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I am 26. I graduated from college with a BS in BS. Then I went to more school and am now a 2nd grade teacher. Then I got married and bought a house. Now I feel like a grown up.

My life is incredible and I am so thankful for all that I have. I make a lot of mistakes, but I keep trying. I guess that's what counts.

My favorite diaries:

sbpeach19 profile - diary
comments: she is soooo good looking.
ucsbdaniel profile - diary
comments: he's my favorite Tongan.
slpngnclouds profile - diary
comments: my partner in loving the color green.
rileighrocks profile - diary
comments: but you can call her Mrs. Hansen.
mormonjihad profile - diary
comments: he's a foutz, what more do you need?
mabendaba profile - diary
comments: i totally know her.
porktornado profile - diary
comments: because he always makes me laugh.
luvabeans profile - diary
comments: because no one could say it better.
noble-youth profile - diary
comments: because this guy knows what it's all about.
beagle47 profile - diary
comments: because he bays.
kristinhank profile - diary
comments: because she's poetic.
myownjourney profile - diary
comments: because his diary is honest.
pathofwrath profile - diary
comments: reached a whole new level of cool by joining D-land.
lostboy603 profile - diary
comments: because, as stated above, he knows what it's all about.
newmillenia profile - diary
comments: because she seems like a cool girl.
godwho profile - diary
comments: because it's thoughtful writing.

My favorite music:

Dave Matthews Band
Fiona Apple
comments: Jimmy Eat World, Pedro the Lion, Led Zeppelin, Bush, Tori Amos...

My favorite movies:

The Princess Bride
comments: "Fencing. Fighting. Torture. Revenge. Giants. Monsters. Chases. Escapes. True love. Miracles."
Big Fish
comments: "She'll make soap out of ya, that's what she does. She makes soap out of people."
comments: "Him? That can't be William Wallace. I'm prettier than this man."
Napoleon Dynamite
comments: "The defect in this one is bleach." "That is correct." "Yesssss."
comments: The 5th Element, Better Off Dead, Evita, The Music Man, The Best Two Years...

My favorite authors:

The Book of Mormon
comments: i realize it's not an author, it's a book. but it's a good one.
ee cummings
comments: he's my favorite poet so far.

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