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I'm just a girl from Detroit, with delusions of grandeur and an indefatigable commitment to lefty politics and grammar. I imagine I am not the easiest person to live with.

My favorite diaries:

veggiedog profile - diary
comments: Katie was the first friend I made in middle school--we bonded over The Cure and our love of Dr. Marten's. Sad, I know! :)

My favorite music:

The Clash / Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros
comments: Joe is proof of the existence of god. If you're not down with Joe, then I'm not down with you...understand?
Elvis Costello (with or without the Attractions)
comments: Elvis Costello, circa 1978, is my dream man. Seriously. For real.
comments: Ah....makes me feel like I am fourteen again!
Any kind of Brit Pop
comments: Because I am an anglophile, and addicted to any kind of boppy beat.
Band of the Week: The Magnetic Fields, "i"
comments: This album is so good it breaks my heart. In my pantheon of gay men, Stephin Merritt is Zeus, Jupiter, and Jehovah combined.

My favorite movies:

Queer As Folk
comments: Yeah, it's not a movie, but there is no spot to discuss TV shows here. Apparently, we are supposed to be *those* kind of people--you know, the ones that don't own a TV, but rather discuss obscure foreign films over a latte. Fuck that.
comments: A very, very cool and obscure Dutch film....see, I can be pretentious!
Cheesy British period piece flicks
comments: See anything with Colin Firth, Jeremy Northam or John Hannah....oh so good!

My favorite authors:

Greg Palast
comments: I realize that people usually put novelists here, but Greg Palast is a journalist to be reckoned with, and certainly deserves a spot here.
Charles Bukowski
comments: Apparently, he and Palast were friends. Who knew? Anyway, I know I probably can't be a feminist and love Buk, but what can I say, I'm a complicated girl.
Margaret Atwood
comments: Did I mention that I am a feminist?

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