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from phatgrrl :
username=reader password=password
from caffeinegeek :
I'm on Vox as CGG. Send me an invite if you don't mind. :)
from sparkspark :
Hi! Send me a note when you start back up. XO Violet
from curistar :
Listen to "Kremlin Dusk" by Utada Hikaru if you haven't already.
from sparkspark :
Thanks for the "there thou art happy" reminder. I hope all settles down for you soon.
from raven72d :
Treasure being able to sleep.
from caffeinegeek :
We'll have to compare notes on workin from home. It can be an adjustment.
from caffeinegeek :
CONGRATULATIONS! I know how badly you wanted this. :)
from raven72d :
Always glad to hear that it went well. I may have to read some of your papers someday soon!
from raven72d :
How did the discussion go? I've missed hearing from you-- and keeping up with your research... Good luck for the fall semester, by the way.
from sparkspark :
I am so with you on the pimp thing. And, come to think of it, on the other four things, as well. But still, the pimp thing is obnoxious.
from his-holiness :
Thank you. I have just registered. I had been hesitant to do so before, as it is a shared line, but I cannot abide this nonsense any longer. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
from caffeinegeek :
I care. Kung Fu sounds cool.
from caffeinegeek :
Excellent list. I like 3 the best.
from caffeinegeek :
Tag you're it! List 5 things that society in general apparently enjoys or tolerates that you just don't get. Then tag five more bloggers to do the same.
from curistar :
Just saying "hey." Hope to see you on IM soon. Curi.
from caffeinegeek :
Truer words were never spoken.
from caffeinegeek :
Ha! Nobility had nothing to do with it. I was *so* close to killing him over the whole cleaning thing, and I think he wanted to strangle me as well. :)
from caffeinegeek :
SO and I used to fight endlessly about cleaning. I didn't clean enough, and when I did clean it wasn't *right*. Eventually we sat down and figured out what things he was obsessive about having done *right* and I stopped bothering with those particular things. We haven't argued about it in three years now.
from curistar :
Where in Illinois? You gonna be near Chicago? Curi.
from apostrophe22 :
Wow that was an interesting entry...I completely agree with your stance on pediphiles as well as laws (or codes) named after people. And the picture of the kitten and puppy are beyond adorable! :)
from bluemeany :
Hey, glad I stumbled on your banner. I'll be back to read more. -Meany
from sparkspark :
I have the same reaction to those kinds of protests--the subject of the protest is not likely to be swayed; it's not like the perpetrator raped someone out of ignorance that rape is illegal or wrong.
from caffeinegeek :
The new layout is nice. :)
from caffeinegeek :
I wish I knew. Boy how I wish I knew.
from caffeinegeek :
Sorry to hear about not getting the job. I'm going through the same process right now so I know how bad it sucks.
from hissandtell :
Hi - I was thrilled to see your name on my buddies' list the other day; thank you so much. You older entries are giving me much enjoyment - actually, I'm sitting here chuckling (sympathetically, of course!) over your cavalcade of recent injuries (burns, infections, bruises) - which I can completely relate to. And good luck with your job and new place, darling. (Your dream home sounds completely divine, by the way.) Love, R xxx
from miracledrug :
i've heard of requiem for a dream, but my bf said its probably the most disturbing movie he's ever seen...but i'd like to watch it someday=D xx
from candoor :
wandering through my links, I send a Happy Valentine's Day from the funda and all of me :)
from mylitlepony :
of course bush is a liar, a fraud, and a zelot. if he wasn't then he wouldn't be president. but you think kerry isn't a liar, a fraud, and a zelot just as much as bush is?
from mylitlepony :
why would you rather have kerry as president than bush?
from curiosityv :
The abortion thing is easy to understand. They want the children at the expense of the government (and the mother). The government pays for them through welfare, then they draft them. Politicians aren't going to draft their own sons and daughters. It has nothing to do with a woman's "right to life" or her body or whatnot, although it is upsetting to think they are being warmongers under the guise of a 2000-year old religious cult. But that's all in a day's work, I suppose. Curi.
