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Complete control over who can and can't see your blog:

A lot of people keep blogs and online diaries because they want to talk to the whole world. Plenty of other people however do not want everyone to see what they're writing, or they want just a certain group of people to read them. We've come up with a ton of features in order to keep your diary accessible to who you want reading - and inaccessible to who you don't:

- You can of course have a totally public blog that we list in our members directory. This is as public as it gets and you'll get a fair number of people you don't know (yet) checking in to see what you're up to.

- The next level of privacy is that anyone can see your site, but only if they know the address and we don't list you in our member directory. This is pretty private, although you may still get strangers coming in now and then and reading your site.

- Another level of privacy is that you can completely lock up your site and only give the special password out to people you want to be able to read it (Don't worry, this is a different password than you'll use to update your site, so they can't change anything, just read it). This is the most private option and prevents you from being listed on search engines or anyone stumbling on you in some other way. One cool feature of this too is you can create multiple passwords for your friends, so if you decide you want to stop one of them reading, you just turn off their access, and the others won't be affected. This is very private.

- We also provide an IP blocking option. If you check your stats and notice someone reading your blog from your workplace for instance, you can block that IP (or blocks of IPs) and they won't be able to read your site from there anymore.

- And finally, we also have the ability to mark a certain entry as being private. So even if you have a completely public diary, you can have some of the entries hidden in a special folder that you need a special password to get into. This is a nice compromise that a lot of our users love because they don't mind most of their entries being public.

So from completely public to completely private, we have it all covered, and whatever your particular preferences are, we can do it!

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