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from aliboomboom :
What happened? And why did you not want to see the baby? I thikn it would have helped with your grieving. What did the doctors say? I really don't think that you should starve yourself. What's the point in that? I really think that you need to go to therapy. I think that the death of your daughter is just on top of everything else. I think that you need help. Were you getting proper prenatal care up to that point? Please leave me a note and let me know what the doctor said. YOu are in my thoughts and prayers.
from momma-at-17 :
Sweetie, I'm soo sorry. I know how you must feel. I've lost one as well. Although under different circumstances. I know that right now it doesn't seem like it but things will get better. The pain will never fully heal. There will always be a place in your heart reserved for Dominica. One day things will get back to the point where they are bearable again. Just remember that I will always be here for you to turn to. If you ever need to just talk remember I'm only an IM or email away. I'm here for you Amaris. Don't forget that. I will always be here to help you in anyway that I can. You are in my thoughts!
from momma-at-17 :
Aww, hun, I'm so sorry that something like that happend to you. You don't deserve that. I am very happy that you stood your ground, don't let it get to you too much, that just shows the true side of some people and you will ALWAYS have the knowledge that YOU are the better person. Take care hun, if you need anything I'm just an instant message or email away...
from momma-at-17 :
No problem sweetie. That's what friends are for. I'm glad that you two talked and worked things out. Take care!!
from momma-at-17 :
Aww sweetie, things WILL get better I promise you! I'm here for ya Ok??
from momma-at-17 :
No I don't mind you sending that to me at all. I'm a little confused why you want to share it with me but... I'm sorry that you are having a tough time sweetie, I wish that you didn't have to go through all this...
from momma-at-17 :
Thanks sweetie. I hope that things are looking up for you.
from xxpaperdolxx :
Hello everyone the username to my journal is amaris and the password is garret

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