silver23 :
i just signed your guestbook but it's being stubborn now so i'll leave a note..... i'm the one who signed for curvereviews, even tho i forgot to tell you that.. so now you know... hehe -poppy
from giantmidgets :
i like your deadjournal more.

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