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from treewillow :
May 2nd. Hi there, it's been 28 days since you last updated. I hope all is well with you. My thoughts and prayers are with you and I hope you update soon. Please take care, hugss
from dramoth :
beautiful design. =)
from pandionna :
I LOVE the socket wrench! Very cool. Nice to see you updating again. I missed you.
from pandionna :
YAY! You're still here! I thought you might have left for good. Please tell me you'll be back, at least now and then. I miss you!
from treewillow :
I hope and pray all is ok. It's been some time now since you have updated. Please take care, hugsss.
from pandionna :
Thinking of you!
from treewillow :
Hi there, it's been a while since you updated. I hope all is well with you. Hugss
from pandionna :
Heh, well, I didn't want you to think I read your note that said they caught him, and then felt compelled to say "so fucking what?" Mainly, I'm just grousing about all of the self-accolades that I'm sure many of our fellow Americans are indulging in at the moment. And it has indeed crossed my mind that they knew where he was and just waited until it was time for a good public relations move to actually catch him. But, nah, I'm not a conspiracy theorist, either. ;-)
from pandionna :
Heh, my Saddam entry has nothing to do with you, ma'am. I read your GB entry after I wrote it. Mainly, it makes me nauseated to see people making a big deal over this, when the real s.o.b. is still out there. I'd hate to see people jump back on the Bush bandwagon because of this. Sigh...
from golfwidow :
I already tried them and they're backordered, but thank you for your efforts.
from obislollipop :
HAPPY BIRFDAY! I need whatever email addy you use..and your new snail mail because I have to send you spoiling type stuff, LOL.. and you wanted my list, even though you shouyldn't get me anything, goober, here it is (I also left it at your aqwhateverwhoosit addy) anything by Ray Bradbury, the only book I have by him is october country, though he is my fav author pinups, man who sold the world, or space oddity by bowie heathen chemistry or masterplan by oasis anything by rockapella,all I have is their concert cd, though they may be a hard group to find.. a tenderheart (key chain sized or bean bag is fine) plush care bear cause my fam never got me one, sniff... and the colors you said to email you were silver, black, purple, green though if you get me anything I'll hit you
from pandionna :
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Many hugs to you!
from treewillow :
Hey there, thank you for your note. I do have a cell phone, I think I will change the plan I have. Right now it has nothing free. I just have it for emergency's if I need to call for help. When you have time, the layout is fine. I would still love to have it when you have time to make one. I am sorry to hear about you and hubby. As for the new job, that's great I hope. Please take care, hugsssss
from doyoubeleive :
they were both very spiffy rings! I especially liked the no-sheeple one. When I was little, my mom always told me not to be a cow, and follow the herd...which goes along with your sheep theory, just a different animal. I'm also a gamer, and we drink jolt (well, mountain dew more, but they go together to me) and finding both those rings together was just cool. you rock! =D
from theoddone72 :
Problems in paradise... If you'd like to continue reading my diary, the username is friendpeople and the password is password.
from hcatty :
hi! thanks for your note. LOVE your diary, funny stuff. *wiggles her big toe* ;o)
from lightedpath :
Hello! Lighted Path is now up and running! You are more than welcome to come and add your site to our Christian Directory! Can't wait to see what God does in and through us as we all work together! - with much love, Christy
from treewillow :
Thank you so much for your note. It means alot to me. Thank you hugss
from spikes-hunny :
Thanks for leaving me the note! ^_^ I love the ring, thanks again! ~Rachael
from pandionna :
YAY! Congrats! I know how important working is to you, and I'm glad things are coming together.
from popocatapetl :
Hiya, I've just added myself to your diary ring. I haven't added the proper code because it didn't work with my template, but I've put in a link to the page, hope this is ok. Pleeeeeeeease don't delete me!
from obislollipop :
lol, I thought the same thign about john ritter, and no one else I takled to even realized that he was clifford...(blush) we won't go into how much pbs ziggy watches, hehe.. but yeah, tell me about it..t.hat just makes me so sad...
from pandionna :
Oh no! I MUST have that flamingo!
from pandionna :
Thanks for the heads up about Ravyne! Adding her back at once.
from herkinerf :
Hey there! Just wanted to say thanks for the note and for letting me know that you got a kick out of my blabbering on about retarded coworkers. The encouragement to continue being a snot nose is welcome :)
from prosa :
Hi, I'm from the banners place. Thanks for dropping by, I've sent you an email with the details of banner submission. Toodles.
from pandionna :
Actually, the debate only covered four things: Iraq, the economy, healthcare, and amnesty for undocumented workers and immigrants. No one mentioned the Patriot Act by name, although they all pretty much slammed John Ashcroft.
from overlyemo :
Yeah, sorry. It's only temporary. Someone from my home town found my diary, so I am going to have it locked until I am pretty sure everyone who knows the address no longer cares. Thanks.
from katehackett :
That's such a HUGE propaganda piece. That's terrible. Yes, pets die, but...they could be far worse off. Horrible.
from treewillow :
Hi there, sorry to hear you didn't get the job. And I hope you find one soon.
