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from weymouth66 :
Have a wonderful Christmas, and please come on here soon and let us know how you're doing, babe - even if it's just a quick post. All my love, Jess x x x
from weymouth66 :
Thanks for the note, you're a sweetheart. Are you ready for Euro 2004? love Jess xx
from fineskylark :
hi! welcome back!
from weymouth66 :
Thanks for the wishes! Much love xx
from weymouth66 :
How ya doin' babe? Missing you. Drop by some time... love Jess xx
from myfirstmine :
Hmm, sorry. That last note from "freakygodguy" was from me, and I am not a god freak or a guy. I didn't realize that my friend had logged in with her joke-diary. My apologies.
from freakygodguy :
You live in Vancouver, and like Pavement. I think I'm in love with you.
from retrovenus :
hi there! I'm in your socks ring, and I don't know if you allow locked diaries, but just to play it safe here is the username (shadowfox) and password (tainted). My cousin deliberately went through my stuff and read my diary, and I don't think I could handle the fact of her knowing my thoughts, secrets, and fears. If this is unacceptable, please leave me a note or E-mail me. thank you for your time, ~�Retro Venus�~
from muffindisco :
Hi! Pleated skirts, yowza that IS difficult. My friend tried to teach me to crochet a few nights ago, with disastrous results! It was kind of fun.
from onepotatotwo :
It is good that you use notes, and not the since notes are only signable by the poublic community, and being only accessable by them mean a whole new world of possibilities. For example, You could have a crazy~~ ONLY PARTAY!! and then only invite the people on your notes page, and that way it would work better, since you wouldnt have to weed out all the people who are not not members. Cause those other peo...
from lilchasez23 :
Just thought I would let you know, I was the 500th person to join your fraggle rock webring...*waits for sirens and flashing lights to go off* What have I won? :)
from weymouth66 :
Thanks darling, mwah mwah
from weymouth66 :
Hiya! Rob (who ran the World Cup diaryring) is about to lose her gold membership, so as the qualifiers for Euro 2004 in Portugal are already under way could you please be an angel and start a Euro 2004 diaryring? Thanks and much love, Jess x x
from decemberguy :
Your diary is the utmost! Keep writin, I'll keep readin..
from fuschiashock :
from weymouth66 :
Shame you missed the Women's U19 World Cup, Christine Sinclair from your team is awesome. Faye Dunn and Kim Holden of the England squad are friends of mine - they're the same Faye and Kim that I mention in my diary entries about watching women's football.
from fuschiashock :
i was going through your cbc diaryring, and i noticed a lot of password protected diaries. i really don't see the point. it's quite annoying.
from greengrl :
Thanks for taking my survey, woman. You rock!
from lacorneille :
Welcome to the Alan Rickman diaryring!
from weymouth66 :
Thanks for your message. I've supported Slovenia since they qualified for Euro 2000 as underdogs, beating Ukraine brilliantly when everyone said they'd lose. So you support Croatia - I like Robert Prosinecki, he was the star of my home town team Portsmouth last season.
from robertahay :
Yay You joined my World Cup ring! Whee! I bet you feel all proud now! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!! luv from Rob
from vagueanomaly :
I developed a small crush, somewhere along the way, on Woody Harrelson. I don't know how that happened. And most people find HIM kinda scary, so....
from bornonatrain :
do i know that song? hello, i do live in canada! snowbird. anne murray. there's no shame in knowing anne murray!
from cheeky-miuko :
from bornonatrain :
hey, man do i know the stunning duh-feat of landing on a body part that should not be landed on. i feel your pain. oddly enough, my slip also happened en route to the bus. fortunately, mr. bus driver man was kind enough to open his doors so's i wouldn't have to cross no street in my pain. yeah. ouch.
from cheeky-miuko :
AAAAHHHH. i did not get your tape yet!! i am so scared because the post office told us that they lost a package and that they will call us when they "find" it, which means, they probably won't find it. i am frightened because it might be yours. did you put it in a small package? then it might be safe, cos then they'd just cram it in my mailbox. :O
from mistym :
hi. i was hoping since i stumbled upon your diary, maybe i could guide you to my diary.
from pants :
thanks for not shunning me. as always, you rule :)
from grrrlafraid :
Hey wowee - tell your friend luvthatjay that I can't reply to her note because she hasn't activated her noted section and she doesn't have an e-mail address supplied in "Contact Me" - thanks a million! :) Grrrl
from bornonatrain :
hey, just another indie rock girl from vancouver here. been reading your diary tonight, and, well, i was bummed when eric's trip cancelled too. but hey, them's the breaks, i suppose. still sucks, though. cat.
from stoic-eyes :
Woah! I'm officialy the 1000th viewer of your diary. I feel so special and beyond cool neh? I like curious george ^_^

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