What's Wrong With Alice?

She's got a taste for rabbit holes...

My favorite diaries:

savecraig profile - diary
comments: not so much of a dink - rescues waylaid cats - doesn't update HERE but has a blog now. go see go see.
porktornado profile - diary
comments: he's funny, sure, but his intelligence far outweighs the funnyfunny. i only wish people like this were in my life.
fellbehind profile - diary
comments: i love this one. i think maybe he's me but a guy?
getodweller profile - diary
comments: he dwells in the geto. i mean ghetto.
danmcguire profile - diary
comments: met this person.
wallofmyroom profile - diary
comments: fellbehind's polaroids.
kittybukkake profile - diary
comments: bukkakesaurus rex.
girls-suck profile - diary
comments: yeah, for the most part, they do.
squirrelx profile - diary
comments: truly rodentious.
allovrmyface profile - diary
comments: so in the middle.
voodoolex profile - diary
comments: relate.
procrasto profile - diary
comments: i choo choo choose you, and there's a picture of a train.
misterwah profile - diary
comments: fountains of wah
boxer-briefs profile - diary
comments: clever as pie.
fargahar profile - diary
comments: DMV=Satan's Asshole.
swordfern profile - diary
comments: unbelievable.
gerg69 profile - diary
comments: like rotting fruit.
girlsmad profile - diary
comments: where was I headed?
luvabeans profile - diary
comments: reading back.
deepblue3 profile - diary
comments: defended my besmirched honour.
thedailywtf profile - diary
comments: the name of the diary alone is enough to suck me in, and I'm sucked in so easily....
galaxyrabbit profile - diary
comments: abundance of photos. I love that.
onlyowen profile - diary
comments: thought he was gone...
adam-v profile - diary
comments: i saw a glimpse of similarity?
rufusmonk profile - diary
comments: seems like a nice fella with a nice girlfriend
heraghty profile - diary
comments: of course
laura-jane profile - diary
comments: literary and refreshing, local and photographic. what more do you need?
dancingbrave profile - diary
comments: wang necklace. heeee.
juddhole profile - diary
comments: some serious guy stuff but not entirely

My favorite music:

Jeff Buckley, Creeper Lagoon, Catherine Wheel
comments: pretty boys....
Weezer, Get Up Kids, Ween, Moby, Modest Mouse, Badly Drawn Boy
comments: some more pretty boys...SEXY boys.
Bif Naked, Bjork, Esthero, Tori Amos, Mazzy Star
comments: some girlz
Liz Phair, Sarah McLachlan, Indigo Girls, Mrs. Torrance, Aimee Mann, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan
comments: s'more girlz
Interpol, New Amsterdams, Sigur Ros, Radiohead, Mogwai, Belle and Sebastien, Low
comments: How can I just pick 5 favorites? I don't work like that. I like songs, not bands, although some bands have lots of good songs, see above.

My favorite movies:

Dune, Office Space, Spiderman, Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, Punch Drunk Love, Harold and Maude
comments: These are good.
The Matrix - 1n2, 1 Hour Photo, Fight Club, Beetlejuice
comments: these movies are cool. They LOOK good. Lot of imagination and creativity in them
Evil Dead/II/Army of Darkness Etc
comments: Bruce Campbell is HOT. The Raimi's are fun guys.
Amadeus, Quills, C. Tiger, H. Dragon, Dogma, Magnolia, Punch Drunk Love
comments: So good.
Lord of the Rings
comments: Can't wait for the last one.

My favorite authors:

Charles Dickens
comments: Does it impress you?
J.D. Salinger
comments: How about this?
Iain Banks
comments: Ok this has to impress you just a little bit...
Stephen King
comments: Ok maybe this won't impress you so much.
Dave Sim
comments: I give up, you'll never be impressed now.

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