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What is this place? A personal online shrine dedicated to my love for the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon series (with particular focus on Venger).


[General] I do not own "Dungeons & Dragons." This site was created for entertainment purposes only. I make no money from the content of this site.


[Featured Art] No, I do not have the artists' permission to post their work. I admit it. I'm far too introverted to seek formal permission from the artists whose work I feature. But they have only to say the word, and I shall obey their will. I only seek to show my appreciation for their great talent and to share it with others. I always credit and link the artists, sending traffic their way. The featured art entries are all about them.


[Dreams] These actually are dreams of mine that I've experienced during sleep. They are not waking fantasies.


[Fanvids] I couldn't have made my fanvids if not for Sealgirl's (of The Virtual Realm, http://thevirtualrealm.co.uk/) sending me the series on CDs. Thank you very much.

I, of course, did not write the songs/music used in my fanvids. They belong to their respective owners. I admit I use them without permission, and hope I am insignificant enough to be forgiven or overlooked.


[Fanfiction] I don't have much up yet, but I intend to keep writing and get more posted over time. I don't own the cartoon, of course, but I do like to lay claim to certain characters, objects, landmarks, and specific plotlines that I create. Just follow the guidelines laid out in my Creative Commons Deed (linked at the top of each page of fic) and we should get along fine. Any questions/clarifications, please ask.

My favorite diaries:

dragontaylz profile - diary
comments: fantasy adventure

My favorite music:

Type O Negative
Rob Zombie
Ozzy Osbourne
Alice Cooper

My favorite movies:

The Crow
Dune (1984)

My favorite authors:

Michael Moorcock
Karl Edward Wagner
Anne Rice
Frank Herbert
J. K. Rowling

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