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from marcjo10489 :
Hi, I'm an old friend of Titie, I noticed you went to her wedding. Can you please send her my e-mail. it's [email protected]. and the following message: Hoi Titie, Ik ben blij dat alles met jouw goed gaat. Met mij wat minder, Mijn vader is overleden, en ik heb het daar erg moeilijk mee. En ik denk iedere dag aan jouw.
from ry-guy :
ZQF - Reading through your profile i noticed that The Brack Show is listed as one of your favorite TV shows. Please let it be known that for your Birthday, I suggested (to a certain "Wig" in her own right) that a great gift idea for ZQF may be the NEW ATHF DVD collection. Somehow, I knew you would know what that was. Thank You.
from eucalia :
Hey there, thanks for signing my guestmap, although honestly I have no idea why you think I appreciate your area. Not that have anything against your area, but I had to look up Laconia just to see where it was...and I've never been to NH. But thanks for signing.
from z0tl :
your name alone should qualify you for free chocolate at the least!
from katymarie7 :
i don't know if you got my message on your phone the other day, but i left you my address...215 eisenhower ave seaside heights nj 08751. sounds like you are having an awesome time on the trip. can't wait to see the pictures. i'll see you soon cuz jim already has me pencilled in on the schedule!
from katymarie7 :
ha, i loved this entry even if it didn't mention my food loving tendencies once. ps i'm not from g.i.w dammit!
from brocktastic :
This one is actually for Bradley21 but since he doesn't have his "notes" feature turned on I had to leave it here. I'm sure you'll pass it on. "Hey, you got to learn to spell, you know? Were you watching a PRAWN channel or a PORN channel? Either way I do not think it was a PRON channel. I've been begging Ted Turner for a Prawn Channel for 6 years now. Did the bastard finally do it? I've got to have my Prawn!!!!!!" -Pep´┐Ż
from brocktastic :
It's paCHouli, dipwad, not paTRouli, unless you are referring to the essential oils seeping from your pores after a double fry-o-licious shift at Patrick's - then and only then can it be referred to as PATROULI. Is the problem with the M.E. fans that (A) they are "Tuesdays," or that (B) they have the ability to think ahead and join the club in order to get preferential treatment, or (C) all of the above? Alas, poor Spence! -Unbirthdaygirl
from brocktastic :
You've got so many messages! I was afraid mine would be lost in the sea of fan mail, but I guess maybe not. Well this can start you off. Finish this latest entry so I can read it and go to bed! Night! -Birthdaygirl

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