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My favorite diaries:

asrael profile - diary
comments: she speaks Finnish, for the love of a pogo-stick in May, Finn-fucking-ish. How cool is that?
beatpoetgrrl profile - diary
comments: underneath, we are the girls next door
bejaluna profile - diary
comments: you're not a helicopter . you're not a cop out either . *my january girl* and chair-faery of all things gaelic/celtic/biding
darkcoldmind profile - diary
comments: help her to help me--because it's *good* to talk it over (even though I thought I was beyond that)
facetothesky profile - diary
comments: to greet to air?
heavenlyging profile - diary
comments: loverly layout and OllieCam
janna182 profile - diary
comments: funny stuff.
liquidsin profile - diary
comments: liquids in?
miralogue profile - diary
comments: funny the things that we find in the rain
notquiteme profile - diary
comments: or me or me or me. excellent writing.
plaguegirl profile - diary
comments: gasmasks, while unsettling, are comical
prosti profile - diary
comments: she's the one that sorta inspired me to write more about sex.
skibigsky profile - diary
comments: lie-berries crack us up
speculating profile - diary
comments: in general, one of my favorite-est words to say. and i like to send her electronic back-rubs and hugs and shoulders for her to cry on.
theshadowbox profile - diary
comments: ::thinking of something witty to say::
uncouthgirl profile - diary
comments: i am trying to understand. i am listening.
warmleftover profile - diary
comments: just spent the better part of my afternoon with him (or at least, reading him) and i liked it.
weeme profile - diary
comments: my beloved wee, whose entries keep me smiling long afterwards (even the ones that aren't expressly funny)
weymouth66 profile - diary
comments: he's another good one to read. it's like eastenders, only not on the telly. makes me long for a flat.
sketchesinme profile - diary
comments: still listening, my dear.

My favorite music:

comments: supermodel? nah. supersinger! i could listen to her again and again and again. and again.
rufus wainwright
comments: he is so damn yummy for all sorts of palates. i touched him once. now, i want to give him jelly beans.
tori amos
comments: what if i'm a mermaid... glue, stuck to your shoe... with her nautical nuns... honey we're recovering christians... this house is like Russia.
pearl jam
comments: those lyrics! those strummings! that voice! that sound! that backbone! oh, not to mention the fact that i absolutely go gaga for e.v.
ben folds
comments: absolute best damn live show in a while. just that good.

My favorite movies:

comments: with anthony hopkins, based on shakespeare's work. brutal, amazing.
comments: because i'm a sucker for medieval men in war paint. really.
milo and otis
comments: forever the rainy day, sick in bed fave
life is beautiful
comments: saw this over the weekend for the 2nd or 3rd time, and yeah, i know guido dies, and i know joshua gets his big tank, but god damn when that kids yells out to his mother if i don't bawl like a fucking baby every time.
comments: there will be another one here. something...

My favorite authors:

margaret atwood
comments: the handmaid's tale was astoundingly amazing.
shirley hazzard
comments: the transit of venus is a must-read.
anna sewell
comments: black beauty, reread for a children's lit class, revealed itself to be more than just abook about talking horses.
comments: i'll add more, 2 more to be precise. just need to look over the shelves at home beforehand.

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