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from deemarie :
Hi C. I wish I had more time to read your old diary entries to catch up but I am sneaking some internet time at a friend's place while my mac -n cheese boils. Just wanted to say hi. Very suprised that you have kept up with D-land!
from k9642042 :
hayden isn't a band, it's a guy.
from xparrynightx :
i'd really like to talk to rick sometime if there a way i could add him to msn messenger or something? i don't have your phone number and don't know when you guys are working 'n stuff :)...later
from k9642042 :
i'd ask about tuesday, but you should have forgotten about it by now if everything went according to plan. Hope you are good.
from invisibledon :
take my survey --it's called invisibledon
from k9642042 :
you can't just say you had a weird dream and not tell us about it! No fair!
from deemarie :
I wanted to show Jana a picture of your house, so I was shufflin thru to find the one of Hide in your kitchen. When I was talkin to her i meant to say 'this is Hide from Japan making pancakes', but instead i said 'this Hide making Japancakes'.......too many Leine's hehehehehehe
from xparrynightx :
thanks for the message :). yes, i'm back. until i get lazy again i suppose...hehe
from lowkey-d :
definitely claire developed the most...from the whole serious..just look from the beginning
from plainate :
yay billy elliot!
from k9642042 :
you said please, so how could I not leave a note? Have a great time with david's party tonight!
from xparrynightx :
hey :) hope all is well. i'm preparing for a weekend full of work... gonna try to stay up late tonight so i'll make it until 4am the next two nights...
from parrynight :
david told me tim moved out...hopefully a very positive change for you :) looking forward to seeing you again at david's birthday gathering...
from k9642042 :
Notes! I can leave notes! I love yard work! I live in apartment building-ville though so the best I can is to sweep off my lovely cement patio. boo!
from parrynight :
hey colman :). i really like the indigo girls too. i don't know why i haven't listened to them much lately. i think my favorite album of theirs is swamp ophelia...good one :)

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