Little Girl, stand up and fight - this is not some paradise, no it's just where we live...

How do you feel, how do you hate? How do you wake up with that smile that's on your face? I'm out of my head, I'm out of excuses so I'm staring at the bed, and it's you, it's you.

[22 year old Canadian girl, confused about self-worth and identity.]

NEW AND IMPROVED! Also confused about her future, her friends, boys, and any other things that may cross her path.

My favorite diaries:

bluerelic profile - diary
comments: Muffin
lady-otr profile - diary
comments: Lady of the Rings.. layout of mine, love love. :) Balerie.
rostlina profile - diary
comments: Holly
quotebook profile - diary
comments: What can I say? Quotebook!

My favorite music:

Our Lady Peace
comments: It's all for you.. you got me where you want..
The Juliana Theory
comments: When you tried to build me up with the wrong words.. all you did was kill me...
Chasing Furies, Jars of Clay, DC Talk, The Benjamin Gate, John Mayer, LaRue, Jimmy Eat World, Treble Charger, Third Eye
comments: I would give it all away.. to make you happy.
Dashboard Confessional
comments: And the people here are asking after you, doesn't make it easier to be away..
Ani Difranco
comments: And God help you if you are a pheonix, and you dare to rise up from the ash..

My favorite movies:

The Last Unicorn, Lilo And Stitch, Spirit, Stallion of the Cimmaron, In God's Hands, The Beach, Save The Last Dance
comments: This movie has been a favorite since I was little.. so mystical. I still believe in unicorns.
Bowling For Columbine
comments: This movie was the most incredible and eye-opening film I have seen in a long time. A beautiful expose.
The Fast and The Furious
comments: As well as xXx, and just about anything containing Vin.
White Oleander
comments: In God's Hands, The Beach, Save The Last Dance, SWAT, Phonebooth, Bringing Down The House, Chicago, etc.
Brokedown Palace
comments: For personal reasons, this stands to be the best movie I have ever watched, taught me the most important lessons I have ever learned, and triggered the most amazing realizations I have ever realized. :)

My favorite authors:

Rebecca Ray
comments: I love A Certain Age - it's so awesome.
Wally Lamb
comments: The books that this guy writes are amazing, and I can so relate with them.
Minette Walters
comments: I'm really enjoying Acid Row right now!
Anne Brashare
comments: I'm addicted to the Pants!
Janet Fitch
comments: White Oleander was incredible in book as well as movie.

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