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We are what we repeatedly do. Having sweet nunchuck skills, then, is not an act, but a habbit. Jennastotlemite

My favorite diaries:

juddhole profile - diary
comments: He took my mailing-lists' virginity. "Would you like some making fuck? Berserker!!!!!!!"
porktornado profile - diary
comments: His gift for writing is almost as dangerous as the color of his eyes.
albannach profile - diary
comments: I'm wondering if the Diaryland public can handle Rachel and I here. Go say hi to her, she's new.
lauralgood profile - diary
comments: Awesome chick. I totally love her. xoxoxoxoxo
lukeduke profile - diary
comments: "...closing the door on today is like closing it on tomorrow."
hotcarl profile - diary
comments: What can I say, I'm a sucker for a hottie. Now where the fuck did HE go?
joecartoon profile - diary
comments: I love this asshole.
jorod74 profile - diary
comments: My sneaky new pet who fucks my mind with his writing. Very sexy.
pirategirl profile - diary
comments: She gave me a very dirty Haiku. Rock ON! Argggh. Surrender yerr Booty.
bingoguy profile - diary
comments: It just so happens that my favorite kind of guy is a BingoGuy AND I love it when he links me. *wink, wink*
chaostraffic profile - diary
comments: My brain usually hurts by the end of his entries. I just put him here to look smart. ;)
warcrygirl profile - diary
comments: This woman knows how to take a situation and make it more fun and interesting than anyone else. Mad Love.
plopphizz profile - diary
comments: "Every time I sneeze, the earth moves closer to imminent danger because of my abnormally large medulla oblongata." You are greatly missed, my Dear.
drbigbeef profile - diary
comments: I like you too. *mwah*
chadly7 profile - diary
comments: So many Chads... so little time.
rickscafe profile - diary
comments: He like to make me cry with his sharp wit.
thedailywtf profile - diary
comments: Just go there and look... you'll see. Oh, and she curses more than me. How fresh is that fucking shit!?
incredipete profile - diary
comments: If only he'd lift that restraining order against me. I STILL LOVE YOU. Please send me old shoes.
mousemilk profile - diary
comments: "It’s like being the subject of the opposite of a tickertape parade."
meanmommy profile - diary
comments: Now that she's getting laid, she has no time for me. :(
xquzme profile - diary
comments: WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE... Did I spell that right?
vickithecute profile - diary
comments: Vicki the great
gumphood profile - diary
comments: "And Jarrod…no one buys Smacks."
freefall74 profile - diary
comments: Needs to turn on their notes so I can give em a piece of my mind about the issue thing. Doesn't he know that everyone who doesn't SUCK loves me???
wombatcity profile - diary
comments: Is it bad to say I want what's under the kilt?? It is? Good.
yeahimadork profile - diary
comments: But there's SO much more!! And I get a little sad she's so far away and I can't just stop by to say hello.
themark profile - diary
comments: Life's ambition: Figure skating judge.
bvror profile - diary
comments: Has peaked my interest...
edgarfrog profile - diary
comments: Likes to trick people into adding him to the favorites list by claiming they "used" to be there. Suspicious and probably hot as hell.
clarity25 profile - diary
comments: Let the sun shine. Let the sunshine in.
nightmare54 profile - diary
comments: Too funny and cynical for his own good...
reynedecoupe profile - diary
comments: I am an ASSHOLE. I thought I added this Gorgoeus Woman AGES ago... Ciao Bella!

My favorite music:

comments: I have loved them all my life
Dusty Springfield
comments: She is so choice and her voice is stunning
comments: *sigh* So hypnotic and a great CD for making-out to.
Eric Clapton
comments: His Crossroads Guitar Festival Special made me fall in love with him all over again...
Franz Ferdinand
comments: I break all plans for Franz.

My favorite movies:

Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me & The TV Series
comments: One of my MANY strong interests
The Boondock Saints
comments: The obsession is only outdone by my adoration of my favorite deleted scene...YIKES.
comments: *sigh* The movie was beautiful inside and out.
comments: "You gonna do somethin'? Or are you just gonna stand there and bleed?" The only thing missing from that movie is... wait, there's nothing missing.
Romancing The Stone
comments: Pure Genius.

My favorite authors:

Agatha Christie
comments: Her style is well thought and complicated. I also love the feel of a truly smart and classic mystery.
Charles Bukowski
comments: My relationship with the person who introduced me to Bukowski was tragic, but well worth the reading material it produced.
Anne Rule
comments: She is the author of MANY true crime novels. The facts are given in a very readable story.
Most Biographies
comments: Whether it's an auto biography or not... I just finished Leadership The Eleanor Roosevelt Way. She was a women's woman.
Roald Dahl
comments: I mean come on! His books were AWESOME. (Is that how you spell his name?)

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