from fmteen :
Hi, I noticed you disliked Bush, while I realize he is not perfect (neither are we) I think he is far above Kerry, I am just curious about your point of view......
from hazel-rain : humble me. sorry if i seemed aggressively opinionated. didn't mean to. :) of course it's wrong to kill puppies. rock on - ember
from hazel-rain :
it's always great to read someone who stands for absolutely everything i stand against. i'll never agree with you...but your diary is always a good read, quite insightful for a Christian and republican like me. can't wait until bush is re-elected!
from bexx :
Found you through the iron and wine ring. I like your anti-bush countdown by the way. -BeXx
from s3raph :
hmm hopefully i can find more things in a box that will make all smile...
from raven72d :
North America (outside of New Orleans) never did handle the sex industry well... and New Orleans lost its pleasure district in 1917.
from raven72d :
Commercial sex in Honolulu... Hmmm... Many a long year ago I read something about the way the military handled prostitution in Honolulu during WW-2... How the shift to a mass-production mode affected the industry itself as well as how the connection to the military and the war effort shifted all the old measures of control by local authorities. Why do I recall these things?
from raven72d :
So what is the thesis actually on? And how does one get to go to go to Kauai for research rather than gloomy archives somewhere?
from funda :
This is a test. (beep) This is a test of the Emergency Valentine's Day System. (EVS) This test is to see if leaving notes around DLand will make this a wonderful day (and weekend) in spite of not particularly being with anyone romantically at the moment. (ummm) May the results be that all this love in my heart found some productive use. (smile) And maybe a giggle or few (Happy V-Day from my other persona too :)
from scumthing :
heyness! i took your survey, so that's how i ended up here. lol, i know what you mean about forgetting spanish. I'm taking it, and i cant even remember it! All the stuff I learned in spanish 1 and 2 went out the window somewhere btw summer break and christmas break...
from elegantfreak :
Last time somebody asked me how I compensate for my weaknesses, I looked them straight in the face and told them that I don't have any weaknesses. After the obligatory moment of awkward silence, they assumed I was joking and laughed it off. It has become my rote answer to that question. Bonus, it makes me look ridiculously arrogant, stubborn, and unstable. I've been led to believe that those are very desirable traits in today's political atmosphere. You know me, always trying to fit in. Oh, and something about the procrastination, maybe you are struggling with transitions/depression. I'm not a psych person, but it sort of sounds like something of that. Hope it gets better for you.
from roxyelliot :
Cool. We have alot in common. :)
from roxyelliot :
Thanks so much for the kudos. Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier. Guestbook troubles. :)
from funda :
merry happy and enjoy your vacation :)
from always2big :
Yeah, Christians did kill people in battles back in the day...but I'm saying Muslims are taught TODAY to kill non-Muslims...and yes you're right, NORMAL people don't kill, but I'm saying Muslims are still taught that, while the New Testament teaches Christians that murder is wrong.
from fat-hannah32 :
Okay, I read your answers in a survey about Christianity, and where did you come up with Christians kill Muslims because they aren't Christians? That's exactly opposite. NORMAL Christians don't kill Muslims because of their beliefs, but Muslims are taught to kill anyone that doesn't share their belief. Get your story right sister.
from apparitional :
(again about Joseph Beth)yeah, i remember always spending more than i planned there, but in a good way.
from apparitional :
been reading your entries from the beginning and.. long long ago i would go to the Joseph Beth bookstore in Lexington. stop me before i use some equally banal variant of /it's a small world./
from funda :
I am realizing, as I read you, that I am beyond disillusioned and well nigh on to ambivalent, which is probably why I am not writing much except endless rambles about this, that, and nothing in particular in other diaries instead of something meaningful at either extreme (optimistic or cynical). I thank you for slipping some hard reality into my lazy fantasy.