from growpeace :
Hi, Good luck on the interview. Aloha, Joy
from thepeachtree :
Hey, its Jesso... A good friend of mine had her best friend die, and found out just a hour ago. If you were going to leave me a note... don�t. You should go to her diary and leave happy hopeful thoughts in her notes section. Thanks a lot kid, she, and I, would definitely appreciate it, from one Diarylander to another... ( )
from growpeace :
Hi, Wow thanks for all the cool words about my diary. I would love a redesign. email me at [email protected]. I am excited because your work is beautiful! Aloha from Hawaii's Noisy Frog Invasion News. Peace.
from heyjuderevu :
I'm kicking it on the reviewer arena at Hey Jude Reviews and wanted to invite you to be reviewed! - Love Christy [brdwaybebe]
from thepeachtree :
I think you should sign 100 random diarys saying that you have your 100th entry finished! Or you could do a 100 things about me page ! woo!
from brdwaybebe :
Hi! I suggest a "100 Things About Me" List That is what I did for my 100th entry. - God Bless!
from amnesiafaker :
Your no-sheeple ring is proving most valuable. Especially to my sense of worth.
from katehackett :
Tanks! :O) I love my contact page. It's great!
from katehackett :
Butterflies scare me, yo. SCARE me! :OP
from alhanahstar :
I would just like to say that you don't have to be a mom or a child to love VeggieTales! You can be a 27 year old sillyhead! I can't believe I don't have them on my profile! Thanks for reminding me! (From another Rich Mullins fan.) ~Aunt Beth~
from katehackett :
Yay! And, note that the irony of being in a GROUP that promotes individualism doesn't escape me.
from armareum :
hey. i saw the message you left on ravynespeaks's first diary entry. i would just like to say that after you get pregnant, your metabolism becomes more efficient. this change is permanent. this may be the reason for the weight gain you profess. other than that, hope you have a nice day. DAve xx.
from ravynespeaks :
grrrr! every time I try to sign your guestbook, I get an error message and then when I try to resign it says I cannot sign again so soon! Anyway, love the banner and I see it is doing well. And best wishes on the job interview. huggsss
from rockonbytch :
aw,no popcorn shrimp?
from punkymunky41 :
Great journal, the no popcorn shrimp dissapointed me, but the journal more than made up for it! ^.^
from darkfairy13 :
cool diary, and I didn't expect to get any popcorn shrimp. (don't even like it)
from writer4eva :
Popcorn shrimp is really a great way to get people to read. It worked! Anyway, you have a cool diary, and keep writing!
from ravynespeaks :
I actually like it. I was just thinking about my readers. I will leave it for now and see if I get any comments about it.
from ravynespeaks :
Well, what do you think? Is the font hard to read against that Burgundy background?
from ravynespeaks :
Never mind, I figured it out
from ravynespeaks :
RE: Archives...yeah, I haven't been able to figure out why it is duplicating everything. If you think you may know why...could ya tell me? lol
from ravynemyst :
ooooppsss..under RAVYNESPEAKS not under this one. sorry..forgot I switched.
from ravynemyst :
Windy, Check out my drop-down box I just finished for my rings! ::A:: still loads slower than the others, but I think it is because there are a lot of rings on that one. Thanks sooooo much for that wonderful suggestion!
from kimbarley :
I so wish I lived near you... I'd take Cajun off of your hands in a heartbeat. She reminds me of my old kittie Bear who she really looks like... which of course stole my heart just like he did... all those lovely memories. I'm sorry I can't help you find a home for them... goodluck!
from seventigers :
Kitties. I love kitties. Unfortunately I live in Michigan. I hope you find homes for them all. They really are adorable. I especially love Scamp. Then again, I'm a sucker for three-color-cats. I have a tortie of my own (who is also pretty fiesty). Loved the diary and the pics.
from ravynemyst :
Windy, you've made me think as well so the feeling is mutual dear. I have thought about the Libertarians too from time to time, and I do agree with some of their agendas, but I cannot help but feel that they are too connected still to the Republican party. I need to do more research on them. Yeah, I noticed the effects the "where do you hail from" is having earlier, will definitely go change it. Thanks!
from ravynemyst :
Windy, Interesting article on our Freedoms. I agree, Freedom does come at a huge price. I just hope we all remember not to sacrifce those freedoms for cleverly disquised securities. Take care.
from vyv-xx :
Welcome to the nitpicky diaryring.
from ravynemyst :
Thanks for all your comments on my blog site. Decided to come check out yours as well :)
from beagle47 :
thanks so much for the favorite(s) listing. my wife and i have chosen not to have children because of, amongst other things, your feeling about being frustrated once in a while with them. i think i might feel that way, er, every five minutes! thanks again. peace.
from scubaduck :
thanks for joining my watermelon ring :)
from agiel :
Only 3 entries thus far? But I wanted more! Good luck with that kid of yours--I STILL have the "peanut-butter and jelly" song in my head from when my little sister sang it every day. And that was a dozen years ago!

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