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Rambling is for losers, isn't it? You can get to know me by clicking the above link.

My favorite diaries:

aislinn- profile - diary
comments: People, in essence, are people, so we are prone to have the SAME THOUGHTS and IDEAS...get it?
alisama profile - diary
comments: Hey, I gotta keep it real. I like my own shit.
dahab profile - diary
comments: It's Deeqa, back from hiatus, y'all!
msthing profile - diary
comments: Cherry.
tia734gurl profile - diary
comments: Tight-ass layout, hot music, and honest as all hell...come on! I spent like, five minutes just perusing her page before I even started reading her thoughts!

My favorite music:

comments: They're even better live, and I HATE live shows!!!
Lauryn Hill
comments: Truly visionary, no matter how kooky you think she is.
Little Brother
comments: I love these three Carolina boys something fierce. Somebody hook me up with tickets to the biggest colored show on Earth!!!
comments: Proud OutKast lover since 1998's "Aquemini".
Stevie Wonder
comments: Come on, the name speaks for itself.

My favorite movies:

Like Water For Chocolate
comments: Ohh! I'm not into romance that much, but I love this film! Especially the end! **chants, "Tita y Pedro, Tita y Pedro!"**
Salaam Bombay
comments: It's actually "Salaam Bombay!", but whatever. You know what I mean. Mira Nair used actual street kids in this docudrama. This is a movie that promotes gratitude.
Ghost World
comments: I don't know what it is about this movie. I can watch it all day long. I've seen it 12 times already. It's dark and quirky and brilliant, all at once.
Girls Town
comments: Girls from poverty, trying to beat the odds.
Black Orpheus
comments: I mean, of is beautiful, but consider the beautiful blacks of Brazil.

My favorite authors:

Elijah Muhammad
comments: This is a man who didn't go beyond the fifth grade, but he is the best at resurrecting dead mentalities.
comments: On-point!! Just look at the titles of his works.
Michael Moore
comments: Not only does he tell the truth, he's funny!
J.K. Rowling
comments: Her stories are really good. She has imagery on lock.
I really can't name
comments: all of my favorites authors or books...I mean, there's just too many.

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