Memoirs of the Absent Minded

I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 100.....just thought you'd like to know.

My favorite diaries:

chicagojo profile - diary
comments: I thought my commando-ness was displayed by a big hole, I forgot to wear a shirt, or there was something sexual oozing from my orfices.
ozwald profile - diary
comments: I have a feeling this dude is really hospitable to everyone that walks through the door � but I caught him takin� glances.
adreamofsky profile - diary
comments: I drink coffee and water like a dehydrated narcoleptic, so if you have to go the restroom more than I do, something�s up.
iluvjessee profile - diary
comments: Must have just been a phase :-P
xeran profile - diary
comments: I am REALLY liking the fact that I can now make it to work in less time than it takes me to shave.
bings-place profile - diary
comments: Chandler-b....translated...
cutie1083 profile - diary
comments: Does this make any sense? I'm not completely here right now.
missblackie profile - diary
comments: Ah, Ethan Hawke. I think I only truly, deeply loved you in "Reality Bites".
chuffnutt profile - diary
comments: The rest of the night consisted of me listening in on several conversations, trying to include myself, but I didn't find anything to talk about until I went and came back from the bathroom.
kristintracy profile - diary
comments: I just spilled an HUGE glass of iced tea in my lap...and I'm wearing jeans. And um....I think my plan is to just walk around like nothing is wrong. Be all "What?"
twomothers profile - diary
comments: Eric - and the patch is skin tone so it looks like bitch only has one eye
porktornado profile - diary
comments: Fortunately, good looking women do happen to grow on trees around here.
nycsexpolits profile - diary
comments: I'm bored and broke. No one wants to go out in this weather and let me beat on them, sso I'm doing it over the phone. Mostly it's guys who want to talk about feet
crowhihs profile - diary
comments: A good person doing good things....more when I have more time.
joecartoon profile - diary
comments: But on a good note, I remembered something from 4 years ago, so maybe I don't drink too much after all!!!

My favorite music:

fiona apple
comments: Nice and mellow
Salt N Peppa
comments: Some funkalicious chicks
Red Hot Chili Peppers
comments: I like pleasure spiked with pain...
comments: Rock on
comments: Ultimate party CD

My favorite movies:

Steel Magnolias
comments: Looks like the sanctuary was hosed down with pepto bismol!
To Wong Foo
comments: Red and Wild, that's our theme.
Best in Show
comments: I'm not wearing underwear..
many many more...

My favorite authors:

Stephen King
comments: King of Spooky
Anne Rice
comments: I'm reading her series on the Mayfair witches

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