The Trials and Tribulation of Holly Cumings

oh, im cool. im the "im so cool, you dont even know im cool" kinda cool. oh yeah.

My favorite diaries:

shoelessly profile - diary
comments: my bestest best. she's locked, though. sorry. mostly this is here for my convenience
smartypants profile - diary
comments: its all about outlook. i love it.
wendylady profile - diary
comments: me, unlocked
offthetwig profile - diary
comments: gimme your fucking password or ill kick you in the baby!
whopperjawed profile - diary
comments: who is this? i dont know... its a mystery

My favorite music:

simon & garfunkel
comments: one word: amazing. such a generic word for such beautiful and inspirational music, but they are amazing. quite.
the beatles
comments: i love the beatles. i love them so much.
joan jett
comments: kick-ass 80s rock singer/guitarist. oh yeah.
comments: they make me feel, they make me cry. her voice is incredible.
polyphonic spree
comments: their music is like a purely happy and content sigh. fire theft are as well, but in a more rocky way with a delightful irish accent

My favorite movies:

anything tarentino
comments: i love tarentino's movie composition and layout, his style, his flavor. kill bill 1 &2, pulp fiction, reservior dogs, all great. i especially love his choice of actors. they have such electricity when all thrown together
freaks and geeks
comments: tv series, not movie. worth mentioning, though. its about the only thing that makes me miss the high school scene
the neverending story
comments: fucking awesome movie! loved it ever since i was a kid. a playplace for the imagination, another world to dream up and love
comments: i (heart) ewan mcgregor. intriguing movie. love the sense of humor in it. OH! im going to stick this in here, because i love it in the same way i love trainspotting: boondock saints. just saw it recently and love it, love the sense of humor in it. ooo! an
star wars
comments: honestly, who could possibly not love the old star wars? hon solo, princess leah, r2d2, luke, the little teddy bear guys, i love it

My favorite authors:

comments: im adding bands in the authors section because i listen more than i read and i needed more space. grandaddy is good times, quircky, wonderful. theyre one great big smile. very unique
lost & found
comments: i cant not mention these guys. all my friends hate them, im only allowed to listen to them by myself. they love God and they sing about what it means to live life with Gods love coming from you. inspiring. fun. funny-looking. great band.

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