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an ohio guy living in chicago. good times.

My favorite diaries:

fadeintoyou profile - diary
comments: I started my diary after reading his old diary. This is his newer one.
mrwillowby profile - diary
comments: and who doesn't enjoy a good 18th c. "ladies' novel???"
buttsalad profile - diary
comments: the name says it all...
smltwn73 profile - diary
comments: dirty pop
italktowalls profile - diary
comments: I'm sure he talks to more than just walls, like doors and windows, too...
goodprovider profile - diary
comments: he provides the goods (duh)
doesnotapply profile - diary
comments: see? osu does turn out some of the best and brightest
soulepiphany profile - diary
comments: a helping hand to the latte addicts
taydo profile - diary
comments: it's style. period. ta da.
blankwave profile - diary
comments: my own personal music guru, but you better have a key...
violetanne profile - diary
comments: I'm such an idiot. For the longest time, I thought her name was "violentanne," and I kept thinking that she didn't seem so mean...
jonathan29 profile - diary
comments: He can be pretty "racy" at times...
thegay profile - diary
comments: life's a beach
kirlianstate profile - diary
comments: 110%
nightlynews profile - diary
comments: black, white, read all over
justcircles profile - diary
comments: she's taking care of the midwest for me while I'm gone
cyanophyta profile - diary
comments: reading this one will NOT leave you feeling listless...
Hucksterfinn profile - diary
comments: it's so rare when the sequel is even better than the original
thetexan profile - diary
comments: people named kevin are good people (it takes one to know one)
funjules profile - diary
comments: because she is fun!
trendymatt profile - diary
comments: he's baaaaack!!!
mornglory profile - diary
comments: why sell bananas when you can eat them?
vancookie profile - diary
taik profile - diary
comments: good stuff
peteypuke profile - diary
bethany9 profile - diary
chicagojo profile - diary
thelatteboy profile - diary
comments: welcome back. it's about time...
andyzero profile - diary
comments: back from the dead

My favorite music:

Sondre Lerche
comments: use every chance you've been given
comments: I just love your brain
Janet Jackson
comments: When she was 17, she did what people told her.
comments: playing kiss covers, beautiful and stoned.
The White Stripes
comments: there's no home for you here

My favorite movies:

Sex and the City
comments: Not a movie but a show I am obsessed with. I think I'm only going to list television in this category...
comments: Lisa Kudrow makes me laugh and laugh.
Strangers With Candy
comments: When are they going to release this show on DVD??? I literally pee my pants every time I watch it. If they do release it, it should come with a free package of depends.
Curb Your Enthusiasm
comments: So Larry David really was the comic genius behind "Seinfeld"
The IT Factor
comments: This is one of the best reality shows on tv. At least I think so.

My favorite authors:

Jack Kerouac
comments: On the Road. Classic.
David Sedaris
comments: Everyone on diaryland lists him. Probably because he is crazy funny.
Sarah Vowell
comments: She's just minding her own (as they say in the rap songs.)
Bret Easton Ellis
comments: Just finished Glamorama and also Less Than Zero.
Pamela Ribon
comments: Why Girls are Weird. (Go buy it and then read it. seriously. go!)

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