from apparitional :
thanks for signing my notes page. i'm trying to think of something intelligent to say and failing miserably, so: not only do i like your diary but you have fantastic taste in music. ��
from pinkpills :
mmm I like your writing. more....MORE
from the29th :
Hiya. Here are your questions: 1. What did you want to be when you grew up? 2. Is there a work of art of any kind you wish you'd made? 3. Ever seen a ghost? 4. Best present you've ever been given? 5. Most unconventionally attractive celebrity you'd like to kiss?
from maskedmofo :
No, thank you for creating the PKD ring.
from funda :
But it is Hawaii, right?
from xmasface :
Belated or not, thanks for the welcome. Have you heard anything about the two new plays based off of PKD's life? I've only seen one of them performed as a reading. It's called 10,000 Words: the Transmigration of Philip K. Dick or something like that. It's really pretty good aside from a rough ending. Cheers!
from funda :
Thanks so much, and now thanks to you I have more books and music to find.
from funda :
seriously interesting.
from chadmuska :
thanks for joining my hermanhesse ring!
from elegantfreak :
Re: economic destruction and the barter system. What, and have our labor actually be worth something? Why, that's crazy talk! Carefull, Alan Greenspan might hear you...
from kb8 :
Thank you for your candor in filling out my survey. "No legacy is so rich as honesty." -William Shakespeare
from apockalyptik :
You are quite entertaining, indeed my dahling. =) Good work, cheers mate.
from lezbian :
Just letting you know that I read your diary. Check mine out if you'd like :)
from stillalone :
hahaha. that sounds like a good idea!
from stillalone :
you live in the bible belt too, huh? i thought your answers to the christianity survey were really smart and seemed well thought-out. haven't checked out your diary yet (only your survey answers and profile) but i'm going to right after this =) take care.
from plaguegirl :
Thanks for the nice compliment in my notes. Your diary is very cool.
from bonkersquipy :
thanks for joining the nabokov diaryring...and welcome...
from sylviashadow :
Thanks for joining lady lazurus!"The blood-jet is poetry, there is no stopping it."---sylviashadow
from mangofarmer :
Thanks for taking my survey! Very nice diary too. :)
from amalthea23 :
thanks for adding me! and you know what, i like zwan too, no matter how much i'm mocked....
from plume :
I understand that. There's a deeper beauty to the pumpkins. And I can still relate to all those past emotions, some of them still linger. Some of them are still in effect. But I encourage you to try and embrace the positivity of Zwan too, it's good for your soul. It took me a couple of years of live shows before Zwan completely captured me, but now I'm lost. They are great.
from squirrelx :
Thank you for signin' my guestbook. Your kindness is most sincerely appreciated --- as is your URL. Thanks for leavin' it so I could visit your diary too! Best, Xtine / Squirrel X
from fergie :
howdy, don't worry about death in your dreams. it usually represents change, such as the end of one phase of your life and the start of another, not an actual death. dreams are messages to ourselves... are you afraid of loosing something? ok at he rist of sounding like miss cleo i'll stop now!! :) thanks for stopping by my site. take care. -f
from deadish :
oh, my, no. freakazoid regularly made me laugh horribly loud and then feel stupid for having made such a horrible noise... ^_^ i want it back! ieee... (rasputina ring, hooray!)
from horngoddess :
Big Bad Glenville. I attend GSC. Thanks again for the compliments on the diary. It's just my life....*S* that's all. Drop me a line on AIM sometime.
from bmi :
Amelie is adoring and a good buy imnsho. It is one of my favorites at the moment. Great journal. I am loving my time here.
from wvprincess :
Thanks for leaving me a note!!I'm glad to meet another person from good ole wv! where in wv are you from?
from horngoddess :
Thanks for the note. It's good to know that if I am indeed least I'm not alone. :o) What part of WV are you from??
from weezer1d :
i have the same issues with v s naipaul. sometimes he's really good, other times...blech...

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