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from darkeyedlady :
So, tell me, why does your imood say that you are sad about getting your driver's license? (Congrats, though, I love you!)
from datura93 :
I just stumbled upon your diary and wanted to say hello! I read quite a bit and enjoyed my stay. I'll probabably drop by from time to time :)
from bucky-o-hare :
Mothers are only human, you can't hide things from them coz then they'll be pissed off that u hid stuff from them. There'll be a moment with your mother and then you'll tell her everything and she wont care and that is when you've moved on. Me and my mother's song was my own worst enemy but now its something happy anyway. Perhaps your mother's lush really
from ladyvivien :
Happy birthday, my darling. And you know, I thought you were older. 18 Enjoy it. And I hope things are still going well between you and your girl.
from darkeyedlady :
well, then darling, just UPDATE the damn thing. Hypocrisy was abound in that entry. I want to know what's going on in lani-land.
from anglewings :
Ok, you got my vote, have time drop by!
from emeraldfae :
You and me (although I am straight) seem to have very similar love experiences. Love is such a great great thing, but it does complicate things doesn't it?
from emeraldfae :
You say you don't like poetry? Thats a damn shame, you're very good at it. Love is a good motivator for words. Keep up the good work, I want more!
from delphianlady :
i read your profile because i saw it on a friend's favorite list... i checked out one of your entries and it was gorgeous! It's always nice to read someone's diary who thinks in terms of near story-fashion. Rock on...
from indigoflame :
Just came in through your banner and thought I'd say hello.
from neangel :
I saw your banner & had to say ello! We have many common interests at least musically! Have a beautiful wkend...(i have ani pics on my diary... lol)
from euphoria21 :
I actually came through because I saw your banner, but I saw women get you fluttery too! I know the feeling, they're beautiful creatures. Take care!
from ilvlansten :
HEY HEY! I saw you banner ad thing and I thought I would come in. If your name is Lani, WE HAVE THE SAME NAME! WOOT WOOT! Well, I thought I would say hi and I'll be checking up around here now and then! Check ya! =)
from voldura :
Wow, I wish I could feel that free.
from hurleygurl63 :
Hey - it's me. Write me another note, and tell me how the hell I'm supposed to work all of this business. . .this is one of the few times that I've clueless ;)
from liastnir :
And I thought I was the only Changeling
from gcchick182 :
drama sucks. [not acting, but ya know? drama drama. person drama.] try to stay away from it...
from battlestaar :
bummer about the headmaster, girl. those folks are not educators anymore, they are administrators, managers, politicians. and thus mostly worried about looking good to their boss, keeping their job and getting promoted. actually a large segment of our society is like that now. and they call this the home of the brave??? nfw
from micke2005 :
I guess I don't see what everyone means by you have beautiful writing. I think you're good at free writing, but not anything that has moved in, in particular. I can't say much for my diary, since I don't spend a lot of time writing in there...
from rash :
Hi...just read your diary.It was beautiful and youwrite really well.Try not to be so nostalgic about school right now.You have time till enjoy every moment till it's still there.Hope you know what I mean. Best of luck!!!
from boodoll :
...or something
from punky-sam :
hey i just wanted to say that your writing is amazing. if i could write like that my honors english teacher wouldn't hate me for writing what i felt. i do anyways. but your writing is soo awesome. you have an amazing talent. you will go far.
from autumnvoices :
Interesting - for whatever reason I find myself reading... reading.
from kids-say :
Hmmmm.... That funky looking word in my last note... enhpyed is meant to be 'enjoyed'... (( blushing )).. ;)
from kids-say :
Just wanted to say I enhpyed my visit here today. Glad I lost my way and stumled in here. ;)
from gwydion10 :
i don't know how - but i knew you were pagan before i even read your 'fall' entry (oct.1). ^_^ too bad you live so far away, or we could have a samhain celebration together. too bad i don't think there's a moon this halloween. but! three days 'till full, and you know what that means!!! ^_^ good luck coming up with a ritual. ~brightest blessings~
from faerie0124 :
you intrigue me. your words are wise far beyond your years. i wish i could have known as much as you seem to when i was in school. im on aol if you ever want to chat (faerie0124). feel free to look at my diary, too, but i just started so its unlikely to give you much insight as to who i am. blessed be, jalulie
from enchancea :
Thats sucks that you lost your entry. I always write mine in notepad and then post it so I dont lose it.Anyway just wanted to say you have a gorgeous diary.
from enchancea :
Thats sucks that you lost your entry. I always write mine in notepad and then post it so I dont lose it.Anyway just wanted to say you have a gorgeous diary.
from patw-21 :
i hate losing entries!
from cherry-girl :
dude bitch and animal! yea right on! visit my diary
from benamation :
hello, i was bored tonite, so i put in They Might Be Giants in the diaryland search and a bunch of people came up and i randomly clicked on you. I read some of your diary, and i too had walking on sunshine stuck in my head at some point last week! Anyway... it's nice to meet you, my name is Ben. Don't read my diary, because it probably doesn't reflect well on me, but if you ever get bored you can emial me at: [email protected] . I'm a high school senior and I'm just hanging out. Thanks for reading and stuff!
from dependant :
Aw, I'm sorry to hear about your eviction from the closet but i suppose it'll all be ok in the end (my mantra -_o) You have a really great diary and uh...damn i can't thinkm of anything to say except Good luck! and long live the rainbow!
from jonasty :
mmmm... exams are over, so i can cruise diaryland again! oh joy! :) keep writin, keep smilin! *yay*
from brirose :
whoa, I am the FIRST ONE to leave comments for the rainbow-headed girl. is it still rainbow? no matter. talk to you soon, lanni.

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